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23 Feb

22.2 2013 Friday

I went to the church street market today. Near edgeware tube/Paddington station. It is outdoor stalls selling vegs, bric a brac and things.

Some stalls were selling really old vegetables , cauliflower, brocolli, celery, at the same price 2 for £1 as other stalls whose veg were fresher. It makes me wonder why these stall holders don’t reduce the price of those old veg drastically, like 20p each to get rid of it.

Some of those veg I wont even buy for 20p. Because no one in their right mind would buy these old veg.

All they will fool are the young and foolish, or old and senile, who don’t know the value of money and don’t know what a fresh veg should look like. And what is more, the experience may put them off buying veg from these market stalls forever.

Many of the veg are enclosed in plastic, the lettuce for eg, and it do not allow u to feel them or see them clearly. I would steer clear of buying such veg.

Surely they will have to thow away these veg eventually. I cant see anyone buying them.

It is not really very good value, this church st market stalls, u would be better going to Brixton, or to balham , where the veg are fresher. No wonder so many of us prefer to shop in supermarkets. You could get veg cheaper or just as cheap in lidl, or aldi or now and then in asda, and even in Tesco.


This is the one thing that I so object to when buying from these market stalls. They sell u rotten fruit or veg. they wont allow u to pick your own, and so they slip a few rotten ones in the bag.

They keep telling us that the street markets sell cheaper fresh veg. Not from what I see today. And after one experience buying old veg,
it can put u off buying from them again.

I had not been to these street markets for some time, and now when I do go, and I see this, old veg being sold for not very cheap… I doubt I shall bother to go to them next time.

I pass the Pimlico street market daily, it’s a street market near my home and I have not bought veg from them either. Not only are they not cheap , (perhaps because their veg looks fresh), but I dislike having to wait and have to get in line to pay them the money. Unlike the supermarket where u can go to the self service till. I don’t know why they say people like the chitchat with the stall holder. More personalise service, they say. Not for me obviously.

If it is the only chance for these people to get their human interaction of the day, they should get a life. I don’t know why these people are so desperate for human interaction.

Been reading the book by will storr which shows up what weird ideas people come up with, and I wonder if this idea of wanting to talk to service people is a mild form of weirdness. Maybe it is the sign of how isolated some people can get. They wall themselves off. The fear of being mugged, or robbed make them distrust strangers so much they keep themselves to themselves until their only human interaction is with people who man the shops.


I took the chance to visit the church st library and the Marylebone library. And found hillary mantel’s ‘bring up the bodies’ and the granta book of travel in the latter library.

So the journey wasn’t entirely wasted. Not that I mind, as I have plenty of time to waste.haha.