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the first statistic on who gets this virus and hospitalised in uk

24 Mar

london 8.25am 6C sunny tuesday 2020 first day of lockdown

who are those on the critical care list? 196 cases admitted 29.2 -20.3.20. were studied,  majority were men, average time in before death or discharge is 3days. 8% (16) died  and 9%discharged (17).  i think it unfortunate that they lump the dead and the discharged together. it would be better if we got them separate so that we know who are at greater risk of dying. my preference would be to just study those who died, and see what they have in common. 

added. i have another look at that statement, 

Only 17 people (9%) from the 196 have been discharged from critical care, and 16 (8%) have died.

and i think i had misread it. the dead and the discharged appears to be grouped together because there is only one discharged of the 17 people who left critical care, the others have died.

what do u think? is it ’17 people are well and discharged.  16 people had died’, or ‘of the 17people who were discharged, 16  were discharged because they died’. ah well, no wonder people say there are statistics , statistics and damn lies. haha.added again, sigh, i have to do the maths, before i can say which is correct. but wish those who write this report are more on the ball, and stop writing such sentences which links two different facts with an and.  that makes us have to do the maths to figure out which is correct. and another gripe, tell us more about those who had died. how old, what if any preexisting medical condition they have, etc. 

average age is 64yrs old. mostly over 50. the rest are still there so looks like it confirms the general view that it affects old people more seriously. and it takes a long time to recover once they have a serious case of it. that will clog up the critical care beds. 

added 9.01am i had a look at the bus timetable for my area, and see that there are no buses running at all. so it looks like the lockdown means no public transport. i suppose this is logical, as obviously the bus drivers will have to stay at home too. i guess that also reinforce the message to lockdown and stay home, if u dont have any shops  open, nor public transport running, it will make people more likely to stay at home, as there is nothing to go to. correction 9.42am, buses running as usual even to my area. 

correction, it seems only buses to my area are not working, just a few streets away on the main road the buses are running as normal… i suppose they have to let the trains and buses run, presumably to allow the health workers to get to work. 

added 5.19pm sunny 14C. i saw this link to the number of deaths in the same period, before the virus took hold. 

In the 56 days from January 11 to March 6, the total number of people who died in England and Wales was recorded as being 90,940, only one of whom was known to have tested positive for COVID-19.

i was quite astounded when i read that number, almost 91,000. and this is 5000 lower than the previous years. 1625 people died a day. about 11000 dead a week;  and this is considered normal, so that no one bothers to remark on it. and here we are locking down the whole country when 422 had died. 

so it looks like the winter kills off those who cannot hack it, and it is natures way to kill those whose time has come to die.