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my induction stove went wrong and righted itself without any help.

16 May

lolondon 12.05pm 20C sunny tuesday 2017 thunderstorms forecast, but does not look likely here. rain would be good as they have predicted a drought.

yesterday i went to lidl’s to buy their special , £1.29 for 500mg minced beef. i bought 3 packs and split them up into two 250mg bits and frozed them, so i would have 6 portions. used to be these packs were sold for £1 each. normal lowest price now is £1.70 (tesco basic minced beef 20% fat). it seems so long ago that they were 50p each(15%fat). (actually it was about 2-3yrs ago)we shall never see those days again. haha. but that is life, prices just rise all the time. partly due to inflation, and also exchange rates with the £ drifting lower as the years go by. money is slowly losing its value, and this is all over the world, not just in uk.

yesterday also i was resigned to my induction stove being kaput. i boiled spaghetti and left it on the stew button and on the timer (that timer is so useful), and the water spilled over (which it tends to do esp if u put the lid on) and it must be quite a lot of water, because it the induction hob was sitting on a lake of water on  top of the conventional hob, where i put the induction stove. i did not realise it at the time, but it flooded the bottom of the induction stove and must have affected the fan, because it stopped heating up the pan once the fan stopped working. it did not heat up even though everything else seems to work.

so i told  simon about it when he came back from his mum’s, intending to ask him if his mum has a spare induction hob;  with news that his mum is finally going to sell her house in essex, (she does not live there, preferring to live with her boyfriend of many years in his house). they assessed the house as worth £400,000. it has 3bedrooms and end of terrace. simon grew up in it and has fond memories of it, as he says it is surrounded by the countryside, whilst still 10mins between two tube stations. such a low price i thought, but than it is only relative. living in central london i am rather used to high prices, as central london prices are so inflated it is quite unreal. i mean my own two bed flat here is £700,000. u have to admit it is quite unreal, when i bought it for £85,000 (though that was 25yrs ago).

the maintainance of the house is high, simon says, her water rates are £1000 a year. which surprised me because mine is about £340 and i am not on a meter. 

 but guess what, this morning, i saw it was used to cook something, by simon. he had a frying pan on it, with oil inside.  so  it works now, but how did that happen? what did simon do i wonder to get it working again. (he tells me he did nothing).

 when i switched it on, i can hear the fan working and everything seems to get back to normal. so i cooked my breakfast of two eggs, and mushrooms on it and quite happy to have it working again, because i am so used to the quick way it cook things, that i would feel a bit bereft if i have to go back to the electric  stove of my conventional hob.

that is the funny thing about electrical appliances. it goes wrong, but u just have to leave it for a bit, and it seems to right itself. well, i am rather glad it got better without me having to bring it to the store. and as usual, it has just passed its 1 yr guarantee. i looked back on my weblog, and saw i bought it 22april last year. in fact, i went looking for the receipt, but could not find it, so i could not claim the guarantee even if it is within the year… so just as well the stove righted itself. 



london’s weather is ideal

12 May

london 2.36pm 18C clouds/rain/sun friday 2017

its warm, but getting everything… rain, clouds, sun, haha. quite a nice day actually. we get a bit of everything but never so much that each outstays its welcome. to me, its ideal.

i have lived here in london many years now and it has gradually dawned on me that london has the best weather… i even  dare to say it has ideal weather,  because of a day like today, and what is more, it is nice all year round. its winters are very mild, summers are never swelteringly hot, and spring and autumn are so variable, they can go to extremes without it going off the scale. a cold spell in spring or autumn never gets to be a killer, nor if there is a hot spell, it is never that hot. when the headlines say there will be a heatwave, in spring… it means it goes up to 22C. haha and that is nothing really when places can get 40C as a daily temperature. i personally think temperatures in the 30s are unbearably hot, esp when they last for days on end.

i daresay this ideal weather in london can be said to apply to  the south of england too. though i dont have any personal experience of it. all those expats who travel the world searching for the ideal place may well find that in the end, the south of england is best.

what would u do on the hottest day of the year so far.

9 Apr

london 7.06pm 23C sunny sunday 2017. it  hit 24C an hour ago.

in london at least the forecast of it being highest temp for the year so far, was correct. when the wind is southerly it will bring it hot weather from the south. it happens and is not unusual, though the effect is rather dramatic for those of us who happen to live in its path like london today.

i guess there will be lots going out to the parks to soak the sun. even our little communal garden is having bodies lying around busy making vit D. haha. it is like making frantic hay whilst the sun shines, because they have all been warned that tomorrow it will all plunge by 10C  to the more normal 14C at this time of year.

as usual i buck the trend, i stayed indoors and avoided the sun and went to sleep actually at the hottest part of the day. i find it really a wonderful thing when the sun is so hot, to sleep. most spaniards know this, that is why they have their siesta at the hottest time of the day.

today being sunday it gives a lot of workers a chance to grab the sun, instead of being cooped up inside their offices or work place which normally they would be doing as it is quite rare that a hot day coincides with the weekend.

i seem to have got things in perspective nowadays and not go overboard with joy at days like this where it is warmer than usual. it works the other way too, i dont go all depressed and sad when the day is colder, or dark with rain. it all seems just what it is to me, just the weather really and no need to  imbue the weather with any  influence on your sense of well being or happiness.

it would not surprise me if u were to say there are people who would find this day, so hot, very depressing… after all , if u are going to let the weather affect you, you can and will make yourself depressed just because it is hot and sunny. 

this winter has been mild and dry

6 Mar

london 9.47am 7.8C sunny monday 2017

this latest report in the daily mail says this winter has been one of the mildest and driest. i noticed it was mild myself (though i did not notice it was drier than usual. i dont take much notice of the rain as i dont mind the rain and i like it to rain because it lifts the temperature up when it does.)  

and i recall i mentioned it was mild in passing in one of my posts recently. but i had thought it was just london. i am used to london being mild no matter what happens to the rest of the country. but if this report is right, it seems this winter was mild and dry for the rest of the uk as well. this winter is not only mild, but  is unusual for being so dry, as it seems it is more usual for it to be mild and wet. 

so the met office has been wrong (again) when it predicted this winter will be severe. this is the third year in succession that the winters has been mild. the met office should stop predicting long range weather as it is hopeless at it. i thought they said they wont do it anymore, but they recently installed a expensive new computer system, and thought they will chance it again. wrong again. back to the drawing board, fellas.

i really enjoy the winters here in london. and i do hope we get more mild winters so that it becomes the norm. but of course, i expect nature will bring in one severe winter , we are due for one.

who knows we might have a ferociously cold spring this year. snow in devon, anyone? it seems to me we are overdue for that one too.

we witter on about the weather here in uk, its a national pastime; and talking as if it is life and death if the winter is severe but really it seldom goes below -5C anyway… when u consider places like edmonton with -20C normally in their winter, you have to laugh at us really.

but it is a harmless pastime and is fun to do, so lets continue to do it. a good excuse to post lots of pictures of flowers in the sun.

the sun has moved round so that it shines into my flat now. so i have been getting lots of sunshine streaming  into the flat. 

is it cold where u are?

29 Nov

london 8.54am 2.9C sunny blue sky tuesday 2016

this morning is supposed to hit -1C in london so i was rather eagerly expecting it, but i had a look at the chart in the weatherwebsite and i see the lowest we (angel and farringdon) got was 0.9C at about 6.38am this morning.

well, i suspected as much in a way. it is really difficult for london to go as low as -1C. at least in central london where i am.

i had a look at crystal palace because it is always cold there it seems. the nearest reading for that area, (crystal palace itself have no reading strangely enough, maybe people felt it is on a hill so do not count, or no one lives there. haha. it is where all the masts for broadcasting tv and radio signals come from isn’t it?). the nearest is mitcham, kilmartin ave, and it is -2.8C now and got as low as -3.5C at 7.35am this morning. so it really is true that area is cold. i mean everywhere else the temperature is rapidly rising, but not mitcham.

actually i just realised my asking is it cold where u are is meaningless really. everyone will have their central heating on now so how would they know how cold it is outside. even myself , who must be the only one in london who dont have the heating on, dont feel cold. do any of us have indoors temperature gauges? i rely on a nhs thermometer, and that reads 18C now.

so we all rely on the weather website and how reliable is that? i ask you.

it is rather nice and fun to guess it and to have vicarious pleasure when we see it hit -3.5C. haha. and have a nice vicarious shiver at it.  especially as we dont experience the cold really, seeing we are all nice and cosy in our flats. and since i started writing this post the temperature has gone up to 4.9C now. so gone up by 2C as i write.

added 12.51pm 10.5C sunny . i went to the nearest pizza express and got those free snowball doughballs. i have to wait a bit , so it seems they prepare them fresh. came in a nice box and a sweet dip. there were 8 balls.

Digital StillCamera

they dont taste of anything. i should have expected that, after all that is what dough taste of. so it was necessary the sweet dip. 

i name thee storm angus . (no it is not game of thrones).

20 Nov

london 11.32am 7C cloudy/rain sunday 2016

We are supposed to be having storm angus now. first time i heard of a named storm in the south, since they started the fashion of naming the storms. if there have been names before for a storm in the south of england, i must have missed it. (whereas it has been so common in the north it ceases to be news) so i was rather curious to see it. but the reality is … nothing … its just a rainy night. if there was any wind, (well of course there should be if they call it a storm, right? ) i have not noticed it. and i live right in that area they say will get it. so what’s up? haha. nothing. is the answer.

i think it is the way commercial concerns impinge on what in the past is just a weather forecast. they just want to sex it up. or , i have a thought, maybe they want to make it more interesting for us to talk about the weather. haha. why not after all? we here in uk like to talk about the weather… so to bring in some variety , instead of just saying ‘isn’t it cold?’ , or’ its too hot’,(thought that one is seldom used haha). there is no answer to that except to agree with it, but say oh, storm angus! and every eye lights up…

anyway i went into the daily mail and saw this headline  angry angus hits uk. 

Angry Angus hits UK: Desperate scramble to save crew from a sinking ship in the English Channel as Britain is battered by 97mph winds, rain and FIRE as forecasters warn of ‘immediate danger to life’

  • Severe flood alerts warning of immediate danger to life and a major incident declared by police in Devon 
  • Hurricane-force winds of 97mph off the coast of Brighton, with waves five metres high battering shoreline
  • 2,000 homes without power as firefighters ‘struggled to stand’ battling fire fuelled by gale force wind
  • Temperatures plummeted to -9.8°C in Loch Glascarnoch, Saturday making it the coldest night of the season

even so  there is not enough weather in the south that they have to drag in loch glascarnoch. from the name i guess it must be somewhere up north.

this one made me laugh 

Gusts of 97mph have been recorded off the coast of Brighton, with waves five foot high forcing organisers to cancel a planned 10k race along the coast.

all that preliminary about 97mph winds, and then talk of puny 5 foot waves. before in the headlines they were talking of waves 5meters high. i wonder which is which. of course there might be both. haha. and there are 3 foot waves too. hehe.

and below it they show a picture of a wave hitting the land casting spray and by making it the foreground against a light house make it appear that it is towering over the lighthouse. hehe. oh, newspapers!! you have to admire them for their ingenuity in making mountains out of molehills. any headline just to grab attention.

i suppose we should be grateful that there have not been a storm so bad that people died. so better not wish for a bad storm that kills people. here in uk, we are fortunate that we can play with headlines instead of having the real thing. 


actually that one about the loch, saying it makes it the coldest night of the season. this chart for yesterday says -18C in cardiff and a lot of other places.

Yesterday’s Extremes

Country Highs Country Lows

sum mistake shorly?

weather talk

8 Nov

london 9.38am 6C tuesday 2016 sunny

its always fun to watch the weather. they have been saying we will be getting a cold winter, and i was kind of looking forward to it, as it will be a nice change from the mild winters we have been getting. a white christmas will be rather nice , i think, for a change. 

it was supposed to come down to 1C this morning. the reason being it was a cloudless night and temperatures plunges when there are no clouds. even now it is a cloudless blue sky i see outside my window. but the sun is rising so the temperature is rising as i write. the lowest it got was 4C in the early hours of this morning. so the 1C never did happen. at least where i live. it was lowest 3.8C last night. but looking at the graph i found out that it dipped to 1.8C at about 8am this morning. 

 that is about right, as i can corroborate that it did not feel cold last night. usually when it is about 1C the furniture is cold to the touch. and that is the only sign that it is so cold.

fortunately it never has happened that the air that i breathe out gets  frosted when i am in the flat. if that happens it will be real cold.

well, it is 9.50am now and the temperature has rosed 0.5C allready. i took a look at the charts for last night and saw it came down to 1.8C at  8.13am this morning. how strange i was up at around that time and i did not feel it that cold. just goes to show that if u are inside a flat, even without the heating on, it retains its heat somehow and is never as cold as it is outside.

the inside thermometer, a crude affair distributed by the nhs says 15C – discomfort and risk of respiratory illness. oh, it has just moved up to 18C – comfortable house temperature. so that is allright then. haha. i am saved!!

its a really lovely morning, air feels so crisp and fresh.

7:32 AM 1.8 °C 1.7 °C 99 % NE 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
7:40 AM 1.8 °C 1.7 °C 99 % North 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
7:45 AM 1.8 °C 1.7 °C 99 % North 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
7:48 AM 1.8 °C 1.7 °C 99 % NE 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
7:54 AM 1.8 °C 1.7 °C 99 % NW 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
7:55 AM 1.8 °C 1.7 °C 99 % NW 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
8:02 AM 1.9 °C 1.8 °C 99 % NE 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
8:03 AM 1.9 °C 1.8 °C 99 % NE 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
8:07 AM 1.9 °C 1.8 °C 99 % North 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
8:08 AM 1.9 °C 1.8 °C 99 % North 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
8:13 AM 1.8 °C 1.7 °C 99 % NE 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
8:15 AM 1.8 °C 1.7 °C 99 % NE 0 kph 0 kph 1001.6 hPa 0 mm 0 mm
8:19 AM 1.9 °C 1.8 °C 99 % North 0 kph 0 kph 1001.9 hPa 0 mm 0 mm

the pattern when it was the lowest temperature this morning. did not stay down there that long before the sun shot it up rapidly. it says 99% humidity… i dont feel it though.

Added 10.33am 7.2C saw this article about dolmio pasta sauce. their sales dropped drastically when they issued a warning not to eat their product more than once a week. i dont remember reading of that warning. but it is rather unusual for a company to tell its customers to restrict their eating of their products. i wonder why they dont advertise they will reduce the suger and salt that would be better surely than telling them not to buy. everyone should know that these bottled sauces are full of suger and salt and fat. it used to puzzle me why people buy them and now i see the public have finally got wised to them and stopped buying them. i wonder if they will get wise to curry sauces in bottles … those too are full of suger and salt and fat. but maybe one should not discourage people after all if businesses dont make money the economy will tank. so perhaps ask them to buy them once a week. haha. though it is so easy to make your own curry using curry powder.

but simon buys these various curry sauces, they have fancy names dopiaza, jalfrezi, korma, etc so i suppose it appeals to him, as he knows all these names from buying them at the indian takeaways.