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just a spectator of life

21 Nov

london 7pm 5C dry night wednesday 2018 18C in the flat

i am just a spectator of life now. i am housebound, and so the tv, and the internet is the only way i get to see what is happening in the world. or to get my entertainment. and between them they do a good job really. but not necessarily to my liking.

for eg, there is a watchdog program on tv now, about a woman having lost money ;taken from her account, the police believes her, but not her bank. so i suspect she gave the thief her account number or authorise the money transfer. nevermind if she thinks it is her bank, and not a fraudster. banks have always warned people against this, but there will always be some who continue to get fooled. but you can see why i get bored with this … there was also a report of  fetal germs in beer glasses. so there is plenty of things to see, but no guarantee that you will like it.

so i switch to another channel, this one about how britain had never been invaded… or so i think he said. though i can immediately remember the battle of hastings and the invasion of the normans and their taking over the whole english society. but no one seem to mind it. in fact the normans have so incorporated themselves into history that they are now identified as what make england.

dont keep up with the news now. so i dont miss not being able to go to the library to read the papers. i dont watch the news on tv, nor even go much into the online news. so even though i said earlier that i keep up with the news via tv and online, i dont really do it anymore at all. haha. 

i read books of course, but i only got one now at home. i have not finished it yet. all the others i have returned some time ago to the library and i am too housebound now to go to the library to borrow more.

i get more pleasure reading other people’s blogs. it is hit or miss, some are more interesting than others. so many programs which i like in the past i find i lost interest in now. a case in point is allthose property programs, buying flats houses in foreign countries , or europe. i have completely lost interest in them now. in fact it is wholesale, i have lost interest in all those travelogues , even those to europe, nevermind the rest of the world. and food progrms too. its a bit alarming in a way, this extensive lost of interest in these things. 

22.10.18 thursday 7.27am

found this article this morning, and it seems to be about that woman who got scammed in that watchdog program. here is the article link

i did not follow that program when it was on tv so did not know how she was scammed. it seems very sophisticated by the fraudster.