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my pipes are unblocked

23 Feb

london 10.45am 14C cloudy sunday 2020

woke up just now to an unusually warm day. 14C ! in february. and it is wonderful to find that my blocked pipes are free.

dont know why they unblocked themselves.

the only thing new that we did after i found out that the blockage was due to the outlet pipe and the common waste pipe was simon dismantling the u-bend, and showed me two large clumps of calcium in it. he then poured a solution of drain block liquid into it, which did not flow through the pipes but just stayed in there. he put back the u bend, then we had that filling up of the sink with regurgitated hot water from the upstairs flats washing machines. 

later that night he tells me the pipes are draining again. and this morning i noticed it was still draining well when i washed the dishes.

so how nice if all my troubles go away so quickly like that. no need to call the estate management about it now. i think i have saved the block and all the flats in it a large call out and repair bill. i wonder if the upstairs flat may also have thought that a huge washing mass of water coming down the pipes might do the job of clearing that blockage… i did a wash myself thinking the same thing except it did not work when i did it, the blockage being at my level, whereas at their height, above me, the weight of water will do it. and as we have seen, it did.