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Apple Pay: TfL says users will face penalty charges if their battery runs out on the Tube – News – Gadgets and Tech – The Independent

17 Jul

Apple Pay: TfL says users will face penalty charges if their battery runs out on the Tube – News – Gadgets and Tech – The Independent.

u can now pay the tube and bus fares with an apple iphone 6 in london. and in fact you can use it to pay in shops that allows it for goods or services up to £20. (to be increased to £30 in future).

but london transport warns that if the battery runs out between going in and coming out of the station u will be charged the maximum fare for the journey.  or if a inspector comes and your phone is dead, so he cannot verify your ticket, u will be charged the penalty.

and watch out for card clash or remember to use the same device when u get in and out of the station.

and you are not allowed to charge it on the train using the sockets … this is an overground train, as the tube trains dont have sockets. but it seems the guy was arrested for not removing the plug when asked to do so. the sockets are for the cleaners to use, and there is a sign saying not for public use. (though this sign is not there in all cases, because i have seen a chap powering his laptop on a train using one of these sockets and there was no sign saying otherwise. at the time i thought how nice of the overground trains to provide this facillity haha.  i think if u are discreet enough you could get away with it. or even then, if caught, they will just ask u to remove it and u can do so. just dont get angry when caught out doing something u are not allowed to do. haha. a lot of people try to bluster their way and think that making angry will get their way. it is a form of bullying. in a way i am glad he did not get away with it. serves him right.

so maybe better to just use a ordinary charge card or credit card. it has to have the contactless logo on it to work. it saves a lot of bother and have a weekly maximum fare cap. the oyster card has a daily cap, not sure if it has a weekly cap too but i doubt it, so it is better to use a charge/credit card.

and does paying with the apple iphone also have a daily or weekly maximum fare cap too? a weekly maximum fare cap is the better deal, rather than a maximum daily cap. sometimes u may make 8 journeys on one day ( dont laugh, i have done it ) and none at another, but if u have a weekly cap, u might fill that cap by the third day and the rest of the 4 days will be free.

amendment, i found out it does not work that way. u have a daily cap and you dont pay anymore so it does not mean u make 8 journeys in that one day and u pay for them all . effectively the oyster dont have the weekly cap, so u may pay quite a lot .

but if u use a contactless,  3 journeys a day will bring u to the daily cap. and u will use up the weekly cap in 5days. that means sat and sunday are free to all intents and purposes.

i use the buses a lot but then i dont have to pay.

if u pay the daily cap for the buses is £4.40. weekly cap mon-sun  is £21. each journey is £1.50. so the first 14 journeys you have to pay and after that it is free…haha. but the catch is this… you must pay it with a contactless card, if u pay with an oyster, there is no weekly cap. only a daily cap. so 21 journeys are paid. every day 3journeys have to be paid for. then it is free. you can get the £21 weekly fare , but only if u pay upfront for it by payng  for a 7day pass. a good option for you if u know u will be making 8 journeys in some days and maybe only 1 or 2 or no journeys in other days.

added. this link shows all the pitfalls to using a applephone to pay the tube fare. haha.

also i found out that if someone calls you when u are making a payment, the whole thing is cancelled and u have to start again.

card clash

17 Sep


londoners will hope this wont happen to them now that the contactless card is introduced. it went live yesterday.

 i was looking at the video about it, and it seems if u log in with one card and then when u log out and the machine reads another card that you have in the case, the system wont recognise u logging in and out on one journey and will charge u two separate penalty fines costing £8.50 each. in the past i thought there is no consequences to having a different card read, but this one had shown me of a pitfall that even i did not know, and i consider myself quite savvy about these things.

these are the things what the modern person have to know to avoid danger, just like early homo sapiens have to negotiate the jungle and learn of the pitfalls there; though modern man only loses some money if he makes a mistake, whilst the early humans get eaten.

it seems the technology for these contactless cards is quite intricate, it took  tfl 8yrs to perfect it, and so far are the first and  only one to invent it and use it and they hope this technology will be adopted worldwide. maybe tfl will own the patent for it and be able to charge the others. its very sophisticated, able to apply the daily maximum fare; and the weekly maximum, so u dont ever get to over pay… not even the oyster can do the weekly maximum. and so now people dont have to pay £5 to get an oyster card, which is like giving tfl free use of the £5 for as long as you have the oyster and for most of us that would be forever… except now that we got the contactless everyone will be cashing in on their oyster. i got two oyster cards so i am one of those who will be cashing in on it. my cards are £3 each, as i got them ages ago before the price rise.

but i bet you foreigners may find their foreign credit cards may not be recognised by the system. i foresee a lot of disgruntled foreigners missing their buses and/or clogging up the entrance gates in the tube stations.

its funny but i always thought it is an easy thing to do, this computer thing which just goes to show how lacking in computer knowledge I am.

i guess that might explain why something we find easy to do is damn difficult to get a computer to do. and that might explain why my library is always getting its computer in a twist doing the simplest things or why whenever there is an upgrade there is always a bit of fiasco.

more inane ramblings

31 Jan


The tube closes at about 12.40am now… and that is rather early for a big city that purports to be trendy and vibrant.

Clubbers will have to go back by bus, or taxi, which does not sound great if u are a tourist to London.

I think if I were to be clubbing I too would be rather miffed at not being able to take the tube. It is quicker to get back on the tube than on the bus which stops so often.

When I was younger, I drove into London for a night gay clubbing, and I could do that because traffic was so much less than now. Now I think of it those were really great days, where it was a pleasure to drive into London, easy to park, free too, and I can just hop into the car after the club and drive back . I don’t drink so I could drive back.

But now … if those who drive are telling the truth, it is murder to drive into London for a night out.

So if they succeed in getting a deal with the unions about closing the tube 1 hr later it would be lovely.

It wont affect me of course as I live in the centre of London but also I don’t go late clubbing anymore.

It is one of the paradoxes of life, where when I was younger, I live in the suburbs of London and have to drive in to go clubbing, and don’t mind doing it.
Whereas now I am older, and not interested in clubbing, and just when I live right in the centre and can walk to all the gay clubs, I could not be bothered.

The times have moved on also. Before, gay life centred round gay clubs and pubs before the internet made it so easy to meet guys now.


But bear in mind that I am a minority in not liking clubbing.

I think when you are young, clubbing is an important way of interacting with others and with friends. And you will build up friends in the clubs if u club often enough. The buzz of being in a big club, dancing among so many, with lots of others all enjoying themselves is tremendous and being young u have the energy to stay up late.

And if u like to drink,or take drugs it is more fun doing it with others.

And you now have the drug taking to enhance the experience. I mean not only alcohol , but the others like ecstasy, meth crystal etc. I am no expert in those other drugs, or even alcohol, haha. Just getting what I know from reading blogs about it and talking to friends who have taken these things.

Sarah who commented on my blog says she finds it funny that I jump from topic to topic without any rhyme or reason. I am glad she is not put off by it.

This blog is a random and meandering blog of my thoughts and doings. Hope it provides inadvertent amusement, even if it shows me in a poor light, and people find it amusing to see me blundering around re inventing the wheel, as when I find something that everyone knows for ages, and which I have just discovered and getting so excited about it. Haha.

I am sure readers will be indulgent and just be amused at it, and realise that we all get excited when we find something, whether it is shoes, or beanies, or ideas or insights, and want to tell everyone to find they all know it already. Haha.

For eg, a friend recently told me that volunteering is not all it seems. He tells me that many organisations are using it as an excuse to lay off their paid workers, and replacing them with unpaid volunteers.

And these organisations don’t pay their workers all that much either and because they are short staffed, they impose on their workers. Asking them to come in on their days off because there is no one to do it. And not pay overtime either.
I have a friend who told me he had this friend who works for an old folks home, and is constantly phoned on his day off to work because they are short staffed. And he don’t get paid overtime either.

Maybe everyone knows this. Haha. But it is only now that I became aware of it.

Things are never black or white , are they? Here u are thinking u are doing good by volunteering and u find that u may have put someone out of a job, granted it is a low paid job and maybe u might be doing a favour to that person in that they might be forced to go find another job which pays better, but that is unlikely to be the case for most of these laid off workers.

It is a paradox of life that people want to work in jobs that don’t pay them enough to live on. U would think if the job does not pay enough for you to live on, you will refuse to work there and get a job that pays u enough. But that is not the case. Instead u work in 2 or 3 low paying jobs.

I see all the supermarkets are reducing their check out staff and adding more self help machines, so that source of jobs is going to go. I think it a real cushy job being a check out person. U don’t even need to think, just swipe the goods and the machine will even tell u want change to give back. Haha. But that kind of job is going to go.

People in new york have 2 or 3 jobs. At least that was what I found out when I used to go there regularly(in the late 90s) for Christmas shopping long ago. I met a guy there who told me that was what he does to make ends meet, because each job pays so little. Now I know u must not generalise from just one encounter but I figured that these people with 2-3jobs cannot be so rare that I can meet one of them in my visit to new york. Right? So it must be common to have 2-3 jobs.

If that is the case so long ago, I think it must be more so nowadays in new york. Is it so in London do u think? I have not met anyone who works in 2 or 3 jobs in london. And this is living here for more than 20yrs. So maybe it is not so dire in uk , because there is the safety net of social benefits unlike in usa. Or maybe more likely, I have not heard from these people because people here don’t talk about it.