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15 Jan

london 7.52pm 8C dry wednesday 2020

this is the window display near the chelsea sports centre, lots of bling, and through their doorway i can see those fur coats. i wonder if they are real fur or fake ones. nowadays with the dislike of killing animals for sport or their fur, not many want to wear real fur anymore.

all that bling in the window is very attractive, and easily catches my eye. so even to me who is not that interested it has drawn my attention.

no wonder people are drawn to bright and sparkling objects, we are like magpies.

but going down the high road, chelsea, practically all the shops are advertising huge reductions and final reductions… it must be that time of year when shops are having their winter sales. it used to be people look forward to this, but i dont see any of the long queues for the first day of the sales nowadays. old timers like me can remember the excitement of those sales, but it is a long time ago, long before the internet came. i have never seen any ladies wearing those coats which i see through the shop window of this store. in fact, most times we see people wear duvet like coats. so how come i never see anyone wearing those fake fur coats. it would be nice to see them actually on people and see how they hang on real people instead of on mannequins. 

added 2.51pm thurs 16.1.20. i just realised why i dont see any person wearing those coats, those i see on the mannequins in that store. it is likely to be very expensive coats, and people who can afford them will most probably go everywhere in their cars, and dont really need such warm coats as they nip out from their cars into the hotels or restaurants that they frequent. they are not the kind of person to be walking the high st haha or travelling on the buses. 

coffee and cake

22 Feb

london 12.26pm 12.3C cloudy wednesday 2017

this morning i was reminded that i still have a voucher for free cake and coffee/tea at john lewis oxford st store. so i decided to go to the marylebone library instead of the local ones,as it is a short walk from there to the store.

well i took the bus, as it does not entail a tube change , and anyway today is a tube strike. i suppose i shall be reading of all those office workers stranded at the station later today. but around midday, the roads were relatively quiet.

i got a cheese cake, which is what i wanted. they are not as sweet as a cake.

i think it is lovely to be able to just come here and relax and just enjoy the fun of people watching and also to browse the shop and look at the stuff.

i used to do a lot of window shopping in the past. even in those days i dont have the urge to buy stuff, so my window shopping trips never end up with me spending loads of money buying unnecessary things.  to those who cannot resist i would not recommend they do this. but it is a very enjoyable way to spend some leisure time. now of course everytime i see something, my immediate reaction if i like it is to wonder whether i can find one like it in the recycling bins… haha. hehee.

in the past , at one stage of my life, i would wonder if i can find it in a charity shop. now i want it free or not at all. like this lovely fleece jacket that i found in the recycling area. it is a brand called guise. it is a large size, but great for me as a house coat. or if simon wants to wear it he can too. it has a very luxurious feel. 




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banoffee cheesecake.