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When your shopping isn’t quite what it seems… | Jools Oughtibridge

28 Mar

When your shopping isn’t quite what it seems… | Jools Oughtibridge.

i have often noticed an e next to the weight listed in some items, and thought it was some rule concocted by the EU. haha. but this post tells me e stands for estimate. and the actual weight can vary as much as 1.5% 9%.  so it means if u see that , go and weigh it to chose the one that weighs more. or at least to not chose those that weigh less.

reading it again, i am aghast to read that for small weights it can be allowed to vary as much as 9%!!! something labelled 50g e can weigh 45g. 

this is not the E numbers u see in the ingredients list to stand for preservatives and chemicals.

added. i took a can of mandarin segments in syrup, which i have in my store cupboard, it says net weight 312g e, drained weight 175g. and it weighed 400g on my scale. but it does not make for easy comparison. as the weight of the can can add to it. i guess the drained weight would be the one to compare.

which makes me ask the question how to compare when the weight of the can is not given. in some cases we just cannot make a meaningful comparison.

 i got a cambell soup can ( cream of mushroom), and it says 395g e, and when i weigh it, it is 400g. so how much of that weight is the can? it means there is less contents than the listed weight would suggest.  it is allowed 3% variant. it can be 11.85g less. and the first item on the ingredient list is water.  so the variant weight is just the amount of water. you are buying flavoured water. yet it tastes so nice haha.

i hasten to add i dont buy them. simon buys them as he uses it to make spaghetti sauce. it is a very easy and quick way to make a white type sauce for pasta is why. haha. i confess i like it when he makes it. he buys the condensed version so he can control the consistency of the sauce.