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council tax and water bill for 2020/21

16 Mar

london 12.05pm 11C sunny monday 2020

the bill came today for council tax £780.28. consisting of 

city of westminster 1.4% increase £407.65.

adult social care precept 2% increase £40.56

greater london authority 3.6%increase £332.07

total council tax 3.5%increase £780.28. £65.02 a month. mine is a band D property. here is to compare with last year’s. (£753.85). good to compare because i found out it has gone up by £100 since 2018. and most of it is for the  mayor of london’s office. 

water bill for 2020/21, £321.60 £26.80 a month


just to give an idea of what the monthly costs are for the other services, 

service charge for the flat £100  monthly. electricity £20 monthly. broadband/ telephone £20 monthly. total including the latest charges, = £230 a month. so this is baseline  cost of living in london in 2020. add to this cost of food, leisure, and one off repair costs. to me cost of food/household stuff is about £40 a month. i have no heating bills, nor transport costs. or rent/mortgage. 

looking at it, i am rather surprised at how cheap my base costs are. only £270 a month to live here in london in this present day in the 21st century. about £62 a week.

my water bill, and thoughts on relocating to another country

16 Feb

london 11.42am 11.9C cloudy saturday 2019

its the weekend, and i am still at home, when usually i would be heading towards the library to get my daily dose of the newspapers there. ah well, i have changed my habits a lot, compared to before when i would religiously head to the library. i seem to have gone off the news nowadays.

but anyway, i have been reading a blog about a lady who lives in singapore, and who moved to france to work , to follow her french boyfriend, and she was telling us about the problems with  bureaucracy in france in getting a skilled person’s visa for herself so she can work there. her company which she works for in singapore is applying it for her. but even so, she found it very frustrating as she went from appointment to appointment with various departments. even getting a bank account was difficult. and reading her account makes me realise it is something that all those brits who are thinking of moving to france after brexit, may have to consider very carefully. i think the biggest factor for her, is the language. she is not fluent in french, and that makes life really difficult for her. even simple things like grocery shopping becomes a big deal for her.

and i can well sympathise with her because i have seen visitors to london whose english is no good and they do struggle. the best example i see constantly is their dealings with the bus system. no one could understand them, nor they understand what is said. so they get confused at the payment system for buses here. no cash is accepted , so that is one hurdle for them. another of course is whether they are taking the right bus to where they want to go. and here all written instructions are in english, and no other language. so it is really tough if u cannot read english. i wonder how they feel when the bus is diverted and even the announcement by the driver of the new route is not even understandable to us english speakers nevermind those foreigners.

i got a letter in the post from the water company billing me for water for the next year. it is £316.91.  i have heard and read that it is going to be more, so i was quite relieved when i saw the amount. it is almost the same as last year’s bill.

but i am really glad i can read english. i was made aware of how much it impacts your life in a foreign country if u cannot read the language. that lady who moved to france told how everything she was given in writing was all in french. and everyone speaks french to her. of course she is well aware that it is normal … and why she should expect some of them to speak english is not reasonable of her;  but what can you do if u cannot read or speak it, it is just frustrating for everyone, yourself and the officials who have to deal with you.

it makes me realise that the single most important advise one can make to anyone thinking of moving to another country is this. consider carefully about relocating there if u dont speak or read the language. it is fun if u are a tourist visitng it, but long term stay, forget it!


water bill

19 Feb

london 9pm 11.1C drizzle. monday 2018 . its warm for sure, but forecast says from next monday will be freezing all day. we shall see if it is so.

i got my water bill for the next year. it is £316.05, consisting of water cost £172.07,  waste water cost £143.98 . i dont have a water metre. the flats in this block all share a common water tank for the bathroom and wc water supply that is why we cannot install individual water meters. anyway i put it here just so i can have a record of it to look back on in future. they calculate the cost depanding on how many adults and how many bedrooms your flat has. with us, it is 2bedrooms and two adults. 

we take water for granted here, but only when we have a drought and water is cut off that we really find out how important it is to have running water in constant supply. i think it is a modern luxury that not many appreciate. i am surprised there is never any religion which worships water or is based on it. water is life yet as far as i know there is no religion based on it. people worship fire but no one i know worships water. perhaps just as well, otherwise we will have all kinds of weird practises about water imposed on us in the name of that religion. 


water bill for april 2016-march 2017

5 Mar

london 11.55am saturday 2016

this bill came in the post today.

water £170.32

wastewater £143.42

total £313.74

last year it was £306.47. my flat shares water in the water tank for the bathroom and wc with all the others above and below me, so cannot have a meter installed for each flat.

it is based on my flat being a 2bed flat. it is to be paid in two equal installments on 1 april and 1 oct. of 156.87. the trouble came when i tried to log onto my online account and put in the wrong password. and have to reset it, and that means calling their phone number to give them a security code… and that number is busy. ah well, such is modern life.

my posting my water bill is just to provide a record so i can look back and see what it costs and how it has increased. it should not be taken as me being worried about paying these bills.

 these bills are to be expected, modern living means having these bills, and the pay back is that we get to use running water on demand, and very good water too, it is drinkable, so there is no need to filter it, or boil it and no need to buy bottled water. it is very cheap water;  when u consider the amount of bottled water u have saved not to mention all those plastic bottles to ruin the environment. i think having constant running water is a luxury. we can only appreciate it when/if we dont have it.

added 8.10pm i have called the helpline and got through and so my password has been reset and i can log on to my account now. it is ok now that i have written down the password for the telephone helpline. that is different from my online account, and at one time i was very confused which was which. they tell us not to write it down, but frankly if i dont write it down i shall forget and then there will be all kinds of complications. that is the biggest problem with these online and telephone communications. but i guess it is better than having to physically go to a bank branch and bring in passports and identification. i can imagine what will happen when i get too old for all this. i dont have children to take over and look after my affairs if ever i get too old for this.

it must be a big problem for all those who are old now.

just today i got a message from a guy in this gay website i frequent and he said he has no wifi. so we texted each other, (at last i can use the 250 free texts i am given by talk talk, and during our texting he tells me he is at his mother’s and she have no wifi. so i said oh doing your son duties because it is mother’s day? and he replied, she died last wednesday. and he is in the house clearing up her things. what a bummer, isn’t it? normally it would be a conversation killer, but since neither of us were cruising, we were able to chat on. he said she was 90yrs old. and that she refused treatment for her heart condition. well, my mother too decided the same way. so i can understand her reasons. 90 is a good age to go i think. it is hard for those left behind though.  but he said his mother settled her affairs so that side of it is taken care off, at least. he just have to clear her house of her things. he got a brother to help him. he is 61 according to his profile in the website.