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state of broadband access in the world now

23 Feb

london 8.21am tuesday 2016 sunny 6.8C

this article gives the state of play of internet access in the world today. it is a review by mark zuckerberg about facebook’s program to bring connectivity to the world’s poor. so even if egypt and india have stopped his free basics, it is available in other countries. i read in another article, which i cannot find again, so cannot link it here, that smartphone takeup is largest in developed countries, 68% in uk, for eg, but 17% in india. malaysia for a wonder is 65%. that surprised me. 

but this article says the biggest users of smartphones are  watching videos on their smartphones. i suppose that is not surprising as videos must use up a lot of juice. and it seems it is  only 10% of smartphone users, the big users, are causing this increase.

to me it is strange to want to watch videos on a small screen that the smartphone provides. but then it may not be so strange, maybe these people dont live in big houses, and cannot afford large home screens, or if they do have it, they can still use the smartphone to grab the video, and can throw the image from their smartphone to a big tv screen; and also they might like to watch videos on the go.

and i think when they say videos, it is utube and porn, so that may account for a large chunk of the type of videos they see.

did u think they watch movies on their small screen?. grow up and smell the coffee. haha . it is most probably porn, or lots of those pop song videos, or silly videos by vloggers, and so called celebrities . but they are the ones that advertisers want to catch. i can see why i am not that eager to buy a smartphone. video watching do not  appeal to me .