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18 Aug

london 9.21pm 15C dry sunday 2019

regent st was closed for a event, they do it about 4 times in sept, oct. they  close it to traffic and put in some kind of activity along its length. used to be in the past they put in vintage cars, and let people look at them, now it is food stalls, and cookery demonstrations, and a upcycling booth, with people sewing pieces of cloth. i arranged with ian to meet at the oxford circus end of regent st, giving him the what3words location, but he was no where to be seen when  i arrived at the meeting place and so i called him to find out where he was. he asked me what shop i was standing in front off… when we finally meet, he had to confess he did not read my email. he had just assumed if we cant find each other, that we will call up each other on the mobile phone and ask which shop we are standing in front of. and he thought we meet at 3pm, not 2.30pm, but lucky he was early that was why he was around when i arrived… so my effort to use that what3words website to pinpoint our meeting place was not successful.

we just strolled along regent st, to chinatown and wandered around the area. and chitchat along the way, and caught up with our news. saw a lot of chinese people queueing up at various shops in the area, which were selling bubble tea, or icecream or sweet dessert stuff… really puzzled us why these places are so popular with the chinese people,  to attract long queues like this. 


Why Do Guys Like MILFs? – ‘The Why’ – American News

21 Aug

Why Do Guys Like MILFs? – ‘The Why’ – American News.

you know, i have always thought MILF stands for mother in law fuck. it turns out that it stands for mom i like to fuck.

it did seem weird to me why these straight guys want to fuck their mother-in-law. haha. but then i just thought who can understand straight guys anyway. haha

i think it is just a collective word to refer to older women. ever since the graduate, the film came out every straight guy got permission to hanker after older women.

all those reasons given here for why they want to fuck mothers, makes them even more weird, if you ask me.  haha.