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a night in

14 Jan

london 7.23pm 4.3C, dry, thursday 2016

i suppose most people will be doing what i am doing now. spending a normal night in, watching tv. haha. i think the tv must be the biggest form of entertainment for modern life now.

though perhaps in s.e.asia and other countries, people may use the tv to watch films, it is films that they hire, or bought from the black market, pirate copies, instead of tv programs.

here in uk, the bbc, and other commercial stations produce really good entertaining stuff so there is no need to hire or buy films. and they show films too, all for free, or rather for the tv license which is £145 a year. haha.

as for the other channels, the advertising is what pays for it. it is not intrusive. in all the times that i watch the commercial channels , i dont notice the advertising, they dont interrupt the viewing of the program and the adverts do not last long. unlike american advertising. and the programs are worth watching.

there is a lot of stuff, like reality shows, and soaps, that i am not interested in, but it just shows they cater to every taste, and i can find lots to watch to my liking.

this is so different from the time i am in malaysia, where the programs are dire. and having travelled a lot in my time, and seen what their tv shows are like, other countries may have wonderful programs but in a language i dont understand and that is as far as i am concerned useless to me.

so all in all, i am really glad to be in uk, and be able to see english language programs in all channels, and dont have to share it with other languages.

other english speaking countries, (and i am thinking of usa and canada, and australia, countries i have been and would be natural choices if u ask me if i want to live there). their tv programs are not so interesting as uk. at least when i was there. i can remember especially what strikes me with the adverts in usa. so  very intrusive and appalling in execution, just a talking head extolling the product and that is it. whereas in uk, the adverts can be entertaining in themselves. but what gets me is the many times it interrupts the program, and goes on for such a long time, so that u think you are seeing adverts really which  now and then get interrupted by the scheduled program. 




a glut of 2wk tv guides

19 Dec

london 10.56am 16C sun and cloud. saturday 2015

all the papers in the library have tv guides covering the two weeks over christmas and new year. so we can be picky and chose the ones we like. wait a day , or in this case, wait till monday (this library closes on sundays) and u can take them away. with their easy and free availability , i wonder why people buy tv guides. but maybe i should not mention this, where will we be if no one buys the newspapers, or tv guides. a lot of people will be out of work.

we can get tv guides online too.

capitalism is such a good thing here. or a free market economy is such a good thing.

i am really surprised that libraries are allowed to undermine the newspapers by buying them and letting us all read them for free. i am really glad they do, and am grateful for them . truly they are providing a public service. perhaps it wont last. because allready i am reading of councils closing libraries. so maybe the businesses are striking back. i mean they are undermining the book industry by providing books that people can borrow for free and read for free.

i hope they dont close the libraries for good. it would be a great pity if they do.

how strange, a post without me realising i have posted it.

21 Sep

london 9.05am cloudy 15.2C monday 2015

london 12.35pm dark clouds 15.2C monday

it is a phantom post. i saw it just now in my wordpress reader. just the first line, showing london 9.05am etc. and nothing else. i wrote it earlier this morning but did not feel like writing anything… i definitely did not post it, but it seems wordpress posted it for me without my knowledge. hmm, i did not know it does that. 

ah well, i have been to the library and got back and had my lunch (two fried eggs , and cheese on toast and coffee) so a lot of time have gone by. i enjoy the pottering around, walking about to and fro and gives me some exercise.

 the post man came at about 9am, and luckily i answered the entry buzzer,(sometimes i ignore it) he got a large parcel for simon.

i was supposed to go visit my friend for lunch today, but when i texted him last night telling him i will be at his place at 12.30pm, he rang back to say he wants to cancel it, as he got a lodger to interview. so our meet up will be on friday instead. glad he rang back otherwise i would be going there for nothing. he said he texted me, but i did not receive any text. perhaps i switch my mobile off and so any text sent wont be kept. hmm that might be one of the disadvantages of not keeping my mobile on all the time. ah well, that is why i always confirm before the date just to make sure it is still on. come thursday i shall do that too, confirm the friday date.

i got an email invitation for a naked party from a regular host. at first i was going to not go, but i think i should. it is the only invitation i get nowadays because all the others i have always given a answer saying i cannot make it and after always not accepting the invite, people tend not to ask me again.

oh i shall enjoy the party as i go for the social, rather than the sexual aspect of it. i dont know if it is just me, but i get the impression nothing is going on in london. i was in regents st yesterday on sunday, and it was very quiet, the pavements were just nearly empty of people, and hamleys ( the toy shop) was so uncrowded that i was persuaded to enter it, and just browse around the ground floor looking at the toys. rather expensive toys £20 or so, i came out after one circuit.

even the tv programs are rather boring, but i think that is just me. the new series of downton abbey and a new adaptation of the go-between (by L P hartley). i did not see them. i saw the old version starring julie christie, but did not think much of it then, so i doubt i would like this new version. i dont know why it should affect him as a little boy to have blighted his life as an adult;  i mean he was just used as a messenger boy. maybe he did something that cause the two lovers to be caught… i think i miss that in the first version, and now i just feel too lazy to read the book.

the game of thrones got lots of emmy awards, i suppose that is news to some, but i just could not get excited about it as i dont watch the series, nor do i stand the books. i like fantasy novels but this one seem to have pass me by. i read a bit of it, but it never did catch my fancy.

i think i shall just stick to reading the books i borrowed from the library. they are a nice selection of stuff that i like. 

short nap turn out to be a long sleep

12 May

london 3.32am tuesday 2015

i thought i will take a short nap at about 5pm (yesterday) and wokeup to find it is 1.30am the next day. amazing really. usually i wake after a 2hr nap.

i missed all the tv programs that i have circled to watch. though nowadays that is not really that bad anymore as we got online tv that allows us to see them later. that is one thing that has influenced our tv watching. no more recording of these things anymore. that makes the video, or dvd recordings obsolete.

its no wonder this report saying we watch tv online more these days. it also asks people what gadget they missed most. for the young it is mobile phones, for older it is tv. for me, it is my laptop.

well, it certainly was more useful than the tv at this time of night, or morning. nothing on tv, though of course i could see catch up tv, but didn’t feel like it. it is too passive. but the laptop and the internet is available 24hrs and it is more appealing because it is a more reactive medium.

i also caught this article about google making it easy to order food via their search engine. so if u are searching for restaurants, and u see one u like, there is a link that allows u to order food from them. google does it via the online takeaway websites that abound now. so far it is a service only available on google in usa. i dont order takeaway for delivery to my home. but it seems it is getting popular. it might be u can run a business without any premises, just have a kitchen and  just linking to these internet sites. but i would advise any takeaway place to get online and link themselves to these websites. in fact, reading of all this takeaway food made me hungry so i just warmed up some leftovers in my fridge and ate it. and it was just as delicious.

i know if i were in malaysia and waking up in the early morning i would most probably jump into the car and drive off to the all night mamak stall and have piping hot  food cooked fresh there, it is the way we are so used to in malaysia. we would never dream of cooking it ourselves, as there would be no food in the house at all. 

having said that ,living in london as i do,  i doubt i will take advantage of the takeaway services as i dont order take away food at all. it is so cheap to just cook more food than i need when i cook my meals, and make them into individual portions and freeze them to eat later, that it seems silly to order takeaway. but i know people dont live by being sensible . haha.

ah well, i think it is time to get back to sleep.

added 7.56am. i woke at 7.40am just now. it was 3.40am or so when i went back to sleep for a 2nd time. so i got a lot of sleep. at first i was surprised because i usually dont sleep that long, until i remembered the night before i slept at 2am and woke at about 6am. so i am only catching up on sleep now. that would explain it. it is just so nice that i am not working so i can just enjoy it ,sleep whenever i like, and wake whenever it happens;  instead of having to wake up to get to work.

i was seeing henry hudson at sothebys yesterday, his art using plasticine, a far cry from what i read  now about picasso’s les femmes d’algers version ‘0’, sold for a new world record $179million. £116million. bought for $32million in 1997. u can compare it with his version ‘H’. you could say the version ‘o’ seems the culmination of the series. i guess u can see why the rich buy these art. its value can only increase with time.

the beauty of google. haha. u can see here all the versions that picasso painted of that scene.  seen all at once, it gets repetitive. best to see them when they come up for auction at about 15yr intervals. haha. picasso is a past master at hiding and hinting at breasts and vulva in his art. so the viewer can get secret pleasure at finding these and pretend only they are the ones to see it. haha.

all this talk of money is very deceptive. for eg, this so called world record, is only the prices bought at auction. private sales are higher, paul gaugin for $300 million

When will you Marry? (Nafea faa ipoipo), Paul Gaugin, £197 million
In February this year Gaugin’s 1892 oil painting sold at the highest price ever for a work of art: $300 million, or £197 million. It was sold privately by major Swiss art collector Rudolf Staechelin to an unknown buyer.

 and since these prices are in $, the exchange rate with the £ means when u translate it to £, the figure can rise and fall all over the place.

added 2.04pm it seems christie’ is also selling picasso’ pottery. it shows off his artistry . this one i like very much.

picasso plate

added.12.57pm 13.5.15. it seems this potteries have been sold at auction as recent as march in sothebys, with prices around 1,800. (forgot if it is in $ or £). and now the buyer has turned it round by selling it online. clever. that plate when i last looked is $5000. 

Watch Richard Ayoade and Kathy Burke visit Barcelona FC in Travel Man – TV News – Digital Spy

18 Apr

Watch Richard Ayoade and Kathy Burke visit Barcelona FC in Travel Man – TV News – Digital Spy.

this is a series of travels by ayoade showing us the mundaneness of travel, something that travel shows never show. i like it.

this one is barcelona,

another one he went to iceland. i find it hilarious. where can you find a travel show where the hosts goes to iceland and never get to see the northern lights even though they stayed all night to watch it and it is not edited out?

i dont know i like it until i got it

13 Mar

london friday 13, 2015

the reason for this title is my experience with talk talk. i have scorned it when they first offered a package of a youview box for £7.50 a month. i thought what is the use of it to me, i allready got a freeview box that enables me to see the tv programs free. what i did not realise was that the youview box allowed me to view in high definition.

and i only realised that HD is such a good thing  only because simon bought a HD tv screen one january on a sales. and so i have a tv that can take HD. so it looks like to take advantage of these technology u need to have certain things fall into place… broadband is not of use to you if u dont have a laptop. and then all those gadgets come into play as the facillities for them expand. and they are life enhancing so much so that now i cannot imagine a life without my chromebook and the internet and free wifi and unlimited broadband. and now i want HD tv hehehe. it really is a big difference watching a program, especially films and nature programs on high definition.simon tells me watching football on the big hd screen is much better, he said u can see every blade of grass…i have a feeling he wants that , that is why he bought the HD tv screen. 

now i got a mobile phone with a low tariff for calls and text i find i would love to chat with others. But i find i dont have many friends to email or text to let them know of my new mobile number.

i have made several attempts to send them an email about it, but keep stopping myself from telling them as i argued that if they really wanted to contact me they have my email and my landline, so the mobile number is not really that important.

the fact that none of them write to me or call me on my landline is due to me not keeping in touch. that is one of the things about being a recluse. u dont want to contact others, and so naturally they too stop contacting you. i believe in that saying, no news is good news, that is why i dont really want to hear from them, as to me that means bad news. i guess it is my upbringing, when i am growing up, we so seldom use the phone, so that anything comes over the phone is likely to be bad news… 

well after writing the above, i decided i will send them the email after all, telling them of my new mobile number, for their records if nothing else so they dont hang on to the old number.

after all just because people dont keep in touch does not mean anything these days. if u believe in the saying , no news is good news, than really not hearing from someone is a good thing. haha.

 my address book is full of their crossed out mobile numbers so that sometimes i get confused which is the currant one now. many of them are on facebook but i just cannot get excited about facebook and getting posts alerts from facebook about everyone’s doings. 

 but just as well i dont have any friends who like to talk on the phone. otherwise my £20 top up will soon be used up.

times like these when i do wish i have a group of people i can call up to chat. i actually do have two, so maybe i should call them more often and chat on my landline, seeing i get free calls on it. but the reality is it can get a bit boring chatting on the same things…

i have a feeling that when people always say they are lonely and want others to chat to,  they really mean they want people who just want to listen to them, and to agree with them. haha. that is why writing a blog is so great, u can say things, and there is no one to disagree with you. or if they do u can erase them. haha.

i noticed a new thing with wordpress when i opened this posting. the format has changed. the stuff  for eg categories , tags, etc  is shifted from the right column to the left now, and the heading is on top and separated by a lot of space from the actual space to write the post. not a good change, because the big space between the topic and the body of the post is quite a big space and u have to scroll a long way down to get to it. ah well, maybe they want to make the categories and tags etc more prominent so people will use them.

i am not going to make a fuss about it, haha. in the past i would lament at them, but nowadays i dont know if i would like it or not, these changes. my natural inclination , esp now i am getting older, is to dislike change,because i always suspect any changes, esp in health will be for the worst;  but i also realise that changes can be for the better too, like all these internet stuff has made me realise they can be better and not all changes are bad. 

TalkTalk offers 18 months’ free broadband with a £50 Love2shop deal

13 Mar

TalkTalk offers 18 months’ free broadband with a £50 Love2shop deal.

it is a good bargain… and u might even get a reduced rental if u offer to pay the whole year at once instead of monthly. u get a free router, which is a very powerful router. even without the £50 love2shop it is a good bargain. remember, it does not include calls, but if u got a mobile u can most probably get cheaper calls using your mobile than using the phone.

i am allready a subscriber, so this deal is not available to me, but because of discounts, i pay for a package that includes free broadband, free calls to local and national numbers and international numbers plus i get tv youview box for £14 a month. (this includes line rental, which i get a discount for because i pay yearly)   the broadband speed is good enough for me. no complains there.

but what it is really good i discovered when i got it, is the youview box given free to me ; it enables me to get high definition (HD) tv on my screen. for some reason before i got the youview box and in the past when i was using the freeview box it could not get HD. i use a aerial on the roof to get my channels, and it did not seem to be able to transmit HD. with the youview box, now i can see it on HD, and it is really quite a big difference in picture quality. so seeing films now is a great pleasure as well as seeing those nature programs.

on the whole i am quite satisfied with what i got.

(i am not paid for writing this in case people might think this is a advertisement for talk talk. haha)

update 15.8.15. my 12month essentials contract has expired. to continue would cost me more so i decided  just now changed my plan to a broadband only , it is 18month contract £5 a month. no discounts unfortunately.


8 Jan


We are all horrified at what happen in paris, and yet, we seem to revel in murder mysteries too.

later today at 9pm is the start of a new series of ‘death in paradise‘ murders. From the synopsis it seems it is the death of someone in a seance, in a locked room and everyone was holding hands, so who did it? my guess would be either of the two on each side of the victim who are holding the hands of the victim. it would be interesting to see how it is solved. we can see why we like these kinds of exercise. the gore is much reduced, there is hardly any blood which in real life would make the murder scene really horrific.

why do we like these kinds of things i wonder??? even me, who dont really like to read detective murder mysteries in novels, but i find this tv program quite fascinating, especially because it is set in the caribbean and we get all this sunshine when our real world now is winter.

i wonder if others living in the tropics like it as much because to them the sunshine is not such a draw.

i know for sure i wont be able to guess who did it so the revelation is doubly enjoyable because it would come as a surprise to me. 

tv guides for the christmas and new year.

20 Dec


i wonder if other countries have free tv guides given away by all the major newspapers today.

here in uk , we get these free 13day tv guides to what is showing over the holiday period given away by the newspapers.

what is surprising to me is that there are tv magazines which people can buy, like the radio times costing £3.60 , one of the many listings magazines on sale.

what makes people buy these rather than just get one of the many free guides given away by the newspapers?, and even as recent as thursday when the online tvguide.co.uk gives out a printed magazine of their listings.

i nearly did not get that copy because when i went to the pimlico station to get it on that day there was none to be had. and even when i went to victoria station, expecting piles of them there was none. luckily i saw a copy face down on the floor in the station concourse, and on the ground near a pile of rubbish bags on the road from the tesco supermarket… so i got two copies of it … haha. but today there are so many free copies from all the newspapers that there is no need to buy them. and they are giving away a free pdf online for everyone to download. it is quite difficult to view it as a pdf file. much easier to see it as pages in a magazine. though personally i prefer the tv guides given free by the newspapers.or u can just go to tvguide.co.uk and see the listings. 

so i am well prepared for the tv viewing over the holiday period.

one of the nice things about living in the uk is the tv programs over christmas and new year are very varied.

they do put on an effort to give us a nice selection of stuff. and you dont even need to subscribe to a paid channel, because the free channels are just as good. and now that i got a youview box we can get the HD versions too. at first i thought the youview box which comes free from the talktalk subscription was a waste of time, but the HD (high definition) is rather nice.

simon told me recently that it has been a year since we bought the HD tv screen (and he only realised it is a year when the free one year warranty expired and he was asked whether he wants to renew) but it has only been 6months since i got the youview box so we have only been able to watch the hd effect on our big screen for 6months.

at first i thought with the youview box, i could record or see films after they are shown, but it is not so. i still could not record or view the films esp the late night films after they are shown.

perhaps it is my fault, because i switch the box and the tv and my wifi off over night. ah well, nevermind, as so many films sounds nice when u read the review but are quite boring when u actually get to see them. 

added. the postman came just now and i saw there were two large envelopes and when i opened them i saw they contain two calendars from calendarMe which i wrote about some time ago. i never expected them to send me the calendars, as i thought you have to order them, and expected they will charge u for it.

so it is a pleasant surprise to see i got two calendars, one from the male section, the other from the female one. haha. well thanks to marcel, from three.co.uk

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i am going to ask john, my friend from poole who also made a calendar when i told him of it. i wonder if he got a calendar too.

all these tv gadgets

30 Aug


I have been using something called heading 2 to enlarge the text in my wordpress posts. but it seems it is not a good thing to do , something related to seo(search engine optimisation). but i am not too bothered with improving the visibility of my blog so i shall continue to use it. unless someone can tell me how to increase the size of the text in another way.

 renard warned me of it, when i made a comment on his blog about the new editor in wordpress that has replaced the classic mode.

even now, on the wordpress posting page i still can see a box on the right hand corner saying you can go back to that classic mode if u want to, but i am so used to the new editor and i like it better now. it brings up this realisation in me and i bet in many others, judgeing from so many at wordpress dont like the new editor, that we dont like change.

that brings me to the big change that i have found myself committed to in my tv. 

I have just had a tv man come this morning to set it up. it is the youview box by talk talk. apart from the disruption that he brought me by changing the appointment from 12pm-3pm, to 10.15am without telling me. i was at the library and luckily had my mobile on, and he called to say he was at the door. he said he will come back 20mins later so that i had to hurry back.

he said he left a message on my telephone machine. but when i got back, having to curtail what i was doing , i found no message on my phone.

when he finally arrived, he showed me the number he was given and it was a wrong number. i was rather miffed and told him u should not have changed without actually getting hold of me on the phone and asking my permission.  

that is not the only thing that is dubious about him.

he took a look round my flat and straightaway told me i had to pay for a box, which he pointed out to me, without opening it and telling me what it does. he said i will be billed £17 in my monthly bill. i was furious and said they did not tell me about this. Then he opened the instruction manual that he had with him to a page showing the iplayer etc that i can get and asked me if i want it. i said no because i dont want it, only simon did. so he said ok, no need to pay. 

this is the size of text if i dont use that heading 2. too damn small if u ask me. 

he then just plugged the youview box to the tv, and that was it. i said what is the point of asking u to come here,warning me to keep the appointment or i will be charged,  threatening me  £50 penalty if i failed to let you in, and insisting it must be me, rather than anyone else, when all you do is plug in the box. any fool can do that. Then he said you wont be connected to the internet. i said why, isn’t that the whole idea? he then pointed to the page with the iplayer etc and said well you are the one who did not want that.  i said it is because i dont want to pay £17 for that box you mentioned.

you wont be connected to the internet he said.  he said i am not going to bother to put up the wire all round, and he pointed to my hall, to connect to the router. that was when i said why bother , when u could just take the cable under the carpet … and that was when he changed his tune and said i will connect you then. and he went out and returned with a long cable to slot in the tv and one end and the router at the other. all because he thought at first he had to string the cable all round the hall to get to the router. he was willing to not give me what he was supposed to do. 

imagine this guy is willing to go away without doing what his job is contracted to do, that is set up the box and get me connected to the internet. if i had not objected he would have gone away and i would be fucked. i think this guy is really not doing his job. 

i read the booklet and it said if i dont use the internet connection to get iplayer etc via the router  i will have to return the box and most probably get charged for all the appointment not to mention it would negate any advantage of the monthly cost that i have contracted for with talk talk. (now i come to think of it, how would they know if i had used it? does it mean i got to order something within 90days?)

later i asked him about the box for which i have to pay £17 for. 

it seems to me he was really remiss… trying to force me to buy a gadget in that box, most probably a wireless connection, just so he dont have to wire the cable along the floor and over the doorway to get to the router as he should normally have done. no wonder the talk talk people said it might take an hour… they did not reckon on the workers themselves not willing to do it. it is a bother i know. but these guys are charging the talk talk network £50 to come and do it. talk talk could save themselves a lot of money if they just send it by post, but i guess it is quite possible that many of us would not know how to sync the tv to the router.

he did it, god knows what buttons he pressed, the tv did a blink or two, and he just said right you are ok now. so i guess that is a good reason to have him do it instead of ourselves. 

but after he left, i just felt oh dear another gadget to learn how to use… i forgot to ask him and phoned him to ask can i unplug the youview box without destroying all his programs and having to do the button magic he did. he said it is ok to unplug it , it wont affect the program. so thankgoodness i can unplug it. all these gadgets just means more electricity being used if u ask me. 

now you can understand why we dont like changes in wordpress. it means a lot of bother at first getting used to it, though i have to confess once that is over it is easier and nicer to use; so i guess that may be what will happen with this new tv gadget. i know simon will like it, as he likes to watch iplayer and catch up on football or bbc programs. and i guess i shall get used to it too as this viewbox allows me to catch up on old programs and so late night movies which i want to watch but am too sleepy to stay up late for , i can see it the next morning. 

but i think i wont mind if i keep to the old ways, it is so simple before. so what if i dont get to see old programs later, it is not that important. 

i pay very little for all this. i got a special deal from talk talk. in fact if not for it, i would not bother and was actually intending to goback to their basic package , just broadband only. it costs usually £3.50but u can get it for £1.75 a month for 6months on a 1yr contract. 

but now i got £1.77 a month and get all this , a free you view box , installation(free to me), free local calls, etc; though i was a bit confused and committed myself to renew my yearly line rental paying the full price of £178, and getting only £15 off. when i have been paying £120 before.

ah well, that fellow over the phone must be a high flyer to be able to get me to agree to it. and he gets the commission i am sure.

i am committed to pay all-in £15 a month for a year. i shall carry on till it expires and then get out of it. as i figure it is quite ok for a year to pay for the you view box. just for simon’s sake really. i dont think it is worth the full price of £8.50 a month.