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curioser and curioser

21 Mar

london saturday 2015

wordpress is quite exciting in that it throws up new things happening in regards to posting things on the blog.

take for eg today.

i click that post button, intending to write something and i got this curious configuration, whereby this post box is minimised so that there was only a slit of a space to write and what is more, i cannot write any further than the space .in the past, the words scroll down and i can continue writing further down.

i left it alone and waited thinking it is another of their updates that glitched the system  and they will find it and correct it. but it didn’t.

than while i was fiddling with it,something happened , i cannot remember what i hit, to made me realise it is because i have selected zoom of 125% to view that page. usuallly i have set a 125% zoom to view all the pages.

so that was the cause of it . why it should start giving trouble now, when i have been having it on 125% for ages, is maybe something they have just got to fixing now.

 it is the 125%setting of the page that caused the whole thing to enlarge and fall out of the page;  so i brought it back to the default 100% size, and lo and behold. i can see the whole post box now. and so i am writing this.

but if i dont hit that paragraph selection and select ‘heading 2’, this is what it looks like. the font is so small . it is just too small for me. i can hardly read it it is that small. maybe they want us to use this font size all the time, as it might use up less broadband width.

and it only gets this big when i select ‘heading 2’ . i dont know how other people see this post. do they see one even size or does it vary in size. 

added. after i posted the above, a notification came up saying i have made my 500th post. i started this blog on 26oct 2012. so it’s about 2.5yrs. about 912days.

i do like all this puzzling things happening. it is very satisfying when i figure it out and can solve it. i suppose it would be different and i would be really frustrated like so many bloggers when their wordpress start acting up if i cannot solve it; but if u take it as a game it can be rather fun. 

i dont know i like it until i got it

13 Mar

london friday 13, 2015

the reason for this title is my experience with talk talk. i have scorned it when they first offered a package of a youview box for £7.50 a month. i thought what is the use of it to me, i allready got a freeview box that enables me to see the tv programs free. what i did not realise was that the youview box allowed me to view in high definition.

and i only realised that HD is such a good thing  only because simon bought a HD tv screen one january on a sales. and so i have a tv that can take HD. so it looks like to take advantage of these technology u need to have certain things fall into place… broadband is not of use to you if u dont have a laptop. and then all those gadgets come into play as the facillities for them expand. and they are life enhancing so much so that now i cannot imagine a life without my chromebook and the internet and free wifi and unlimited broadband. and now i want HD tv hehehe. it really is a big difference watching a program, especially films and nature programs on high definition.simon tells me watching football on the big hd screen is much better, he said u can see every blade of grass…i have a feeling he wants that , that is why he bought the HD tv screen. 

now i got a mobile phone with a low tariff for calls and text i find i would love to chat with others. But i find i dont have many friends to email or text to let them know of my new mobile number.

i have made several attempts to send them an email about it, but keep stopping myself from telling them as i argued that if they really wanted to contact me they have my email and my landline, so the mobile number is not really that important.

the fact that none of them write to me or call me on my landline is due to me not keeping in touch. that is one of the things about being a recluse. u dont want to contact others, and so naturally they too stop contacting you. i believe in that saying, no news is good news, that is why i dont really want to hear from them, as to me that means bad news. i guess it is my upbringing, when i am growing up, we so seldom use the phone, so that anything comes over the phone is likely to be bad news… 

well after writing the above, i decided i will send them the email after all, telling them of my new mobile number, for their records if nothing else so they dont hang on to the old number.

after all just because people dont keep in touch does not mean anything these days. if u believe in the saying , no news is good news, than really not hearing from someone is a good thing. haha.

 my address book is full of their crossed out mobile numbers so that sometimes i get confused which is the currant one now. many of them are on facebook but i just cannot get excited about facebook and getting posts alerts from facebook about everyone’s doings. 

 but just as well i dont have any friends who like to talk on the phone. otherwise my £20 top up will soon be used up.

times like these when i do wish i have a group of people i can call up to chat. i actually do have two, so maybe i should call them more often and chat on my landline, seeing i get free calls on it. but the reality is it can get a bit boring chatting on the same things…

i have a feeling that when people always say they are lonely and want others to chat to,  they really mean they want people who just want to listen to them, and to agree with them. haha. that is why writing a blog is so great, u can say things, and there is no one to disagree with you. or if they do u can erase them. haha.

i noticed a new thing with wordpress when i opened this posting. the format has changed. the stuff  for eg categories , tags, etc  is shifted from the right column to the left now, and the heading is on top and separated by a lot of space from the actual space to write the post. not a good change, because the big space between the topic and the body of the post is quite a big space and u have to scroll a long way down to get to it. ah well, maybe they want to make the categories and tags etc more prominent so people will use them.

i am not going to make a fuss about it, haha. in the past i would lament at them, but nowadays i dont know if i would like it or not, these changes. my natural inclination , esp now i am getting older, is to dislike change,because i always suspect any changes, esp in health will be for the worst;  but i also realise that changes can be for the better too, like all these internet stuff has made me realise they can be better and not all changes are bad. 

wordpress review

30 Dec


I am sure everyone here in wordpress must have got the annual report compiled specifically for their blog.

it is a very interesting read and i have been compared to a san francisco cable car. haha. it just goes to show how small is my readership.

it is a kind way of putting it, saying the car takes 60 people so it would take 38 journeys to take all those people who viewed my blog. and they highlight the most popular posts but dont call it highlights of their year. That way it won’t bring up someone’s post of the death of their daughter like facebook did.

I have often felt rather ambiguous about the ‘like’ button. it seems weird to press the like button when someone is posting about a disaster or death , either a personal one or the world’s. 

i see others being compared to the sydney opera house, and one to the louvre. i wonder are there any higher comparisons and to what? i would like to know. 

but i guess the very small and the very big wont be putting up their report for show.

i am sure plenty of us dont mind about the numbers reading our blogs. after all we write it for ourselves. it is a great way for us to write anything we like without feeling that every post must be a masterpiece of great writing. and it is a great feeling when someone else comments and contributes to the post either to add to it or just to chat. 

some observations

9 Dec

london tuesday2014

prices are going up in the supermarkets as the christmas is coming.

yesterday i went to morrisons hoping to buy their £2.50/kg shoulder pork. but none to be had. just very large (4kg) pork joints for roasting costing £3.50/kg.

fresh turkey is now making their appearances. before you can only get frozen ones. but they are expensive partly because of the size of the turkey 4kg or more, but the price per kg is also high so that a bird can be £40.

morrisons have 3 for £1.50 deals on carrots, parsnips, potatoes, onions, brussels sprouts … all roasting accompaniments but it is very early to be buying them. i wonder if they will keep till people start roasting the turkey on christmas day which is 14days away.

i am glad i am not having a party so dont have to stock up on food. so far all the major supermarkets are open on boxing day. in the past they close for two days over christmas.

there is a live update on the bus services here. i use it to tell me when my bus is due and it was useful today because the c10 which i normally take to go to the library had a 20mins (it is really 28mins, really incredibly long delay between services, i wonder why?) gap between 9.12am and 9.40am.

such a long gap but being forewarned i was able to remain at home and do things rather than go and wait for ages at the bus stop; and when it came, two came at once. which is quite useful too as the bus would be too full otherwise. this live update of bus arrivals is very useful.

i see there is a new revamp of the wordpress page. i used to be upset whenever they changed but i am quite easy about these changes now. i think it is good for them to try things out and change things , it may take a bit of getting used to but it is usually an improvement.

i used to be a bit grumpy at them for changing things when it ain’t broke, but recently there have been changes to it and it has been better than before.

there was a bit in the news about a judge ruling that wheelchair users have no priority over prams. it’s a bit tough on the wheelchair users as they are the ones who have fought to have wheelchair access in buses and now the prams users have usurped their hard fought gains. i wonder if a person using a sedgeway or one of the new type self propelling machines can get on the bus with it. maybe not because even an electric wheelchair is not allowed on the bus. for now, invalids will have to wait for the next bus if the first bus is full with prams. i have noticed there seem to be a lot of parents with prams nowadays, at least on the c10 which i take often.

i think my chrome book blocks pop up adverts. certainly i dont get them, though the newspapers are getting wise to it and incorporate their adverts inside the pages of the website. it can be very panic making when the video comes on at full volume, esp when i am in the library. quite irritating too… and no way of getting rid of it. though somehow i seem to have hit the mute button and now they appear but silently. though i read here that there is software you can download that blocks ads. i wonder if they block these adverts within the body of the articles. 

update 12.12.14 i spoke too soon about the rise in prices, veg are still cheap, aldi just published their 6 veg specials for 49p each. and all the christmas dinner veg are represented. yesterday sainsburys was offering half price for all the meats. so prices are lower than last year.

i read that pork is cheap because of the russian embargo. and veg will be in glut because of good harvests. 

i got pork leg joints for £3/kg. at sainsburys which is a good price. the only problem is they dont stock a lot of 2kg packs. perhaps it is the festive season so they concentrate on big packs like 4kg or more. i managed to get the last one of the 2kg pack at sainsburys yesterday. i cut them up into 4 portions and freeze them. my preference is for the shoulder pork, but none to be had, or in aldi, they cost only slightly less than the leg pork. shoulder pork has a more even distribution of fat within the lean bits so are more tasty. for those in the know very lean pork (or any meat really) are not so tasty 

all these tv gadgets

30 Aug


I have been using something called heading 2 to enlarge the text in my wordpress posts. but it seems it is not a good thing to do , something related to seo(search engine optimisation). but i am not too bothered with improving the visibility of my blog so i shall continue to use it. unless someone can tell me how to increase the size of the text in another way.

 renard warned me of it, when i made a comment on his blog about the new editor in wordpress that has replaced the classic mode.

even now, on the wordpress posting page i still can see a box on the right hand corner saying you can go back to that classic mode if u want to, but i am so used to the new editor and i like it better now. it brings up this realisation in me and i bet in many others, judgeing from so many at wordpress dont like the new editor, that we dont like change.

that brings me to the big change that i have found myself committed to in my tv. 

I have just had a tv man come this morning to set it up. it is the youview box by talk talk. apart from the disruption that he brought me by changing the appointment from 12pm-3pm, to 10.15am without telling me. i was at the library and luckily had my mobile on, and he called to say he was at the door. he said he will come back 20mins later so that i had to hurry back.

he said he left a message on my telephone machine. but when i got back, having to curtail what i was doing , i found no message on my phone.

when he finally arrived, he showed me the number he was given and it was a wrong number. i was rather miffed and told him u should not have changed without actually getting hold of me on the phone and asking my permission.  

that is not the only thing that is dubious about him.

he took a look round my flat and straightaway told me i had to pay for a box, which he pointed out to me, without opening it and telling me what it does. he said i will be billed £17 in my monthly bill. i was furious and said they did not tell me about this. Then he opened the instruction manual that he had with him to a page showing the iplayer etc that i can get and asked me if i want it. i said no because i dont want it, only simon did. so he said ok, no need to pay. 

this is the size of text if i dont use that heading 2. too damn small if u ask me. 

he then just plugged the youview box to the tv, and that was it. i said what is the point of asking u to come here,warning me to keep the appointment or i will be charged,  threatening me  £50 penalty if i failed to let you in, and insisting it must be me, rather than anyone else, when all you do is plug in the box. any fool can do that. Then he said you wont be connected to the internet. i said why, isn’t that the whole idea? he then pointed to the page with the iplayer etc and said well you are the one who did not want that.  i said it is because i dont want to pay £17 for that box you mentioned.

you wont be connected to the internet he said.  he said i am not going to bother to put up the wire all round, and he pointed to my hall, to connect to the router. that was when i said why bother , when u could just take the cable under the carpet … and that was when he changed his tune and said i will connect you then. and he went out and returned with a long cable to slot in the tv and one end and the router at the other. all because he thought at first he had to string the cable all round the hall to get to the router. he was willing to not give me what he was supposed to do. 

imagine this guy is willing to go away without doing what his job is contracted to do, that is set up the box and get me connected to the internet. if i had not objected he would have gone away and i would be fucked. i think this guy is really not doing his job. 

i read the booklet and it said if i dont use the internet connection to get iplayer etc via the router  i will have to return the box and most probably get charged for all the appointment not to mention it would negate any advantage of the monthly cost that i have contracted for with talk talk. (now i come to think of it, how would they know if i had used it? does it mean i got to order something within 90days?)

later i asked him about the box for which i have to pay £17 for. 

it seems to me he was really remiss… trying to force me to buy a gadget in that box, most probably a wireless connection, just so he dont have to wire the cable along the floor and over the doorway to get to the router as he should normally have done. no wonder the talk talk people said it might take an hour… they did not reckon on the workers themselves not willing to do it. it is a bother i know. but these guys are charging the talk talk network £50 to come and do it. talk talk could save themselves a lot of money if they just send it by post, but i guess it is quite possible that many of us would not know how to sync the tv to the router.

he did it, god knows what buttons he pressed, the tv did a blink or two, and he just said right you are ok now. so i guess that is a good reason to have him do it instead of ourselves. 

but after he left, i just felt oh dear another gadget to learn how to use… i forgot to ask him and phoned him to ask can i unplug the youview box without destroying all his programs and having to do the button magic he did. he said it is ok to unplug it , it wont affect the program. so thankgoodness i can unplug it. all these gadgets just means more electricity being used if u ask me. 

now you can understand why we dont like changes in wordpress. it means a lot of bother at first getting used to it, though i have to confess once that is over it is easier and nicer to use; so i guess that may be what will happen with this new tv gadget. i know simon will like it, as he likes to watch iplayer and catch up on football or bbc programs. and i guess i shall get used to it too as this viewbox allows me to catch up on old programs and so late night movies which i want to watch but am too sleepy to stay up late for , i can see it the next morning. 

but i think i wont mind if i keep to the old ways, it is so simple before. so what if i dont get to see old programs later, it is not that important. 

i pay very little for all this. i got a special deal from talk talk. in fact if not for it, i would not bother and was actually intending to goback to their basic package , just broadband only. it costs usually £3.50but u can get it for £1.75 a month for 6months on a 1yr contract. 

but now i got £1.77 a month and get all this , a free you view box , installation(free to me), free local calls, etc; though i was a bit confused and committed myself to renew my yearly line rental paying the full price of £178, and getting only £15 off. when i have been paying £120 before.

ah well, that fellow over the phone must be a high flyer to be able to get me to agree to it. and he gets the commission i am sure.

i am committed to pay all-in £15 a month for a year. i shall carry on till it expires and then get out of it. as i figure it is quite ok for a year to pay for the you view box. just for simon’s sake really. i dont think it is worth the full price of £8.50 a month. 





a sunny day in london

3 Jul


 really sunny day today so i went to oxford st and selfridges and tried out the new way of posting pics. pity i could not do it like this guy here who seem to be able to post pics with the original size. 

with the pics here i was hoping they would make it one frame and have the pics run like a slide show. instead they open another window and show the pics oneby one , without any way of making it run like a slideshow and there is no way of enlarging the pics to their original size.

Added I have found the help page that tells me how to do the slide. as for the size, i think i shall have to take a really large size pic and post it and see if it will keep its original size. as usual when there is a change in format, users get upset because they dont know how to use it and it is human to  blame the new design instead of themselves for not troubling to find out how to do it. i can understand why users dont want to learn new ways to do things, because it is a lot of bother. haha.  


a new format for posts

2 Jul


Sigh, the buggers are tinkering again. The side bar looks different. And it opens on the ‘text’ section, so i was thoroughly confused until i happen to just clik on the ‘visual’ box and thankgoodness the usual logos came up. one thing i would love them to change is to put capital letters on the first word of every sentence. that would be useful but that is not what i will get. 

added. i am not the only one confused by it. link

I was about to talk of these emails offering vouchers i get from amazon local cut price to events and restaurants. i have been getting these emails ever since i signed up to amazon’s kindle free books. so i guess it is a small price to pay for that. haha. some of the offers are rather tempting.

£19 for two people in a italian restaurant in the city of london for 2courses and from their menu 2 courses consisting of pasta and mains can be worth double if not more. (i think the menu a la carte prices are ridiculously high no wonder they have to entice people with vouchers. in fact, because vouchers are now the normal way for people to eat out, those without vouchers are subsidising those with.  i think if i were the kind of person who likes to eat out i would be tempted but luckily i am not a ‘lady who lunches’ haha. 

from experience, the final bill will be more, as u will have to include drinks and service charge and i guess the restaurant will hope u order wine that will double the cost immediately.

wine must the biggest con of all, where the restaurant dont even have to prepare the wine, just open the cork and pour it out and they can charge more than the meal itself.

but i guess that is business right? they must cover the overheads and make a huge profit otherwise it isnot worthwhile.

no one forces u to buy the wine , u can drink water a nd it would be just as good. these offers ensures people come to the restaurant, and increase footfall. that is the single most important consideration for any business.  

I would say to anyone who likes to eat out, these vouchers are rather good value for money. there is another one for a chinese restaurant in leicester square, £23 for a set menu for two people including wine. and the menu looks good. i wonder if vouchers like these are quite common nowadays and it is only me who have found out now. i know people use groupons, but they can be rather a hit or miss and have a limited time offer, whilst these vouchers from amazon local are unlimited and not depand on how many buy them.

I am not a person who likes to eat out, and even i am tempted.

trouble with wordpress

30 Nov

I have trouble posting and editing my wordpress blog, and I thought I was the only one, but I posted one entry in their forum and a kind member gave me a link to another post, which though closed gave me another link, to another forum, and that one is an active one. It seems there are lots of people in the uk, and only in the uk it seems,  having this problem too. Some said it is not only talk talk customers, but other internet providers too.

WordPress says it is talk talk’s fault, but I can access blogs who are not in wordpress, so I think this is a wordpress problem. Maybe it all began when they changed the reader, because in the reader they make it possible to read the blogs without getting into the blogs at all. This will affect the readers statistics to those blogs, and we know how obsessed some of these bloggers are to their numbers and so I bet they are blocking the wordpress reader from reading outside their blog. And I think that might rebound to wordpress being blocked even to its members.

That is my theory anyway to this … it seems it happened a few months ago, and I wonder if that coincided with the first time the wordpress reader was tweaked to the new program.

Now I am going to post this, but wonder if it will try to do so for a long time, and then say the app is currently unreachable, as it has been doing.

some memorable posts in wordpress (to me anyway)

20 Mar

I woke up this morning with 3 posts in wordpress blogs running around in my head. They are exceptionally vivid.

So I thought I shall collect them together in this post.

A very frank account of the conversation between two guys who have broken up and the offender wanting to get back again.

A personal account of a young chap who seem to have come to terms with himself. Good for him.

Asking why gay people want to follow religion (it refers to islam, but I think it can apply to any religion I think, not only the muslim one) that don’t want them. I can only wonder at it.
Perhaps it is the same impulse that makes someone want to join a club that do not want them.
Or is it a perverse desire to join in so that u can change their culture. If enough gays join the church maybe it might make it change its stance on gays. Who knows.
It is like a woman insisting on joining a men only club, so that she can change their rules.

Or how about it is some people wanting to conform. It reminds me of a small kid wanting to join the big kids in their games and not being allowed to do so.
Well, don’t take all the above reasons too personally. It is just me putting in what I think might motivate people to join places (straight women wanting to join gay places or go to gay clubs); or institutions(marriage, kids) or straight society where it is clear that they don’t want you.

Last night I saw a re run of I, Claudius, a bbc series based on robert graves book of the same name.

It is on bbc4 and I saw it at 10pm on Tuesday. There are 13 episodes. Most probably it continues every Tuesday.

I saw this tv program ages ago, when I first came to the uk, and thought it marvellous. it made me read the book. The book is much better, but if u have not read the book u will find this adaptation fascinating. A lesson on how to adapt a classic without a lot of money and making it fast paced and contemporary without resorting to fancy costumes and archaic use of words. In fact a lesson on making a soap opera out of classic material.

Seeing it again, I am struck at how much I have forgotten. And I can see the limitations of money forced them to resort to talking heads. (I don’t remember that but now of course we are so used to action and fabulous props and clothing, it is obvious ).

But the acting is marvellous and the script very good, conveying the essence of the book without getting too bogged down with the details.

The book gives the details, so I would suggest u go back to the books for a more satisfying read.

But this visual representation of the book is a good effort. The series continues and I shall follow it to recapture a bit of nostalgia.



1 Feb

Friday 1.2.13 5pm

Roast chicken is really easy to do. I got one today from aldi. It was a small chicken (1.25kg) and had today’s expiry date so it was reduced 30%.
That was rather lucky because I went there to buy their pork,sage stuffed chicken costing £4 as there was a promotion by them in the mirror paper with a voucher for 30% off . So I was prepared to pay £3 for it.

There were no such chicken on sale. Either they were sold out or what. But this chicken I got is even better, as though small, it is normally £3 rather than £4. So my 30% reduction means I got it for £2.

When chicken are prestuffed they tend to increase the price. You pay extra for that unnecessary stuffing.

I get a craving for chicken now and then, and so this one is very welcomed.

All british chicken are young, so are tender and don’t need a lot of high temperatures or time to cook in the oven. I bring it to 200C in the smaller top oven; and then reduced it to 150C for about 1hr. Then I switch off and let it stay in the oven to cook for a further 10mins.

In the meantime, u can do whatever u want while waiting for the chicken to cook.

You can think about life, and about the internet.

I see some blogs talking about search engine optimisation. Its for people who have things to sell, or services to flog. And so want to drive people to see their website.

And I got an email from zurker, which I joined some time ago, but they have lost momentum and are now kickstarting it again by introducing a zurker Friday whereby everyone try to post something on that day.

The problem there is that there are not enough people and it is not easy to see their post.

They should take a leaf from wordpress and make everyone see everyone else’s posts and allow people to comment or like it.
Actually they do , they call it zurked. By calling it , zurk, u can just let others know u find their post interesting, not necessarily liked or agree with what they say.
For eg, someone wrote a post about them losing their job, and have someone die, and it just sounds weird to ‘like’ it. Haha. Maybe in wordpress, we can ‘word’ it.

But I found u cannot find these posts in zurker unless u link with them. And often we don’t really want to link with someone that closely. But still want to read their posts now and then.

They are a young website, so it is early days. And u cannot just join, but must be invited. That is another reason why it is not moving fast.

Google+ really started going fast when they opened it out to everyone. But I find i cannot figure out what to use it for. It is good for marking other posts and re posting them, bringing it to the attention of others, but no one make comments or any original opinions of those things they repost.

Here in wordpress we have the reblog button, which I think is a great function, for those times when u want to say more, maybe disagree a bit about what is written but don’t want to do it in the comments as u don’t want to take over that person’s blog. So u repost it in your own blog with all the things u want to say about it in your blog.

I wonder whether the original poster may not like it , or would they? It means u are taking what they post and bringing the chat into your blog. Maybe not a good thing to do. Certainly if it were my post, I would like people to make comments on my blog even if they disagree and we can have a chat about it in my blog.
Though the danger in talking in the original blogger is that if they don’t like what u say, they can erase all you say and that is that. Haha whereas if u chat in your blog, u can control the discussion.

Of course, the original post person can simply refuse to allow u to reblog.
I wonder if u need to write in the comments in their blog to ask for permission to reblog. Is that expected or not?

I assume u don’t need to ask for permission, simply because if u click that reblog button, then wordpress ask the original post person to refuse to allow it. Or not. So they can have their say.

I read somewhere from another wordpress blogger that he do not like reblogs, as it does not bring any traffic back to his blog.

I am not too bothered about traffic, but what I think might be a factor against reblogging is that the chat can be taken away from your post and carried on somewhere else where u might not be able to monitor that well. The other person can control the discussion and may even if they don’t like your reasons, block you from it.

Or can they?
Or can u pull the plug from the whole reblogged post at your end.

Well, I would like to continue the chat on that person’s blog and post, but I feel that maybe I am usurping his blog with my views. That is why I hesitate often in commenting… after all, they can , and shall, say to you if u keep up comments in their blog, to go and blog on it in your own blog. Haha. And anyway, it is all a person’s opinion, and one opinion is really as good as another.