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28 Apr

london 5.33pm 14C sunny sunday 2019

the london marathon has been going on today, and i suppose must be ending soon. wait, i read in the online news there is a winner, someone i have not heard of  and it is not whatisname who came fifth. i have to google whatisname as i forgot it at this moment. i vaguely read somewhere that whatisname is involved in some thing that tarnish his name. i dont know what the detail is really and not really interested. (oh, it is mo, but i still cannot remember what else his name)

there have been quite a number of restaurants in london offering free meal to any participant in the marathon, as long as they show their medal to prove they are running in it.

its a very long run, this marathon… with the route doubling back on itself twice. i wonder if it is tempting to take a short cut haha. but it has not affected the buses i take to get to the paddington library. and even the buses to the westend are not affected if i take them from the library. though i did not fancy going to the westend, so it did not matter even if they are affected.

its quite a nice day for a run. not too hot, in fact it is quite cool. i am sure there must be plenty of people going to the routes and watching it , but london is so big, there are lots of others who dont bother with it, and go about their normal lives doing what they always do and so there is still lots of busy bustle away from the running routes.

people like me. doing our own thing and carrying on with living. haha. i found a pack of 8sausages in waitrose 454mg for 45p, quite a bargain and so i bought it, and got myself a free coffee too. and came back to have a lovely lunch of fried sausages and fried fresh tomatoes. i had thought to accompany it with an egg, but got too lazy and it was still very nice even without the egg. these sausages are really very good, hardly any oil come out of them. they are 65% pork, but i am really surprised why there is not more oil … in fact, i added some oil in the pan before i cooked them, and the oil got absorbed inside them… usually with cheaper sausages they ooze a lot of oil as they cook, so that in the end they are swimming in it. these are the waitrose essential sausages, so it is the cheaper range they sell, and yet they dont ooze so much oil. i wonder how they do it. they are quite pricey at normal prices (£1.98 4.37/kg)

added. i thought they are expensive, but i googled other basic sausages prices and found that tesco’s basic sausages  53% pork sausages cost £1.61per kg. (681mg 12sausages for £1.09, 72.6p for 454mg) but i am not comparing like for like, because these are 65%pork. and they cost about similar to what the other supermarkets are selling. i think if i find anymore being reduced like this, i would not hesitate to buy them again, because i think they are very good. (but now i have looked at tesco prices , i am surprised that their value sausages are quite cheap. but i have to warn you that sometimes you dont get these prices that i found in their website in the store. next time i go to tesco i must find out what their sausages are priced. but i can tell you i have not seen any of their woodside farm sausages on sale in the kennington lane store near me and that is a superstore.)

naked day out.

2 Jul

london sunday 10.08am 20.1C sunny 2017

i am writing this offline. i am on the bus c2, on my way to parliament fields, where the meetup takes place. it is the official nude area in london. the only one actually in the whole country which is in a town or city. wish we have more of them. but glad that we have this one place. it has been in existance a long time , in those days of long ago when it is ok to be naked, and in fact people used to do so as a matter of course. people swim naked in those days. now we are far too conscious of nudity. 

continued 2.42pm very sunny. the sun has really come out today. so it was really hot and luckily there are shady sides to that area, where u can get out of the sun.

 it is just a concreted area off the changing room. and u just put down your towel anywhere in the sun on the concrete and strip off. haha. very nice. no fuss and no bother. and any man can go in there , no need to pay anything. later, the others joined me, as they are meeting at gospel oak, the railway station, and then walking, quite a long way to the ponds area where the naked sunbathing area is. i did not want to walk as my foot is not all that comfortable walking long distances, so i took the bus C2 which takes me right near there.

i found out when i went to the toilet, that the swimming in the ponds is free. that is a surprise to me. in the past they charge people to swim there. u need to wear something to swim, meaning u cannot swim naked. rather a pity that. they should make it clothes optional, after all it is all men, this pond is unisex. the women have their own pond to swim. its a deep pond, no shallow end, so u do need to be a good swimmer. the water is cold though.

its nice to stay in the naked area. though after a bit, there is not much to do, so by 2pm, when the meetup officially ends, i was ready to go and went off with the organiser, and we chatted along the way back to the bus stop, he going on walking to kentish town, to gospel oak, the train station, whilst i took the bus c2 back. the bus got a good airconditioning , so it was very peasant inside. this bus goes all the way back to victoria, though they are changing it, from july 12th, when it will stop at regent st. 

added. library paddington 3.45pm 23.1C sunny . i decided not to go back home nor to trafalgar square for the id festival, but to the paddington library. haha. and to the waitrose near there. i got 2 packs reduced price bean sprouts 15p 300mg, normally 52p, and a diabetic respberry 430mg jam for 35p (normally £1.69) and highland broth by baxter 400gm for 35p (75p usually). i have never eaten this broth, so might like to try it.  and with my waitrose card i get to have a free coffee too. 

added. when the heat comes with summer, those of us who like the naked lifestyle get to recall it and yearn for it again. it is a lovely lifestyle, but needs warmth. otherwise, the cold will force us to wear clothes. either that or turn up the heating. so u can see, this lifestyle depands on the warmth. but it also depands on an enlightened society that allows us to be naked. so far i dont see any society allowing us to live like that. but deep down , i realise that even if society does allow us to live a naked lifestyle, it is not sustainable… it is a idea that is more appealing in its dream, than in reality. the cold will very quickly get us back into clothes for one thing. so i think it is something that we can indulge in a holiday. but not in a permanent lifestyle.

i am reminded of this when i read a blog by someone who is in her 80s, selling everything and going on a life of travel, living a nomadic life travelling the world. they have both come to realise that they want a permanent place now. there was a lot of stress in travelling so much so that it affected her health. when i first came across their blog, i suspected as much, and wondered when they will find it out for themselves.

they have really researched a lot with their posts about their travels, and wrote knowledgeably about it accompanied by superb photos, that is of a quality that you would think are done by experts.

but in all these, you can see where it is heading. it is not sustainable.  when u go old, everything falls apart. age, and with it failing health, is the biggest factor in all these ambitions to travel the world and have the world as your home, moving all the time and never staying long in one place.

as long ago as the time when i travelled a lot, i allready realised that i dont like to spend months travelling. all those people who take a year off to travel the world, i dont know how they can stand it; i know i would be dead bored long before the year is up. i can only take travel a month at a time. after that i was very glad to get back to london and get back to work again. it was a joy to get back to work and start doing something i am good at and make money at it. so what i am saying is be careful what u wish for, you will get it, and find it is not all that great. haha. 



human behaviour

21 Mar

london 10.04am 9.2C sunny tuesday 2017

5.15pm 11.7C sunny

7.21pm 10.8C night. dry.

people can be rather trying sometimes. i saw an example of it in the bus today. the bus drivers i think must have a lot of patience, and tolerance of human behaviour. the next bus stop is closed, because of road works, but some of those boarding on the bus one stop before did not know. they were only going one stop, and when the bus did not stop they start getting agitated. some of them know how to open the doors, by pressing the emergency button on the top of the doors, and so they got out. there were others who were allready on the bus who have heard the announcement, but still did not get out before hand. dont know if they did not know english or were unable to make out the words from the loudspeakers or just too lazy to walk and know that they can use the emergency button to open the doors. 

i wonder what is it about human beings. it must be a survival instinct i think, for people to flout the rules and find loopholes to circumvent any obstacles to them getting their way. it is like they want to gain advantage over others. and that i can see is a survival trait and will come in useful.

applied to business , those will be the ones to make a success of their business. but it does make u see the ugly side of human beings. those who have no compunction to trample on others to get their way. ah well, i suppose karma will find them leading a horrendous life in the next life. haha.

it does make u look at someone here in this world who have so much horrible things happen to them, and it does make u wonder if they have been right shits in their previous life and now karma is working on them.

or maybe there is no karma. everyone does what their souls want to do and there is no such thing as bad or good. 

i see that waitrose have finally decided enough is enough and stop giving away free coffee. u have to buy something before u can get your free cup from 3april. so it is still free coffee but with a small proviso. they did not specify a minimum amount, so it is still quite a good offer. even a generous one actually. though quite a lot are allready lamenting and complaining about it. haha.

added. 9.33pm, earlier my hotmail was down. its on now.  i have read of it going down in the past, but i was not affected, or more likely i did not go into my hotmail when it was down. but about 5pm, or was it 7pm,  i tried to go in and it was down. and i read this express article talking about it. one wonders what is going on that hotmail has been targetted like this. curiouser and curiouser. 



you cannot take photos in all uk waitrose stores.

29 Nov

london 00.46am 2.6C tuesday 2016. temperature going down as they forecast. though it still do not feel cold in my flat.

it is rather late , but i am still up because i dont feel sleepy. maybe it is the effect of the cappuccino that i had which my friend treated me to when we met earlier today. but it is like 3pm when i had it, and i cannot believe the caffeine is still working now.

still, i dont feel sleepy at all, so have been looking at the news online. and this one caught my eye. someone was told off for taking photos of champagne and whisky in a waitrose store. this surprised me, and i wondered where that store is. and read that it is a newark store. well that explains it. the website is a msn website, and with a name like newark it can only come from america. so the news is from america.  well, it really is in uk. i suppose the newark in question must be the one in nottinghamshire.

i actually thought at first it is in america, (well wont u too think so when u read a name like newark?)  and somehow i can believe only americans would cook up such an absurd company policy. or it might be a hoax.

but it actually is in uk. what made waitrose drum up such a stupid company policy i wonder? and why they never put up notices informing people of this stupid policy? does it mean you cannot take any pictures in the store, or just pictures of alcoholic drinks?

Waitrose totally freaks out

31 Jan

Waitrose totally freaks out.

the dailymash is a spoof, but funny with it. it is cleverly done, and sometimes you wonder if that is not the real reason that everyone knows is the underlying reason but no one wants to say outloud.

this one, about waitrose asking those who come for the free hot drink in their cafe, to buy something also, or they wont be able to get the free hot drink implies that those people are occupying seats and hanging around too long in the cafes. i know it is a spoof, but i wonder if there is a smidgen of the real reason why.

also these people may not be the kind of well dressed customers that go to waitrose, and the other customers may have felt uncomfortable with that. it may not be entirely the management’s fault that they want to keep them out. their usual customers may object to it as well.

i remember reading in some newspapers reporting that waitrose customers have been known to complain that with the free hot drinks it has attracted rather unsavoury types to the store.

the article about the skinny diplodocus skeleton being replaced by a fat blue whale skeleton is hilarous .


7 Jan


i got very excited when i saw the waitrose advert in the times newspaper which i read in the library this morning.

they are having their half price month it seems and of all the offers the chicken ones are what caught my eye. £1.65/kg. which is lower than any offers of the other supermarkets.

so i hotfoot it to the local branch in pimlico, and saw two half price chickens with half price labels on them,  reduced to £2.37 each. they were 1.3kg.(which is £1.82/kg i did not calculate the per kg cost. which turned out to be a mistake on my part. 

fortunately  the self service till made a mistake and  it charged me £2.47 for each chicken. and so  when i came back and i found out the mistake and i took the chickens back to query it ;( if it had been accurate i would not have gone back); and it was back at the shop when i told them about it that  i noticed that the chickens were not £1.64/kg. 

i showed them the advert in the times newspaper; they sell the newspaper in the store too,  and i said maybe the new chickens at that price has not been delivered yet;   to be told that that branch dont stock those chickens.

well, well, well. who would have noticed this.  i asked for the whole refund of the chickens  instead of the 20p difference, as i wanted the price as advertised. it seems it is only on offer at big branches so i decided to go to the biggest branch of all, the one at john lewis, in oxford st. there was a long queue to pay , it was lunchtime, but it was moving very fast, and i found 4 of these chickens there. i bought 2. they were rather larger chickens, 1.9kg so cost about £3.10 each. the offer of the chickens ends 27.1.15.

the lesson here is u have to be careful to calculate the per kg cost. rather tiresome i know and it is not easy to do a mental calculation but if u want to get the bargains u will have to. i noticed there was no 10% off with the waitrose card. i wonder why or is it because that discount do not apply on these half priced offers.

it is still a good offer. there are plenty of other half priced offers on other meats and products, but i dont eat those so not so useful to me. others will find something that they can use though. just go to the waitrose website.

but all this excitement over the chickens was overshadowed by this devastating killing of 12 staff of a satirical magazine in paris, which had been provocating the muslims by satirising the prophet muhammad. it was a shocker that.

i much prefer my world where the only excitement is the price of chickens. 

another thing to be excited about, a new antibiotic. teixobactin

Teixobactin has been found to treat many common bacterial infections such as tuberculosis, septicaemia and C. diff, and could be available within five years.

a hot day in london

8 Jul

Its nice and warm now in London. There were a few blue bottle flies in the flat a few days ago. Now there are none to be seen. That is the good thing about London. We don’t get a lot of creepy crawlies. Now and then we get flies, but no ants, or cockroaches, or mosquitos… the latter is something I really am grateful for.

In Malaysia, we get mosquitos and it is really awful to get bitten by them, or to hear their whine near your ear in the dark when u are about to sleep and expecting to get bitten.

Those rackets that are electrified by batteries are something that I thought was a brilliant invention. U just wave them about your head and if there is a mosquito it will set it off crackling and zapping telling u that you got one of them. No need to catch them sitting on the walls and hitting them with a newspaper, or trying to clap them between your hands when they are flying about.

But I am glad I don’t need them , or mosquito coils or sprays here in London.

I was at the Trafalgar square yesterday, Sunday. It was a really hot day and first time I was able to walk around in sandals and shorts; and was surprised at the long lines of Italian students snaking their way all over the place and in Leicester square. One of them told me he was from naples.

Do Europeans organise school trips to bring students to London? The exchange rate must be very favourable for these students to do it for their parents to still be able to afford it.

added.20.7.13 read in a blog why there are so many of these italian students around. They come here for their summer camp staying with local families. 

I read in the papers that the top deck of the new buses with the open platform at the back which are used for the route 24 from Pimlico to hampstead heath are having very hot interiors in the upper deck, but I was on one yesterday, and it was fine. Quite cool, the temperature on the upper deck considering the back platform was open to the outside and allowing all the cold air to get out.

Added. 9.7.13 i saw a advert for bus assistants, who will be acting as conductors in these buses. maybe for now they are using drivers to alternate the roles, until they can fill it with these bus assistants. it is a cushy job, most probably the salary wont be as much. the best job in the buses is to be a driver, but it would suit people who are calm and collected under pressure as driving in london is a real hassle if u are impatient.

added.15.7.13 read today in this article about the advert for a passenger assistant. i dont recall the advert i read using the words customer-facing experience.  Maybe it did, and i am so used to this kind of double speak, that it is beginning to make a kind of sense and in fact may express what it want to say in a very effective way. it just goes to show george orwell has got it right that we can get used to double speak and prefer it to ordinary words.

I went into the waitrose recently opened on 2nd july beneath city hall in victoria st, hoping to get a free coffee. I saw they have reduced the prices for the sandwiches, 19p for a ham and cheese sandwich and even though I was not hungry I took one pack intending to buy it and eat with my coffee. When I went to get the coffee, the security guard told me it was not working, and then I saw a big sign over it saying it was out of order, being cleaned. Its rather soon to be cleaning it, but then maybe people were complaining of the coffee. When I drank it last time it was ok, but then I am no judge of good coffee.

Well if there was coffee, I would have bought the sandwich.As it is, I did not buy it.

Interesting that they would reduce the price of the sandwich to 19p. That is a low price.There were lots of people there buying things to eat. Do u think everyone knows that waitrose reduce its prices for these things at about 2pm on Sunday? It is news to me. I had the impression waitrose is an upmarket supermarket and those dont reduce their prices do they?

I think I may have confused them with marks and spencer because I read somewhere that M&S don’t do that, reduce their prices I mean.

But sandwiches are not really that healthy for you. Cheeses are not really that healthy for anyone. Really. Though of course, once in a while it is fine. Just as eating burgers are fine once in a while. But I was wondering with these prices it is no wonder people buy them, rather than vegetables.

Added.14.7.13 i re-read that last bit and realise i am being pedantic , saying this food or that food is not good for you. of course all foods are good for us, as it provides nutrition for our bodies. whether they are bad for you  depands on the amount you eat. any foods eaten in huge amounts at the exclusion of others (in other words, a balanced diet is what u need) will be bad for you. 

Murray finally won his first Wimbledon title. About time too, the poor chap had been thwarted in previous years by federer, but luckily for him, both nadel and federer got knocked out on the early stages by relative unknowns who were themselves gone so left the field clear for murray with only the previous holder to beat. I did not follow the matches. Just listened to the results as that was all I was interested in.
I suppose he will be in the queens birthday list next year for a knighthood. Haha.

lots of freebies in london

22 Jun

Long ago someone gave me a tv. At the time, I already had one, but I never refuse if someone offers to give me something, so I took it. It was heavy and he kindly helped me bring it home.

I installed it in my bedroom and so we have a spare tv to watch. Very useful when one of us want to see another program that the other does not like.

But yesterday, the tv in the living room tipped over and fell flat and it damaged the picture, and now I cannot see the picture but only hear the sound.

The reason why it tipped forward and fell of the pedestal was because I had been precariously perching it on a table revolving top , the kind that Chinese restaurants use to revolve the middle portion of a circular dining table. I wanted to swivel it that is why I used that.

Foolishly I let it list forward without adjusting the support.

Ah well, the tv screen in the living room is an old one and the picture is rather blur.

I have now transferred the bedroom tv to the lounge, with the help of simon, (these screens are damn heavy), and now I am seeing very clear sharp images on this screen.

So that was the upside to this mishap.

We lose the spare tv in the bedroom, so it means we wont be able to watch tv separately if we want to see different programs.

I asked simon to keep an eye out for any one wanting to change their tv and getting rid of old tv screens.

You cannot tell, it is possible to find a tv screen discarded in the recycling area and to re-use it.

Things do get broken in life I suppose, and it means a slight adjustment. Life is like that.

I was at the Trafalgar square westend live stage shows of the musical excerpts and it was rather interesting. U can see what these musicals are like, and get some idea of whether u will enjoy them or not. I hope they do get people to book their show.

I noticed the mormon musical is not taking part. I daresay they are fully booked.

The air now is full of tiny particles, so that it gets in the eye and in the throat making me cough a lot. I am not the only one affected though those of us affected are in the minority.

It reminds me not to go out if I can help it. Or to go into controlled air areas, like shopping malls, or buses or into department stores, or anyplace indoors really.

Cant help feeling for the performers in these musicals. Seems like a hard way to make a living. They have to sing and dance and spend a lot of energy.

In fact, I accidentally joined them backstage. I saw a crowd of people going into a narrow entrance on the south side of the square, and thought it was the way into the square. I entered and joined the queue forming inside. I overhead two guys behind me saying look at the guy, he just went in… and I began to realise I might have joined the wrong queue. These were the performers.
So I turned back , smiled at the two guys and said I think I got in the wrong queue, and went out.

Didn’t take any pictures as there were so many heads in front of me, I doubt it will turn out nice.

I did notice the dancers at the background of the mama mia musical were really very well choreographed and danced really well, not only individually but collectively. Many of their moves were individual, creating a pleasingly diverse tableau of different moves. Very pleasing to see and the dancers were all very fit and move gracefully. I spent most of the time looking at them rather than the lead singers. It is one show where the ensemble cast take the attention rather than any one particular lead singer. Just as well, as the musical was a series of songs by abba. I have seen the film so I guess in between they will tell the story about who is her father.

The cast of ‘we will rock you’ do the audience participation thing very well, maybe the songs lend itself to arm waving and clapping by the audience, whatever it was the lead singer was able to get everyone of the audience involved. Rather good atmosphere that.

The rain held off when I was there. I left at about 2pm, when thriller was playing, I could not help thinking how wonderful it would have been if Michael Jackson had lived to play the concerts himself … it would have been truly memorable…

All these musicals trade on our nostalgia. It bring back memories of ourselves when we were young. That is the attraction of these musicals nowadays. For have u noticed they are all rehashed and remakes of films or old musicals or stories from books. There is no truly original musical anymore.

It must be the only show , if not the largest , free live musical which gives everyone a chance to sample 30 musicals live.

There was a voucher for a free litre of milk 1%fat that waitrose is sponsoring. The voucher is in their newsletter which is given away free in the stores. Usually skimmed milk is 0.1% fat, this one is semi skimmed I suppose.

Only a few waitrose stores sell this milk, I went to the Belgravia branch to get the milk. I had it with cereals, and it was quite nice, but I think full cream milk would be better. Amazing how much it tastes better with just 2%fat. I am not complaining about the milk of course. I am glad I got it free. I would not buy it though because I prefer the full cream milk, that is , if I buy any… which I don’t do anymore.

I think it silly to buy semi or skimmed milk when they cost the same as the full cream. If u want to slim, u would be better off cutting down the fat elsewhere, or exercise, or (shock horror) eat less!!

But these kinds of freebies make living in London rather nice. It is not necessary of course, but nice to have. In fact the Times is giving away free iced latte at EAT, or I should say EAT is giving away free iced lattes.

minor things in life

16 Jun

There was a long line of cars waiting for the lights to go red, and this car was honking and trying to attract the attention of the car next to it, but slightly ahead.
It turned out when they moved off, that the car had a flat tire on the back wheel, and the other car was trying to let it know. It is one of the mysteries of life that when u are driving a car , u can never know if one of the tires go flat. nowadays, tires don’t go flat with a bang, but quietly lose air. I am sure he would be damaging his tire hub rim by driving on it with a flat tire.

It made me realise how glad I am that I don’t have a car. These things really can make life irritating…I mean things going wrong with the car; and we are not even talking about the agro u can get from other road users.

I go through life now getting lots of evidence of these minor irritations, and reinforcing to me how wonderful my life is without having those things.

So what I am saying is if u feel life is depriving you of its enjoyment because u cannot afford to run a car, just be happy that u don’t have a car and never have to tolerate the nonsensical irritations that owning a car will bring to you.

I happened to find a daily mirror newspaper in the library the other day, and saw an advert by asda of 50p celery and 60p brocolli. That is the good thing about these cheap tabloid newspapers, u get adverts about bargains in the supermarkets. Unlike the so called quality papers. So often, it is the only way I can know of these special low price offers. Vegetables are cheap now, maybe because it is the summer and so the harvest is plentiful.

Also, mywaitrose card arrived by the post. I registered for it online. I tried it out by going to the Tottenham court waitrose, to get my free coffee. It was a self service, and the cashier did not even take my card to swipe the number. maybe he rang it up on the till but he said to go ahead and get the coffee so i did.  It normally costs £1.80. The coffee was v weak, and I realise it was because I used a large cup to make the cappuccino. The trouble was this was the only size available. I thought the machine will just dispense the small amount, but it seems to be controlled by the cup size.

Another day I went to the waitrose in john lewis, and this time the cashier rang it up in his till and gave me a receipt for it. It was normally £2.10 . But foolishly I spilt all of it when I went to add the suger. So I never did taste it. I shall have to go again to try it properly next time.

But it is a great service of waitrose to give free coffee every day with the card.

I think u can get free coffee everywhere in waitrose branches that serve coffee. The john lewis one is the only one I know that actually have someone make it fresh for you. I am kicking myself for spilling that coffee because it looked like a really good cup of coffee. The others seem to dispense it from a machine.

I saw the new waitrose in Vauxhall have a coffee making machine so maybe they too will give me free coffee. It is not listed in the list of branches that offer this service. I shall have to ask them one day when I happen to be waiting for a bus in Vauxhall.

Even though there is this great coffee offer from waitrose , I wont be using it much. I don’t really like strong coffee.

But isn’t London lovely to have this free coffee available?

I heard about this waitrose coffee offer from a blog about frugal living. Now that is one good reason for reading other people’s frugal blogs.haha.

My gym membership is going to expire in august and I am thinking of not renewing it. At the moment it is £11 a month, but come august it will be a year and the introductory offer expires and so the membership goes up to the normal £20 a month. I am wondering if it is worth the £20 a month.

I go regularly, but I have free swimming sessions at the local sports centre, and so I could get my exercise from swimming instead of the gym.
So I think I shall terminate my gym membership come august and see if I can just do swimming.

It will be a change from the gym. I am getting a bit bored with the gym.

Life is so carefree now, that this is the kind of thing that exercise my mind. Minor things as u can see.