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veg for 2p

5 Oct


simon came back from his mum’s. he got loads of veg, broccoli, cabbage,Digital StillCamera

kale, mixed veg, all for 3p, 2p, 7p, 5p, 10p, 8p. the supermarkets there really are fierce in their reductions.

i have never seen so much veg reduced to so little.

So unlike the supermarkets here in pimlico. only just now i got back from the sainsbury near me and only bought 2 basic white bread at 14p each. it is the cheapest i have seen it reduced by since the heady days when good quality bread are 10p each. these are basic bread costing 55p normally. i was craving a bit of bread as simon had eaten all the frozen bread i bought last time when the same supermarket reduced to 34p each. i ate 2 slices when i got back as toast, and frankly i dont taste any difference from more expensive bread. i put jam and peanut butter on them so they taste of those things. i doubt anyone eats bread by itself and since that is the only way to tell what they taste of it seems to me not important what they taste of as whatever they are will be swamped by the taste of jam and peanut butter or whatever spread u put on it.

he also bought tuna for £1. reduced from about £5.

( the tesco i was in just now i saw had tuna reduced too, but only to £4 from £5).

I had allready eaten that tuna that simon bought so dont have any to take a picture. I ate that as sashimi, (raw)dipping it in wasabi (from a tube) and black soya sauce. delicious. its been an age since i ate sashimi, and i have forgotten how nice it tastes. i ate the whole lot at one sitting haha. mixing it with a bit of white rice and ginger. that was my lunch no cooking involved and right welcomed as i was so hungry. simon said i can have all of it as he is not keen on tuna. he likes them as tinned tuna.

its lovely to revisit a taste sensation that i have forgotten about. its like finding it out for the first time. i wonder whether that is why people fast.

in my case i forget to eat something for a long time, and then rediscover it. others might fast and rediscover how nice food tastes when you are really hungry.

so many people are quite able to afford food, or eat often and never revisit that sensation of being starved. so fasting is a way of getting that feeling again. 

life here for me in london now is very nice. but then i make it nice by not bothering with things that are a bother to me.

you might say lucky you, but i think it is something i consciously make happen. it is no accident that my life is so nice.

the only thing that i cannot control is health. i am in good health now; i know one day i will have something goes wrong with the body, it is inevitable as i grow old. but i hope to keep that time when it happens at bay for as long as possible. haha.