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finland want to give 800 euros to every adult citizen

22 Jan

london 9.07am friday 2016

when i first read it on 6dec 2015 in the independent, i  thought it was a joke. but it seems it really is going to happen. it will be decided on nov 2016, but this post on wordpress reader says it has support of all parties so it can be passed.  the actual post in capx cannot be found. i wonder why? if it happens it would be a sea change in the way we hand out welfare benefits. finland only have 5.4million. so it will cost 400 million euros. (£304million)(800euros = £576, x12= £6912 a year).  



The Finnish government plans to introduce the initiative this year, hoping to grant every adult citizen a monthly allowance of 800 euros, regardless of their income and situation. Whether rich or poor, each person will then be free to use this money as they see fit, based on the idea that each person, rich or poor, is responsible for their actions. If someone decides to spend their 800 euros on vodka, that is their decision, and has nothing to do with the government. In return this income implies the removal of most welfare services, which until now were granted by the government, based on income and obligatorily aimed at specific situations such as housing, children’s education and… property insulation.

live on £53 a week.

1 Apr

I read today in the newspapers that welfare minister Duncan smith said he can live on £53 a week.

This was in response to someone he met who told him that was what he had left over after rent and bills have been paid.

I am glad a politician will stand up and say so. It is easy to live on £53 a week.

In fact, I have been doing so for years and live on less than that. And i live well on that amount. 

The most I have spent on daily living expenses , (food and household expenses etc) is £60 a month. So able to save about £140 of that mythical £50 a week.

The papers are full of lament about the cutting down in size of the social benefits bill by introducing limits to what a person can get on welfare and scolding the govt for doing it. They are mistaken to blame the govt. the social bill is enormous. No country could let it go on like this, increasing continuously.

About time too. If u don’t have a limit u can have people living better on social welfare than working. It should be a safety net not a replacement for work.

Many of those commenting on the article seem very angry about it, and refuse to believe anyone can possibly live on so little. and they will say anyone who says so is lying. not realising that just because they cannot do it is more a sign of how they are failing.

Maybe that is it, no one who spends more now will admit that it can be done for it would then mean they are the ones who are failing. if others can live on less than £50 a week, why can’t they?

Total for last month March was £54.69

Meat £23.30 of which Chicken £9.81 Pork £13.49

Veg £14.48

Fish £1.75

Fruit £2.07

eggs 4.02

shrimp paste £2.95 the previous time i bought this was 6months ago.

milk powder £2.02 . 2x400mg packs. should last me 3months.

Added. 2.4.13 another article , this time interviewing various people who cannot live on it. one said she spent £23 a week on food and still cannot afford to buy meat. i wonder what she spent that amount on… something wrong with her buying. she needs one of those money gurus to teach her. there was a tv program about it, with one person going through a family’s budget and finding lots of savings that the family did not know about. people should see it to learn from it. there is a lot of wasteful buying . anyone who says they cannot afford it, i would say their buying is wasteful.