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naked bike ride london 2013

9 Jun

We had the naked bike ride in London yesterday.
The one day in the year when u can be naked in the centre of London in public and not get arrested. Haha.

Again, we were lucky to get very good weather. The day before and today, it is dull and cloudy. But the day of the ride it dawned bright and sunny and stayed that way all day.

There was a breeze though, so it did feel chilly when we rode in shadow.

This year, there were many feeder routes and not just one, so it was not so big a crowd at the marble arch starting point. That is the most central of all the feeder starting points, so that was the one my friends from new Zealand and john and I joined.

As usual, the photographers were crowding us, but I guess that is par for the course. Haha.

There was a delay in starting as they did not heed any of the shouted instructions to clear the way. Of course, the cyclists colluded at the delay, in that they could just move their bikes forward and hit the photographers ,accidentally on purpose, and that would move them without even having to say anything. Haha.
Perhaps the organisers would use that tactic next time.

But so many of us really are in no hurry to move , we just like the excuse to hang around and naked.

The batch of riders I was with left so late that when we arrived at the strand, it was already 4.30pm, so I think that was why the decision was made to skip the st paul route and cut across to Lincoln inn fields.

I was surprised when they directed us up to it, but rather glad to skip the st paul’s route. It is a very long ride to go there and back.

It was fun because of that, and the loo stop in Lincoln inns field was welcomed and rather nice… there were kids and families sitting in the field in the middle of the square at Lincoln inn fields, and they must have been surprised at this influx of naked people invading their square.

Lots of cocks galore throughout the ride . haha.

I arrived at the Wellington arch at about 5.30pm. And it was still sunny so we were able to linger there for a bit. But it got chilly at about 6pm, so john and I decided to ride back, rather than wait for the others.

With such a large crowd it was difficult to meet up with the others, even if they have arrived at the arch.

I think it a lot of fun to join in this once a year. Not sure it would be that interesting if it were to take place more often.
Today, the ride is on in brighton, but I think they wont have such nice weather for it.

Many people will post pics of the event, this one is a video and i think shows a good take on it.