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window cleaning spring clean

27 Mar

london 7.37pm 11.9C dry sunset 7.25pm. tuesday 2018

i forgot about sunset is so late, so that when i went to sleep at about 4.30pm it was still very bright and when i woke at 6pm, and it was still bright. it felt weird when woke up and i drew the curtains and saw how bright it was outside.

and when i looked outside just now it was twilight and the sky was lighter, rather than the pitch black you get in the tropics. and when i looked up in the weather website what time sunset was today, i was surprised that it has only just set… i  was still thinking sunset was about 6.25pm, the old time. 

i cleaned my windows earlier today so looking out , it was through clean windows . it is lovely to see the world looking so clean. haha.

yesterday,  my upstairs neighbour was ahead of me as we  came back at about the same time.

as we approach the entrance to our flats in the block. i saw she paused and turned round to me to point out to me  a fox outside the door to our flats. it was quite plump looking, which is good, because i have seen a fox once, quite some time ago, and it looked very scrawny. poor thing. it is not often we see a fox around here, far less one in broad daylight and so daring.  it was sitting just outside the door to the communal entrance. on seeing us, it walked off in the opposite direction and disappeared round the corner. 

anyway as we were climbing up to the flat,  and she mentioning how nice the day was, i said it does mean the grime in my window is more apparent now. and she mentioned she had a cleaner , an elderly man who comes to clean the windows from inside her flat, but he seem to have taken a runner. she had not seen him this year.  i was surprised to hear her say he cleaned from inside the flat.

i thought he might have a ladder or long handled brush to clean them from the outside. i have seen it being done by someone else on some other flats, some other time. the man was on the ground level, and holds a long handled brush and  the brush had a water supply coming out of it, the hose being connected to a water tap, which allows water to drip out and so wash the windows. 

it is quite a contortion to clean from inside. i remember in the past when i did it,  it was quite a chore. and cannot imagine an elderly person would be able to do it. 

so today,i just decided to clean the windows. i still have memories of how difficult it can be cleaning the middle panes…that is why i have not done them for 3 yrs. 

but this time, i sprayed 3 of the windows all together at one go, and then wiped them all together with the same newspaper page. so that was done very quickly, and follow up that with another scrunched up page to wipe  off all the smears and those panes of glass  were done. so with this new way of doing them, i finished them off very quickly and it was not such a strain on me… hmm, if it is so easy to do, i might do them more often actually. i have not cleaned my windows for 2 or 3 years,  and this is the first time… mainly because the memory i had  was that it was so difficult. and that was when i was 3 years younger… i figured with everything getting harder as i age, it must be real difficult to do now. but surprisingly, my change of tactic seem to make the job quicker and easier. though i did notice the newspapers seem to make my hands go black with newsprint. i dont remember them being so black last time… but then 3 yrs is a long time to remember.

or maybe i used the quality newspapers, rather than the metro free newspaper i used this time. but whatever, newspapers are perfect for cleaning windows. but it seems the strategy is to find a way to do them quick, the quicker the better and less strain for me. 

do u like to make your life difficult? use windows

9 Mar

london 8.59am 12.8C sunny thursday 2017

simon has a windows laptop and he is getting trouble connecting to the home wifi router. my friend who uses a apple laptop, and i , using a chromebook have no trouble connecting to it, but he is .

his laptop has forgotten the password to connect to my router and have connected to another person’s router in the same building. how that can happen when he have not got that person’s password is a mystery. though i suspect he is not really connected because he cannot get onto the internet with it.

maybe i am wrong to blame it all on windows. but it is a fact that ever since i stopped using windows, i have no trouble with gaining access to the internet. no virus to bother about. so that whenever i get telephone calls from people with foreign accents telling me i got a virus in my computer and telling me what to do, i can tell them i got a chrome book so no need and put the phone down on them. it saves a lot of bother.

i would say to anyone who dont want to bother with all that virus and stuff, just get a chromebook. make your life simpler why dont you. unless u are the type who wants to make your life difficult, than carry on using windows. 

added. 12.26 sunny 14.4C looking out onto a bright calm blue sky sunny day makes me wonder why people want to live permanently on a yacht and sail all over the world. this thought came to me because i read this article about a couple who were rescued from their yacht during rough seas when their rudder broke . they have been living life on the sea for 7yrs and this thing happen to them. they were sailing in the southern hemisphere where it is summer, so you would think those storms associated with winter wont happen. but of course there are no rules that say winter storms wont happen in summer haha… i guess even if they are not getting too old for it, (they are very experienced sailors so they will be ok), their yacht is getting past it. even if u maintain it in tiptop condition there is no guarantee that your new rudder wont break, the sea can be very strong and break things even if it is new.

it makes me think… i have been living in this flat for 25yrs and hardly need to worry about maintaining it in tiptop condition. this is because there are other people whose job it is to worry about those things. haha. that is the beauty of living in a  flat as opposed to a house. (all those who are growing old in a house now, might seriously consider downsizing to a flat. it is much warmer than a house for one thing. )

 unlike a yacht where u have to otherwise this kind of thing happens.living life dangerously. it does not appeal to me. and having to rely on a piece of floating ‘coffin’ does not appeal to me actually. but i guess it takes all sorts to make a world.

i know everyone says to live u must experience everything. hence people make up bucket lists and lists on things u must do before u die… but to me i only want to experience nice things and even then not all of them; i dont mind if i dont ever experience those bothersome/nasty things. 


windows 10 upgrade pulled

25 Nov

london 7.22am wednesday 2015 8.2C cloudy

this story about windows 10 having to cancel its november update (does it upgrade every month? or is it just a reference to this upgrade. how many times now have windows 10 upgraded since it first came into existence, does anyone know?)because when u do it on a windows 10 computer , it does not remember your privacy settings and bring them all back to the default setting.

it makes me realise that the way windows operate is not the way to go. everytime it has to update it has to persuade each individual to allow it.

that is a very bad way to do business. unlike chrome that do it all in the background so that the end user dont even know it and does not require his permission to upgrade. and chrome upgrades centrally which does not affect any settings that the user has selected. 

i can see someone might be shaking his head and muttering ‘you fool’, chrome is able to dig out all your data and use it and there is nothing u can do about it. he is right of course. 

in the end, i think it comes to this question of  how much u want to give them for the free use of their facillities. and with chrome it seems the answer is ‘ it is everything’. haha. 

another item is this.. that for android users , it seems google can override the controls and allow remote snooping if asked to do so by the govt.

this is useful to detect terrorists, but privacy fears have made google encrypt the device that have lollipop (android whatsist number 5)installed. so even if the govt insists google allow them access to that phone , no one can read the encrypted stuff.

maybe with the terrorist factor coming into prominence, we might have to accept that allowing surveillance is not a bad thing after all. but perhaps u disagree. i wonder if that means we will have to accept being bombed and shot at like in paris as a price of keeping our privacy.

even then there is no guarantee that even if we invade everyone’s privacy that we can detect  the terrorists amongst the huge amount of data to wade through. it would be like finding a needle in a  haystack. though i can think of one situation when it can be useful , for eg, finding the mobile phone of a terrorist who  has committed an assault on the public and be able to search through that phone to find out info about his contacts. 

added. interesting this

By default Windows 10 Home is allowed to control your bandwidth usage, install any software it wants whenever it wants (without providing detailed information on what these updates do), display ads in the Start Menu (currently it has been limited to app advertisements), send your hardware details and any changes you make to Microsoft and even log your browser history and keystrokes which the Windows End User Licence Agreement (EULA) states you allow Microsoft to use for analysis.

how to get online, use a old laptop or buy a new smartphone cheap?

21 Oct

london 8.38pm wednesday 2015 15.1C (so warm isn’t it?)

its been more than a year (1 year 5months to be exact) since i gave up my windows laptop and gone to chrome book and i have forgotten how weird the windows can be. it was a frightening excursion into the past, for me. bring back all the old memories of horror i felt in the old days.

i promised my friend to give him the old laptop, so i went in to delete all my stuff so that he can have it on a clean slate.

the laptop is very slow. and for some reason i could not get online. it wont let me type in the password of my wifi. ah well, i guess i shall ask my friend whether he can find a computer person to fix it for him, if he wants to go to that trouble. or just not bother and maybe in future try to get a smart phone, which will answer the main purpose … to get email. nowadays is it possible to get a cheap smartphone? and how cheap is cheap?

a nokia C5 £40 to buy outright,( not a monthly payment plan)is the cheapest i can find on google. 

it is possible to use a smart phone and get onto free wifi and get email that way. no need to buy a monthly data plan. so if that nokia can allow him to get online, it might be better to just buy that for £40. what say you? he is coming to my place to stay for 5days while here in london, and we shall see. he is not very computer savvy, so maybe even a smartphone may be too difficult for him. who knows. or he might not bother at all and just make and get calls on his mobile phone like he had done always and have been happy with it all this time.

the end of internet explorer

18 Mar

london wednesday 2015

it seems microsoft is dropping the name and cooking up a new name for its web browser when it introduces the new windows operating system (the so called windows 10, skipping windows 9 haha) later this year. i suppose those of us who use internet explorer when we first used a computer will have some nostalgia for it, but i think we also have moved on , like me, and have left it behind. in my case i defected to chrome. haha.

i think the thought of moving on to windows 8 if i buy another windows lalptop did it for me.

now i am so used to starting up and closing down so quickly, with my chrome laptop, i cannot imagine putting up with the slowness of windows ever again.