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so much suger in foods

14 Nov

london 9.42pm 13.3C (so warm even at this time) monday 2016

there cannot be anyone who  still do not know that processed foods have loads of suger. if anyone is still that ignorant, this report saying yoghurt has too much suger in it should make them never ever be able to give that excuse of ignorance again. they cannot say ‘but i did not know’.

but i can say in their defense that they know but did not realise. it is two different things. they know it is sweet when they eat the yoghurt… in fact that is the reason why they like it. they just do not realise how much suger there is in it… it is only  when they look at the label they will see it can contain as much as 5 teaspoonfuls of suger in each pot. and each pot is only 125mg. the curious thing is this… if they were to dissolve 5 teaspoonfuls of suger in 125ml of water and drink it, it would be undrinkable. it would make them sick. yet when it is in a yoghurt pot , everyone eats it like they are their favourite.

if u can find out the secret of why that is so, i think u will have discovered the biggest new discovery ever. better than the discovery of the wheel, or sliced bread. haha. 

i myself  got fooled too. i got into the habit of buying tesco basic yoghurts and got to like them. until tesco raised the price to 40p from 33p for 4. (they have since brought it down to 35p, but that sudden high price rise  have lost their mesmerising hold on me. thank goodness i got to my senses and saw it for what it was). that sudden high jump in price made me pause and really look at the label and i was really shocked to find it has 15.4g of suger, 17%. 1 teaspoonsful of suger=4gm. i would get sick eating 4 spoonsful of suger , yet i was able to eat that yoghurt and like it without even noticing how sweet it was. … how do they do it? how did they hide the sweetness? they must have got vinegar (which is acetic acid) in it, a lot…or some kind of acid… citric acid perhaps. that is the only way they can use so much suger to neutralise that acidic taste and not make me puke with the sweetness of it. if it can happen to me, whose taste buds are very sensitive to sweet so much so that i  am always complaining of how sweet foods are…i mean i would complain that chocolates are too sweet.

 it must be real easy for anyone else to be fooled. 


even i am getting hooked by suger

23 Sep

london 9.24pm 15.4C dry friday 2016

quite an interesting film i am seeing now. called R.I.P.D. it stands for rest in peace dept, starring a handsome ryan reynolds. who has died and been recruited to come back to earth to catch the undead, looking like a old chinese man. its a bit like the man in black films. instead of aliens they are the undead, but the cgi effect is the same. i am writing this in between the film when the adverts come on. 

i was in the tesco, and saw their basic yogurt has gone up to 40p from 33p. tesco is a bad thingy. raising its basic goods prices by so much. at first i thought it is just the small store selling it for higher, they tend to mark up the prices; but on googling it i find it does show the 40p tag. each pot of 125mg contains 15.5g of suger. that is 3.1 teaspoonfuls of suger. yet, interestingly the basic plain yogurt which u can buy 500mg pack , contains half the amount of suger per 100mg. it is still 1.5 teaspoonfuls though. and how many people just eat 100mg of it, hardly any i think, most would dish out  half the pot. 

its 4 flavors basic yogurt is nice, because it has the peach flavour, which i like a lot, as well as the black cherry flavour that has almonds in it. the other two flavours, raspberry and strawberry are nothing much to talk about. unfortunately the other supermarkets sell only  two flavours, 2xstrawberry and raspberry. they charge 33p  and if they dont increase their prices i suppose i shall buy them instead. but this price rise has made me pause and think. maybe i shall not buy them, as i had wanted to restrict my eating of them. and this might be the kick i need not to eat them so much.

they are rather addictive, must be the suger in it.

i find the only way to eat yogurt without all that suger is to make your own. but it can be rather sharp , sour i mean, so it still needs to be sugered. and u dont get all those flavours… ah well, i think maybe just as well tesco has increased the price, i was getting to like the flavour too much. i think if they sell it with only the peach flavour i will be sorely tempted to buy those. for some reason none of the supermarkets sell large packs of only one flavour anymore. i remember they used to, long ago when i used to buy 500mg pots at one go. then i stopped buying because i realise it is really suger , a lot of it; and now i find no one sells those any more. how strange that they stop it.

hmm, it makes me realise why so many cannot resist all this suger stuff , even though they know it is bad for them. even i am getting caught up in it. just as well tesco is increasing the price of it. without realising it until now, i have become addicted to it; when the price rise like this, it has made me pause and  make me question it.

i think i got to starting this yogurt thing when i wanted to cool down my mouth after eating chili. it is fresh chili and it can pack a hot punch. and i found yogurt can do that , that is why i bought this basic yogurt. but i find drinking milk can do the same thing, and i can make milk using my milk powder… then i got addicted to this yogurt and eating it even without eating chili first. 

in all this, we must not forget that their non sugered foodstuff, like cabbage, oats which i also bought today are still the same low price and very good value. and healthy too. in fact, the healthy foods by which i mean the unprocessed ones are still cheap and by rights if u stick to buying them u should not feel any worse off in terms of pricing and affordability.