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some observations

9 Dec

london tuesday2014

prices are going up in the supermarkets as the christmas is coming.

yesterday i went to morrisons hoping to buy their £2.50/kg shoulder pork. but none to be had. just very large (4kg) pork joints for roasting costing £3.50/kg.

fresh turkey is now making their appearances. before you can only get frozen ones. but they are expensive partly because of the size of the turkey 4kg or more, but the price per kg is also high so that a bird can be £40.

morrisons have 3 for £1.50 deals on carrots, parsnips, potatoes, onions, brussels sprouts … all roasting accompaniments but it is very early to be buying them. i wonder if they will keep till people start roasting the turkey on christmas day which is 14days away.

i am glad i am not having a party so dont have to stock up on food. so far all the major supermarkets are open on boxing day. in the past they close for two days over christmas.

there is a live update on the bus services here. i use it to tell me when my bus is due and it was useful today because the c10 which i normally take to go to the library had a 20mins (it is really 28mins, really incredibly long delay between services, i wonder why?) gap between 9.12am and 9.40am.

such a long gap but being forewarned i was able to remain at home and do things rather than go and wait for ages at the bus stop; and when it came, two came at once. which is quite useful too as the bus would be too full otherwise. this live update of bus arrivals is very useful.

i see there is a new revamp of the wordpress page. i used to be upset whenever they changed but i am quite easy about these changes now. i think it is good for them to try things out and change things , it may take a bit of getting used to but it is usually an improvement.

i used to be a bit grumpy at them for changing things when it ain’t broke, but recently there have been changes to it and it has been better than before.

there was a bit in the news about a judge ruling that wheelchair users have no priority over prams. it’s a bit tough on the wheelchair users as they are the ones who have fought to have wheelchair access in buses and now the prams users have usurped their hard fought gains. i wonder if a person using a sedgeway or one of the new type self propelling machines can get on the bus with it. maybe not because even an electric wheelchair is not allowed on the bus. for now, invalids will have to wait for the next bus if the first bus is full with prams. i have noticed there seem to be a lot of parents with prams nowadays, at least on the c10 which i take often.

i think my chrome book blocks pop up adverts. certainly i dont get them, though the newspapers are getting wise to it and incorporate their adverts inside the pages of the website. it can be very panic making when the video comes on at full volume, esp when i am in the library. quite irritating too… and no way of getting rid of it. though somehow i seem to have hit the mute button and now they appear but silently. though i read here that there is software you can download that blocks ads. i wonder if they block these adverts within the body of the articles. 

update 12.12.14 i spoke too soon about the rise in prices, veg are still cheap, aldi just published their 6 veg specials for 49p each. and all the christmas dinner veg are represented. yesterday sainsburys was offering half price for all the meats. so prices are lower than last year.

i read that pork is cheap because of the russian embargo. and veg will be in glut because of good harvests. 

i got pork leg joints for £3/kg. at sainsburys which is a good price. the only problem is they dont stock a lot of 2kg packs. perhaps it is the festive season so they concentrate on big packs like 4kg or more. i managed to get the last one of the 2kg pack at sainsburys yesterday. i cut them up into 4 portions and freeze them. my preference is for the shoulder pork, but none to be had, or in aldi, they cost only slightly less than the leg pork. shoulder pork has a more even distribution of fat within the lean bits so are more tasty. for those in the know very lean pork (or any meat really) are not so tasty