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future wages and the economy. how will it go

12 Apr

london 10.47am 11C cloudy wednesday 2017

1.14pm 13C sunny/

it started cloudy but now it seems to have cleared, and it is sunny blue sky. very nice, though i am inside the flat and dont intend to set out again. was out earlier to run an errand at the post office and that is it. took the bus there and took the bus back. no queues at the post office. this one is a small side branch and i have noticed that by 12.30pm its empty. so i go in and quickly see a cashier and get out and cross the road to the bus stop opposite just in time to catch the c10 coming the other way and so take it back to my flat. 

added. 5.36pm, 15C, i just had a lovely nap of 2-3hrs. so feeling rather refreshed now. bright sunshine outside reflected off the block of flats opposite my lounge window. sky is dark with rain clouds, though.

well, i find myself browsing the news, and reading snippets of it, and noting those that interest me. this one about the wage growth having slipped below the rate of inflation for the first time since 2014; not rising as quickly or as much as inflation seems typical. it is only 0.1% below. i would have thought that is not really significant since inflation has been very low before and only now rises to above 2%. but then what will they have anything to do if they don’t start shouting when the figures jerk one way or the other.

 they give this warning whilst admitting 

It said unemployment had fallen to its lowest level in a decade – down 45,000 in the three months to February to 1.56 million – with the jobless rate remaining at 4.7% and a record number of job vacancies on offer.

The employment rate of 74.6% was the joint highest since records began in 1971.

i have a feeling most people are glad that there are plenty of jobs for everyone. even with the huge influx of workers from the eu. in fact, you wonder whether the huge influx is the cause of such prosperity and business activity… i was thinking most of these jobs might be in the catering, hospitality trade. and might be prone to swiftly go up and just as swiftly disappear when the wind changes. who knows really.

the £ being so low, must be a factor… just as we can be sure prices of food and goods will go up in the near future. so far the fierce rivalry at the supermarkets have muted it and maybe we might all switch to local produce or buy less of those imported stuff… who knows really .

with so many foreigners here, they will not be affected by the £ dropping, in fact they will feel richer as their money goes further. maybe london wont feel the effects, and the boom continues in london, but other places in uk will feel it.

i must say it is rather interesting to watch all this and see where the wind blows as only time will tell. i would hate to predict what it will be. we are in never -before- gone -through territory here. no one has experienced this before nor can we take another example from another country in the same circumstances, because there are none. 

speaking for myself seeing i am here and can give u my own experience of it i can say it has not really affected me. prices have gone up in some goods that i buy, but since they are all basic foodstuffs, they are low priced anyway so when they go up it is raised by 20p, even though in % terms they have gone up 15%, which sounds alarming.

but i just wonder if i am unique. i sure hope not, and that there are plenty of people like me who dont really get affected much by these flunctuations.  all the experts say the common people will feel the pinch. it seems to be assumed that will happen. are there no one like me, who is on fixed income, who because of our lifestyle just wont be affected much by it all, because we dont buy those expensive imported processed stuff or branded names.