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15 Oct


i wonder if i am getting old but i think not, i think it is this library , trying to make me think i am losing my mind and getting old. 

this morning i am at the library and i could not find the usual library network to get online.

i see others and they seem to be online, though it is hard to tell as many may just be working offline. i could ask them but i did not want to do so. in a library i am reluctant to talk to other people as i like quiet.

anyway i went to the desk to ask them and at first the receptionist thought i was talking of the computers in the library which u can use, saying they work ok; only later she realised i was talking of the wifi. how strange, i would have thought she would immediately know that any puzzled query about the internet will be about this new change in network name.

I have been coming to the library to get online for  a long time and have only yesterday logged on using the old network.  for her not to realise that anyone approaching the desk complaining of it will be from this change makes me wonder what kind of people they have working for the library.

i have been using this network everyday and today is the first time i see this change. and there has been no notice pinned up in a prominent place or on the desks in the reading room to tell us of it. it was only when she realised what i was about that she gave me a leaflet telling me how to get online. 

all this reminds me of a post by someone who found an error in the official answer to the maths question in an exam. the answer was wrong, so that her child who gave the right answer was marked wrong. it can really destroy someone’s confidence if u do that. it’s the same with old people.

if u hide their things or move it about, you can really make them think they are losing their mind when they return to where they left it and it is not there. so all you people out there, dont move an old person’s things at all. leave them exactly where u find them. dont think u are doing them a favour by tidying up after them.

anyway after a roundabout route , so different from the previous one, i finally got online in the library.

i suppose it gives me something to write about. haha.

the man has come to test my tap water again. i was very reluctant to let him as the water board did not tell me of it. well, this time it better be negative, or i shall kick up a stink that the man was doing the test wrong. he was wiping with a cloth where the water comes out of the tap. that is not really very sterile, i did not question him when he did it, but now i have a think it seems most peculiar. why contaminate the tap before taking the water? i hope my soul will put an end to it and that the test comes out negative. 

been watching crime tv programs. this one called grantchester is about a vicar who solves murder in his parish. i know it is fiction, and the writer must make people do things like kill someone for some very small reason as far as i can see, otherwise there wont be a novel will there? but it just makes me think their souls just want to make their lives difficult. 


29 Jul


i just saw a video about how if u use free wifi when you are out and about, your movements are tracked and the information is used by whoever sets up the wifi to find out about what u like and to push adverts that you like your way. it says it is a bad thing to do. but is it?

maybe i am mistaken but to me it is a good tradeoff. i get free wifi, and you get info about my movements or rather about my gadgets movements, which is not the same thing because i could lend my gadget to someone else and their movements will be tracked.

also, if they can send me stuff that i like, i would welcome it. for eg, if they find out i like freebies, maybe they will send me vouchers to redeem free drinks or food, which they will know i like. haha.

better than they sending me spam , which i define as anything that is not of interest to me.  it is a win -win situation, dont you think? they get my business and i get to find out things that i like.

whether i follow up on the adverts sent to me is entirely within my control, and that is something they can never take away… so what is the harm in letting them know about my likes and dislikes. right?

All those who say our privacy is breached, seem to go on the assumption that we are so weak willed we will fall for everything they send our way and buy it. like we are robots or something.

maybe there are some people like that, but i should think most of us can say no.

or if u are one of those who cannot, you better shape up and start learning to say no, or u shall be end up being ‘eaten’ in this city jungle. 

the unknown unknowns

28 Jul

london monday 2014

I myself have seen it in others. someone who is so clueless that they do not know what they have missed and unlikely to regret it, so oblivious are they to what they have missed. Well, just now that happened to me. i was the clueless one. haha. 

If you can recall, or rather you wont, so i shall remind you. long ago, talk talk offerred a free wifi router, which they said is the best in the world. or something like that.  it was just after my own router had its adaptor kaput, and i was able to get a second hand one in a market stall in walthamstow, all by a strange coincidence.

Anyway, at that time, when i tried to install that new router, i could not get connected to the internet with it.

my laptop can latch onto it via wifi, but for some reason i cannot get online. So i thought it was defective, or something in my old laptop was defective, which is more likely as simon’s laptop was able to work fine with it.

since mine could not work with it, i have to continue using my old router which is not very powerful.

 so simon working in the kitchen, (and it does not work in the bedroom either) had to use a physical line connection to get online. 

But just now, i decided to change my old router and install that new one. I figured maybe my new chromebook would be able to get it working.

It turned out not the fault of the laptop, it was me not knowing how to connect it to my phone line…And when  i figured out why it wont connect to the internet, it worked fine.

Anyway it works well now and is so powerful that i can get a signal even in the kitchen, and a very powerful signal too.

so there u have it, something that i was not even aware of having, so did not miss it, but now i have got it, i realise it is a vast improvement on what i was used to before.

i wonder if life is like that, a series of improvements and opportunities whose time has come and so i get it, but think how many other improvements i have not got because they never came to my awareness… i shall never know i have missed them, and who knows what they might have given to my life or what changes of direction my life would have led, and i would be in a different place now if that were so.

that is why i do believe we have many universes and there are many of  me out there now enjoying things that are v different to what i am enjoying now.

i am on the bus and blogging

16 Jul


I have read that central london is wired with free wifi , but this is the first time i am finding out that it is true.

I am on the bus 24, on the top deck and going through trafalgar square, and now approaching tottenham court road, and my chromebook has got onto  the free ‘wifi-here’ (that’s the name)  and after a few details , like asking me for my mobile phone number so they can send me a code, and to fill out some details of myself, i suppose so no one is anonymous and can be contacted , (they did say they will be sending me adverts to my mobile ) , i got online. rather nice, dont you think?

interesting, when i hit to send, it could not do so, saying an error occurred and to refresh. and i see there is no signal. the bus is right under the centre point tower so that might explain no signal. it looks like the free wifi is not north of tottenham crt road.

Added 2.33pm. I am now at trafalgar square, sitting on the steps of st martin in the fields church, and i found that what i have to click on is ’02wifi’, it seems it is in quite a lot of cafes, coffee houses, and i think i may be using one from one of the eating places around here. maybe it is broadcast by the cafe in the church, or pret nearby.

I was in soho square earlier, and there was no wifi there that i could get. there were lots of office workers sitting on the grass in soho square, eating their lunch.

there was one guy there in shorts and shirtless and barefoot, who looks like he is a traveller, very bronzed and tanned with short cropped hair. his space being encroached on by the lunching workers and him unable to lie down with outstretched bare feet on the grass.  

oh, a chinese guy just walked by with bright blue hair. !!

anyway let me post this and see if it will do so. i suspect it will as there is a signal.

added. it was bright sunshine in trafalgar square, though i was in the shade cast by the porch of the church. at first i could not see images on the screen on my chromebook but i brightened it, and it got legible. it is the first time i used it outdoors and it is perfectly comfortable to work on the screen. 

discipline your mind

6 Dec

The talk talk wifi box was delivered very early yesterday, 5.12.13 at about 8.40am. Rather glad of it otherwise it wont be able to be delivered as I was going to my passport office to renew my passport. It is done every 5yrs.

I had a really pleasant experience doing it. In and out of the place and back within the hour and half.

The photos were done in house, too, which saves having to get my photos from the photo booths in the railway station.
In fact, I will go there if ever I need id photos done. It costs £5 for a set of 4.

The wifi box works for simon’s laptop but not for mine. For some reason, I could link to the wifi but it wont link to the internet.

Luckily the old net gear wifi I got still works for me.
I tried to call talk talk on their help line, but even at 7am today, it was very busy so I put the phone down as I was only told it is very busy and there was no time given as to how long I will wait. I don’t need to use the new talk talk wifi as I can get online already using my old net gear box.

The new one is only good for simon, as he can get a signal in the kitchen. With the net gear wifi he has to come into the living room to catch a signal but once he got it, he can go back to the kitchen.

So really there is not much advantage to this new talk talk. Even less as it does not seem to connect me to the internet.

Well, as you can see, my life is quite easy… not much excitement, thank goodness.

You might say winning the year membership to the tate is quite exciting… I am happy to get it, but then again, it wont devastate me not to get it.

There are plenty of things in this life which is nice to have but not necessary to my happiness. I am happy with or without them.

I have been reading I am a cat, by soseki natsume,
‘If some mountain range blocks our free passage to a neighboring country, we do not seek to flatten the mountain, to restructure the natural order. Instead we work out some arrangement under which the need to visit that neighbouring country no longer arises’.

‘Nobody however mighty , can do as he likes with the world… but any man is able to do as he likes with his own mind.

I think that might explain why there is so much depression nowadays. Few are ‘prepared to undergo the disciplines that lead to control of the mind, you would never even hear the racket kicked up by those graceless imps at the Hall…

The writer has been getting angrier and angrier with kids from a nearby school making lots of noise and invading his garden to retrieve their balls.

You can train the mind not to heed those things that irritates, in fact, if u are very good at it, u don’t even notice it at all to get irritated by it.

I think that is how I deal with things… and I have on hindsight realise I am quite good at it. Haha.


it is the adaptor

23 Oct

I was discussing the wifi problem with simon yesterday, and we decided that it is likely to be the adaptor’s fault, rather than the wifi box itself.
So I put the dead adaptor in my bag so that I can get another one like it. Not sure where to go, as I don’t know what stores sell these things.

Anyway, today I joined a group on an outing to William morris house in Walthamstow, and after seeing it, I decided to leave the group to browse the market at Walthamstow.

And there I saw a stall selling used plugs and adaptors and I showed him mine, and asked him if he can test it as I am not sure if it is working or not. He asked me what I was using it for, and I said it was for my wifi, which suddenly kaput, and he said it is likely to be the adaptor’s fault.

He spent quite some time rummaging through all the adaptors in the box and found an identical one, it even have the net gear brand on it, so I bought it for £5 and hope that it will do the trick.

Well, I have just plugged it in and my wifi lit up and I am online now. Great isn’t it? It saves me a lot more money than having to replace the net gear wifi broadband box.

I wonder whether adaptors can be repaired? It would be good to repair my old one and recycle it.

Anyway, I have been pulling the plug off the socket to disconnect every time I finish using the laptop, which might explain why it went kaput; so now I decided I shall put it in a socket with a switch, that I can switch off. Maybe pulling it off the socket while it is still on is not a good idea…

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