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i am glad i dont have women in my life

8 Mar

london 10.31am 7.7C cloudy thursday 2018


i slept really early last night at about 8.30pm. i find i do that after my circuit training… it is lovely to be able to fall asleep whenever i like. by sleeping so early it means i wake up at about 1am… that is no big deal for me but i guess if u are working the next day you wont like it. i just went online till about 6am, then went back to sleep and woke about 9.30am.

my friend from florida, usa has come to visit me for a month or so. he came yesterday at about 11am . and slept right through the day and night. jet lag i think.

he was here about the same time last year, and it reminded me that it was the time i fractured my foot too. so a year have gone by. we are all gay so have lovely pleasant lives… haha.

i figured it is because we dont have women in our lives. life is very simple when u dont have them in your life. i think. in the film my fair lady, the professor higgins  character sang of it, giving all the reasons why… i agree with him. haha. being gay makes it easy to do without women in my life. so i am glad to be gay.

i can imagine it must be difficult to avoid women if you are straight.that is  if u really want to avoid them. like they said, cant do without them, cant do with them. haha.

i see it in videos of other men having problems with the women in their lives, usually falsely accused of rape. but in my own experience i can see my own brothers having problems with their wives, usually nagging , making them do things just so they dont lose face, that kind of thing.

i saw a video this morning about israeli men having huge problems being falsely accused of rape by israeli women, because there the law specifically states they wont prosecute women who falsify evidence in rape accusations. its got so bad, that many men marry foreigners rather than israeli women. i could not help thinking when i was seeing that video that israel would be lovely for lesbians, all those beautiful women around, and so independant and the law and society positively discriminating for them. if i were a lesbian it would be paradise surely. i am sure there must be a large proportion of lesbians in israel. 

though it might be difficult to find work, because the men as so scared now they try not to hire women it seems. the video mentioned offices where they are all men. how do they get away with that, i wonder, because they must have laws that make sure the business has a quota for women surely… or is there a way to work round that. when the video ended, there were more videos thrown up by utube, and i saw one saying dr seuss books are racist…. hmm, what is going on really. people are reinterpreting everything…

added. 12.33pm 8C i am so surprised to read this article about snow and what not up north. like a different world. at first i thought it might have been a old article,but it was published this morning today. 

here in london it is very mild. the lowest was 6C yet in that article i see they were saying it is 1C in the south. someone is lying. and i know it is not me. haha. ah well, serves them right for living up north.

a makeup remover app

16 Nov

london 11.49pm 8.5C been raining but stop now. thursday 2017

there is an eyemakeup remover app, that really shows women without their makeup and it is quite revealing. the most striking effect is round the eyes… the makeup makes the eyes look great on the women, but wipe it off, and they all look very washup. their eyes look piggy, and small. if anything it shows how great makeup is. it can transform a woman…

men dominates in hairdressing and fashion

30 Nov

london 7.06am 0.5C (ooh, it has been gradually going down from 1.1C since i woke up at about 6am. we might get to 0C ) wednesday 2016

i had been talking about my friend, the hairdresser, who had gone old but still going strong as a hairdresser to his female clients who have stuck to him for all these years. and i read this article in the dailymail just now about how woman love their hairdressers and stayed with them for 20-30yrs. of course u wont get all women to like men hairdressers, and there was one eg given, bel mooney, but majority of them seem to prefer men hairdressers.

such loyalty seems to be peculiarly exclusively female… don’t you think? i cannot imagine a man being so loyal to his barber . if we stay with that barber it is because he knows what we want and so we dont have to say it everytime we go to a haircut with him. maybe because men style is very straightforward and any barber should be able to replicate that whilst it seems women are more particular about how they want their hair done, so they stick to that someone who can do it the way they want. and women also likes to change styles, and they would like someone they trust who knows their mind to do that.

with us men, we expect any barber to know his job, and to cut our hair. most men’s styles are basic, anyway… at least when i look at the illustrations in the window of a barber shop, there seem to be only about what? 5 distinct styles? illustrated , if that. maybe even less. mine is always short (zero cut)back and sides.  and i think that is another thing about us men, i think we stick to one style and stay with it forever. unless our thinning hair forces us to change. haha. 

and the women did say they would not trust their hair to a female hairdresser.

it is strange now i come to think of it, that men seem to have dominated such a field as this. it’s a bit like designer fashion in clothes, men seem to dominate there too dressing women.

 added. 7.54am 0.7C. (it went down to 0.3C but has gone up now, and the sun is out so i guess we wont be seeing anything like minus 0C ).

saw another article by the daily mail about families bingeing on credit and getting into  debt. average debt per household is £7,300.

i am puzzled why they are getting agitated about that. granted,if u are that  individual who is in debt it is not a good thing for you, (but it is your choice to get into debt. no one is putting a gun to your head to spend spend spend, right?) but collectively the nation benefits from all this spending. the economy runs on this willingness by people in uk to borrow and spend.

so why is it a bad thing? i dont think it is a bad thing at all. i myself am thrifty but i know i am not the kind of person that makes a country prosperous… no, i would not like to have too many of me in the country. haha.

and we can see it in japan, where there are lots of people there who are like me, and that country is stagnating. in a way it is good, inflation is close to zero, and prices are stable and low. and there are no new businesses and so old businesses continue and hang around for years. and with the same old prices too.  quite comforting to an old person really because everything stays the same year in year out…and nothing changes in the village. but for the young it is a death knell. no jobs to be had at all. 

added 9.02am 4.1C sunny blue sky. saw this article in the guardian 

For instance, the tagging of cows for automatic milking machines, so that the cows can choose when to milk themselves. Cows went from being milked twice a day to being milked three to six times a day, which is great for the farm’s productivity and results in happier cows, but it’s also faintly disquieting that the technology makes clear to us the desires of cows – making them visible in ways they weren’t before.

very interesting. the cows were fed as well as being milked. so i wonder if that may be a big factor in getting them to go to the milking shed. it might be urge to relieve the full udder is not that compelling to the cow as wanting to get food. haha. there is a similarity to all those humans going to shops to buy things with their cards. the pleasure of acquiring things, might be equated with the pleasure of food in the cows. 


free food, and a tale of woe

16 Aug

london 12.58pm 22.1C sunny tuesday 2016

i was at the library this morning and a timeout magazine was stuck between the pages of the daily mirror newspaper. so i got to read it, it came out today.

and i saw a entry saying free sandwich given out by this place,cure and cut, in seven dials, covent gdn. it starts at 12pm, so i went there and there was not much of a queue. only two people and i found out that they are the same couple who i saw at the bodean free ribs lunch. and at the free breakfast at hoxten square. haha.

this sandwich is made of some very salty pastrami , and there was cheese too, between two slices of bread and the whole thing toasted.

there was no queue at all, it might be no one knows of it as it is only today that the timeout came out, but this promotion continues tomorrow, where he gives away another 50 sandwiches . so tomorrow might be a busier time.

the couple told me if i want more free food, there is a promotion down the road by shake shack, giving away free hamburgers.

but i got chatting to a guy who got his free sandwich, and ask me if it is pork or beef. i did not know… so he asked the couple who said it was beef. turned out he can eat beef, not pork. but he said he wont eat the cheese as it is so salty… and he mentioned he was working once at a well known chain sandwich firm, and saw the workers there putting in so much salt.

he is so particular about eating salt, that he did not eat the other half of the sandwich. so he is even more disciplined than me. i would eat the other half, as i dont like to waste food.

i told him the salt is the one that stop me buying food from outside… so i only eat them when it is free.

though even then, i did not go to the shake shack to get the free hamburger…

we chatted about his marriage to a moroccan woman, he brought her to uk from morocco, had 2children by her, she brought over her father , who continuously say morocco is better, ( one wonders why he came to uk then, maybe the daughter told him to. not realising that to him morocco is best and that he would be happier if he had remained in morocco.   now he is forever missing morocco. so  all you children who think u know best for your parents and bring them here, you are not doing them any favours…)

and he was telling me how he lost everything when his wife suddenly turned against him and got him evicted from the council flat he had, (in sloane square too, he is damn lucky to get a council flat in sloane square), lost now to his wife who kept the kids too and cut him out of their lives, while he still have to pay maintainance to the child benefit agency. all in all, a sorry tale of woe.

there has been a hooha from feminists asking that a conservative MP be suspended from parliament , because in a conference speech he said the justice laws are biased against men, and that feminists want to have their cake and  eat it. he was only speaking the truth and this chap’s woeful tale  is just one illustration of how men get the worse end of the stick. here is a transcript of his speech.

 chatting to him and hearing his tale of woe i told him i am right glad i am gay and have nothing to do with women, because from all that i hear, they are toxic. 

what is showing now in the vue cinema in leicester square. i confess i am only attracted to it by the big central poster of zac effron.haha.

misusing the word harassment.

30 Aug


 i saw this article by daisy buchanan ‘i am tired of being kind to creepy men in order to stay safe’;.  in the guardian but did not read it.

but just recently i read this by mike buchanan, (no relation) titled daisy daisy, highlighting it amongst other things. and gave a link to the spectator article parodying daisy’s article. it is really funny. 

but having read daisy’s article, i find i agree with the spectator writer. the woman seem delusional, seeing harassment where there was none. at first i thought daisy was writing it tongue in cheek to show how women misuse the word , harassment, and to misconstrue behaviour and by that, they frighten themselves needlessly. but it seems she really believes these actions to be frightening. and that means many women are like her, seeing sinister things in quite ordinary actions. if widespread, it bodes ill for future men-women interactions. 

A call for a 50:50 quota for male and female medical students in Pakistan | Justice for Men & Boys

28 Aug

Source: A call for a 50:50 quota for male and female medical students in Pakistan | Justice for Men & Boys

this is an increasingly common problem , not only in pakistan. it is also happening in uk. people might say pakistan has socially unique situations, being a muslim country and family comes first , but in uk, the female doctors are also leaving the profession to get married or wishing to do parttime.

it is not a problem due to culture but a problem innate in the women. they just dont like to work all their lives ( actually who would, haha. i think i would also give up work if i can find a husband who can earn enough for both of us; it is quite a logical wish, who wants to work all their lives when the husband can earn enough. and most of them do marry well, being doctors gives a huge boost to a woman’s marriage prospect.

if they can get married and have kids they prefer to stop work or do parttime.

it seems to me, women have the option to stop work and so no need to work for life;

unlike men, who are more career oriented because they have to be, no rich woman to pay for them.

here in uk there is not that muslim culture where women are expected to give up work to look after husband and children. (and from what i hear and read, the women in pakistan themselves dont mind and prefer it, rather than continue working. ) and yet it happens the same way in uk.

in uk none of that applies, but yet we are getting shortages of doctors because of women volunteering to leave the profession once they got married and have children.

for the university to ask that there is a 50;50 intake of medical students shows how desperate they feel the situation has become. so much money spent on the women doctors and they dont stick to it for life.

seems a lot of wasted money. not to mention the severe shortage of doctors even after all that money spent training them.

the uk laments that there is so many immigrants and foreigners (8million it seems) come to work here. but without them the country would not be able to function. in fact, one can argue that the uk is stealing all the trained people from other countries that need them , developing countries that can ill afford to have their trained people leaving the country to work abroad.

The Biggest Question of All: are you a Feminist, or are you Not?

26 Aug

The Biggest Question of All: are you a Feminist, or are you Not?.

most of those shouting for or against feminism have not defined what it is…

he says if u pick and chose , separating the good stuff from the bad, he says the good stuff will have allready be categorised elsewhere… and it is true when you think about it.

so does it mean the bad stuff is feminism? if so, does it mean feminism boils down to ‘we support other women, right or wrong’.

feminism is just ‘women should stick up for each other.  so nevermind the facts, between two views, and advantages, a feminist will side with the woman’s view, right or wrong does not matter’. that would be a clear and lucid definition of feminism.

but i find his questions are very pin point accurate in helping an undecided person get clearer on whether he supports feminism or not.

of course, we gay men, tend not to bother with it, and steer clear of the debate, as we think it is a straight men and women thing. is it rape or consent? for some obscure reason neither seem to get clear signals about consent. what is the matter with them?  that kind of thing. can’t they speak , and mean what they say?

or on divorcing, they are both fighting over the same cake, alimony, children, the dog, the house, etc… for which any sane gay man will avoid like the plague.

interestingly have i got it wrong or do i get the impression  gay women seem very closely involved with it. maybe i am wrong? am i?

actually if i were a gay woman, i would be well advised to get into it, and get involved.

why would it attract gay women? because if they want to increase their sphere of influence and see advantages for them it would be advantageous for them to have more feminism and clear the men from their world. they must dream of a world where they wont be pestered by men being around and taking up space. haha.


Worldwide singlesmap. Find best location for a romantic partner based on age, height, weight and cost of living preferences.

20 Mar

Worldwide singlesmap. Find best location for a romantic partner based on age, height, weight and cost of living preferences..

what is surprising to me is that malaysia have more women than men. it is one of the few countries that have more women than men. 93men to every 100women. singapore 99men to every 100women.

nepal, mexico, hongkong , sri lanka, ireland, are others with less men, that catch my attention.

though just because there  are more women than men, may not mean it is easier to find women for a straight guy. haha.

the uk has 104men to every 100women.

westminster 95women to every 100men.

london 75women to 100men. (this is a surprising figure to me)

speaking for myself, i find there are lots of gay guys in london but how much of that is due to so fewer women than men?

i think the ratio of men:women is not really very indicative of what is happening.

as usual , one should take statistics with a pinch of salt; the statistics dont mention how many men from the outlying areas comes into the city for their night life. nor how many of the women are lesbians. haha.

added. 23.3.15. i just now saw a tv program about india’s frontier railways, talking of the line that joins nepal to india and saying so many of the young men in nepal have gone abroad to work. nepal main export is its people. and i wonder whether all those countries where there are less men than women are ones that export its men. 


Why it’s a terrible idea for women to shave their faces – HITC Lifestyle

11 Feb

Why it’s a terrible idea for women to shave their faces – HITC Lifestyle.

i first saw the daily mail article depicting a woman with shaving cream on her face and a razor poised on it. but did not think anything of it, nor did i read that article, until this morning i read this article. so was that dailymail article advocating that women shave? how strange haha.

dont they know that shaving will start u on the road of no return? from the start u will be doomed to shave for ever till you die.

though that might be better than having to exfoliate for ever till you die for women. i did not realise that women keep their hairless look by artificial means, and to think that here i am, thinking it is all natural. haha.

women shave their legs too. what a revelation, and what the heck, they are like men. i think women should exfoliate their legs. shaving will make their legs bristle. not a nice feeling to rub against that woman’s leg and get that sandpaper feel. urg.

but that is me, what do i know huh? a gay man!! not that i will want to find out for myself. no thanks!

do all you straight men really like the feel of sandpaper legs?

war of the sexes

15 Jan

london thurs 2015

a new party seeking election to parliament. i did not know there was one like this, until i read the passnotes in the guardian. j4mb for justice for men and boys.

i am neutral on this, as being gay i dont really bother with all the grouse that straight men and straight women always blame on each other; this war of the sexes, males and females have been at each others throats have been going on throughout history… in the past men have won, but now i think women are winning

their articles about why women lie about being rape is very interesting. that they lie is obvious even to me who dont know much about women. and come to think of it, why should we be surprised… women are human beings too and we human beings lie and believe our lies too and refuse to believe we are lying as a result. that is just very human. it is the human condition. 

feminists and those who defend women do not do themselves any good by refusing to acknowledge that some of their sisters are bad and by not acknowledging it they do a disservice to the genuine cases.