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warm spell now

21 Nov

london 8.40pm 13.9C been raining but stopped now. tuesday 2017

these few days it has been warm. hovering around 11C-14C practically all day , even night. it is due to a plume of warm weather that has moved up north from the atlantic ocean, covering the lower parts of england. it happens because the gulf stream has moved further north of the british isle. it will come down around friday when temp will plunge to the norm.

but as usual the weather forecast starts off by saying it is a miserable morning with rain… haha. they forgot to mention it is warm so not really as miserable as you would think, if u really are living under those rainy skies. the forecasts tend to use words like miserable , to describe the weather. it is very subjective and i would like if they dont use it. they should say it is a lovely wet day today feel the fresh day as rain clears the air  and decorate the leaves with dew drops. 

my friend in poole mentioned how his friend he was visiting has put up the central heating so high, he felt real uncomfortable with the heat, and even got a severe cold when he left but fortunately he said the cold lasted just one day, he took vitC, and he got well again.

i wonder why people got their thermostat so high. if u have to switch it on now, and it is really very early to do so, at least set the thermostat to 18C or lower. but this person is an old man, so it is quite possible he does not know where the controls are to set the thermostat. with these new computer operated boilers, it is perfectly feasible that no one knows how to operate it.

life is really very nice in london hope everyone is having such a nice life like mine.

yesterday i went to that free chicken burger offer in this pop up restaurant in a pub. we are so used to these things going smoothly so it was rather a reality check being reminded that not everyone can organise these things smoothly. the kitchen could not cope and they tell us there will be a half hour break before they can continue taking the orders. i decided to give it a miss and left. but i hope they will have learnt a bit and be more organised the rest of the week. they deserve A for good intentions. it is not easy for us to remember that it takes alot of organising to make these things go smoothly.

added. i am seeing on tv a program by ben fogle , new lives in the wild; talking with people who have chosen to live in isolated places. this one is a guy who wanted to build a hostel in a remote area of guatemala. it is really strange to see their lives and what made them do it. 


more ordinary days in london

17 Jun

I went out today to the library at around 1pm, and took my fleece hoodie. Outside I realised I may have taken the wrong clothing. It was warm. And I found myself thinking that is the difficulty of deciding how to dress on going out in uk.

These past few days it has been chilly, (due to the cold wind I think). Anyway, I have got used to wearing the fleece.

But today it is distinctly summery. There is a perceptible warm change in the air.

So when I left the gym, which I went to after the library, I got changed into shorts and t shirt after my shower and walk out in them. It was very cooling on the legs, which makes me wonder why women still wear pants on this day instead of skirts. They could wear them to keep cool. Men only can change to shorts. I read that a train company refused to allow the men to wear shorts to work, and so when the summer got hot, the men started wearing skirts and that was ok , it seems. Haha.

I happened to see the weather forecast in my laptop just now, and was surprised to see Wednesday is forecast to be 29C. I know they have been saying so last week that this week we will be getting high temperatures, but I have got so used to not believing them, that sometimes when they do get it right, I am surprised. But better not raise my hopes too high, or rather, the forecast is thunderstorms in Wednesday and so I would think that would cause a reduction in temperature. With any luck it wont come to that high a temperature. 29C is too uncomfortable really.

Still, Wednesday isn’t here yet, and I have often in the past been disappointed when their forecast did not come about.

So I don’t think I shall hold my breath for it. Haha.

Everything is very green around here. I think I shall be happy if the temperature just remains like today, about 21C.

Passed by some cherry trees and seeing small cherries on them. I wonder if we shall get cherries from those trees this summer. They were trees growing in a housing estate I pass by on the way to the gym, so might be worth while passing by them again in july or aug just in case they are edible cherries. It is very rare to get edible cherries. Practically all the cherry trees grown in London are ornamental and sterile.

I think because the fruits can be messy as they fall on the ground, if not harvested, and gets squashed on the ground.

I know a gingko biloba tree , one of 4 in Pimlico had been cut down and another grown in its place. It is the only female tree, and it sprouts a heavy load of fruits every year, and they stink and splatter on the ground all around the tree making it rather slippery. it’s a pity it is cut down, but I guess the residents who live there must be fed up with the smell and mess it makes.