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woolich free ferry

9 Oct

london 6.31pm 16.4C friday 2015

it is not often we get anything free, and it seems the free ferry in woolich has been going on since 1889.

I actually have crossed the thames on it as a  foot passenger on one of the walks that they organise. in fact next weekend 17oct they are doing that  walk again which i went to in may… it takes also cars, and trucks, but it is quite slow. and that is a disadvantage really. you have to wait for the boat. so not only is the actual boat trip slow, but the wait can be a long one. 

if there is a bridge across near by i doubt traffic will want to use this. unless that bridge charges a toll, which i doubt. there is a foot tunnel under the thames at that point too, where cyclists and walkers can cross but it is a long tunnel much longer than the one at greenwich, because the river is wider here. that is why it is not popular, why bother to leg it when u can go across by ferry and it is all free? right?

any bridge across at this point will be a longer bridge than any bridge over the thames that exist at present. the river here is very wide. maybe they might consider a tunnel bridge.

this article asks if people will vote to keep this ferry once a bridge is built. its nice to have something free and cross the river by ferry for sentimental reasons and as an experience, or for the nostalgia, but to be practical it is foolish to keep this service if there is a bridge here.

of course, someone has to pay for that ferry, tfl (transport for london) pays it .(£50million for a 7yr contract, it will likely go up when that contract comes up for renewal. also the ferries are old, and may need replacing one day and that will cost).

what u might not know is that there are no shops or anything at the spot where the ferry lands, on both sides of the river. the river boats dont come here. why is there no commercial business near this ferry landing??? maybe river travel is not so pleasant…  i mean the tides flows up and down, and waters can be quite rough and fast flowing… there is nothing along the river bank eastwards to the sea. the estuary  would really benefit from a airport. but it wont happen now. 

today, i decided to walk to the library instead of taking the bus

1 Sep

london 3.59pm cloudy with sunnybits, 17.5C tuesday 2015

following that article i read in the papers finding that walking for 20mins a day can lead to good health, i decided to walk to the library from now on and resist the temptation to take the bus. it’s a pleasant day, not raining, when i set out, so it was a nice walk.

just as i got out of the block of my flat, i saw my neighbour who lives across the hallway on the same floor as me, (there are only two flats on each floor) and he was pushing a double decker pram, his baby girl on the lower deck, and her older brother on the top deck.

i asked him where he is going and he said, spelling the words, the zoo. he said the boy does not know it, but that is where he is taking them. not sure why he does not want the boy to know. the kid is at the talkative stage and very independant. 

i said with surprise, its in regent park, isn’t it? you are not walking there are you? he said he walks everywhere, because it is his only chance to keep the boy quiet and not have him wander off, as he has to ride on the pram.

our path soon diverged, so i branched off. i did not have time to ask him where the au pair was. or have they decided to release her and take turns, mostly him, to look after both, now that the little girl is older.

at the library, i got to read not only today’s newspapers, but also yesterday’s, because even though the library was closed for the public holiday, they still get the papers delivered. it even got the sunday times, the only paper they order on sunday. this library closes on sunday but still order the sunday times.

there is something about yesterday’s news. somehow it is not so interesting as today’s news. i daresay it is psychological, but nothing i think is as stale as yesterday’s news. haha.

i noticed the library wifi has the same problem with connection as saturday. my chrome wont allow me to connect with it. saying it is unsafe, something about their license has expired 3days ago.

i went to the desk and told him about it, and he was puzzled why. we found a lady sitting nearby and asked her, and she said she could not get online either. the librarian did not know why. 

but later, a  chap came ,sitting next to me, i found after peeking at his screen that he was online. so i asked him how he did it, and found out he could not get online using chrome but could do so with microsoft windows. 

i walked back, it rained whilst i was inside the library because i can see the roads were wet, but i missed it, so the walk was a pleasant one. you would think it would be cold, 17C after all, but it was not. really very pleasant even though the sun was not shining, the clouds were blocking it, but it was still quite bright.  i think because there was no wind. 

i went into the underground carpark underneath the sainsburys to emerge inside the store right next to the toilets so an easy route to the toilets. i found this route when it rained one time, and to escape it i ran into this underground cave like area to find that it is a great shortcut into the sainsburys above. that time there was no one at the gates, but this time there was a man,at the in gate. ( i wonder if they charge to park there, or is the charge offset by a sainsbury receipt. but he let me walk through, just greeting me. i greeted him back. 

i had all the shopping i need, so dont need to do any so did not bother to browse the shelves further into the sainsburys after my toilet but headed straight out and walked the rest of the way home.

there was a summary of august weather in the papers, and it seems it was a wet august and less sunny too. and it was making fun of the met office prediction that this summer will be hotter and drier than most, when it looks like this august may be the wettest for cornwall. the el nino effect it seems.

from personal experience i dont really notice that it was raining so much , not consciously, it might well have rained a lot but if i am not caught up in it at that moment, i wont notice it. and if i am indoors it is a strange thing, but unless i look out of the window i am not aware of it raining. i cannot hear it , the rain here is very quiet, unlike in malaysia where it does make a lot of noise, thunder and lightning and noisy roof, and noisy gush of water from the guttering.

to me it was a nice august , not too hot and no hay fever, because the rain washed out a lot of pollen from the air. 

a walk to bishop’s palace in fulham

3 Apr

london good friday 2015 6.43pm

i found a gay group that has walks of 2hrs, 4miles instead of the usual 10miles walks.

i was telling a guy i was chatting to at a gay meetup group that most walks are more than 8miles and they are too much for me; and he told me of this gay walking group that do 4miles walks. and that there is a walk in fulham this afternoon. so i went. and it turned out to be a pleasant walk from fulham to the river at putney bridge.

it is the start point of the oxford /cambridge boat race held annually with the boats going upriver. the 161st boat race is on 11april, next saturday.

when we saw the river on this walk, it was at full tide. the bishop’s palace was right by it and u can have tea there inside the palace, free entry, and can look at the rooms inside and the chapel, which i took some pictures of. it is very pleasant.

the rooms were overheated so we went out and sat at the garden outside. the day was cloudy but comfortable to be outdoors. the building protected the seating area from what wind there was. i have not been to this part of london before. so many people in the shops. even on this day good friday, a public holiday there were so many people about and the shops were open, esp all along the king’s road in chelsea, where the bus runs through on its way to fulham broadway. i thought how nice to see so many people about shopping and/or sitting outside the cafes , even though it was a grey day with no sunlight at all. but people still sat out. 

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another happy day

5 Nov


another happy day today. i was at the library and after reading the newspapers and getting online, i noticed a gadgets of simon’s dangling on the strap of my gymbag. i wonder how it got there. i have been carrying it precariously entangled on my strap all the way from my flat on the bus to here in this library and not even noticing it until now and only because it was hanging right in front of my face as if from nowhere. it certainly was not there when i was lifting my laptop out of the bag, yet here i see it right by the opening of the gymbag.

well, all i can say is i m glad my soul dont want me to lose it.

do u know what it is for? i have no idea. must ask simon. anyway i must tell him i have put it on the shelf instead of on the chair.

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i wonder what it is used for. added. he said it is his charger for the electronic cigarette.

it is simon’s stuff. he leaves it lying on the chair where i normally dump my bag whenever i get home. it must have got entangled in the strap of my gymbag. it could easily have dropped off anytime between my flat and the library and i would not be the wiser, and simon would be wondering where it went to, and asking me if i have seen it, and of course i would say no, even though without my knowing i would be the one to lose it. but thank my soul it did not happen.

i have noticed this happening with others too. i can only say their soul and ours do not want them to go through it. there was this woman who came on the bus and , this is quite a common thing, start to fumble in her bag to find the oyster card… and dropping first one glove than the other and not realising it began to walk further into the bus. but a passenger alerted her to first the one glove than the other. and i was thinking well there is at least two souls who dont want that loss to happen.

 though i was thinking that woman’s soul may want her to lose those gloves one day… by letting her keep that oyster card in the depths of her bag instead of in one of the side pockets where it would be easy for her to find it…or even use the card without need to take it out, as the reader can access the oyster through the bag.  this time she might not have lost those gloves but one day if she continues like that she will lose them. 

today i have added happiness, not only from not losing simon’s stuff, but also found a book to borrow in the library. it is lindsey davis, enemies at home.

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i do enjoy her crime novels set in ancient rome.

and then to top it all, i went to the waitrose branch near me and got a latte. and the walk back was very nice, through streaming sunlight filtered by the leaves and falling leaves. all the ingredients to make a happy feeling. oh yes, there is another thing. i had been having some pain in my left feet, so that it was painful to walk, which i realise was due to muscle spasm. so i took to stretching that muscle. i was stretching it whenever i could, at home, whilst waiting for the bus, and today it was fine. no more pain. and i could walk normally. well, being out of pain can really stretch your happiness i can tell you. haha. and no need for a survey to confirm it.