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18 Apr

london 11.15am 11.6C darkclouds monday 2016


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

a dish i often cook, because it is so easy and it always brings me back to  malaysia when i eat it.

london 5.51pm 14C cloudy

i got an unusual phone call from malaysia recently. i never have any calls from there, and at first when i picked up the phone i thought it was one of those cold callers. because there was that distinctive silence that is so characteristic of these cold callers.

usually if i say hello and get this silence,  i just put it down. but this time i delayed and then he said asking to speak to me. i asked who is calling, and he said his name and that he is calling from malaysia. i had to ask him to enlighten me as to who he was. and then i remembered he stayed  with me in my flat a long time ago. in fact, he came two times. 

my immediate thought was i wonder what he wants. haha. if someone calls me out of the blue that is usually something they want. but no, he was not thinking of visiting london.

it was how i got to meet him. he contacted me via one of those gay websites and came to stay at my place, twice in fact.

i dont do whatsapp, as i dont have a smartphone. otherwise i could get to ‘talk’ more often to people overseas… and my family too maybe… though i doubt it. even with emails i seldom write to them.

 i am not someone who calls people to chitchat. it isnot a habit i have acquired as phone calls were expensive during my growing up years, and so i dont communicate via the phone.

usually i email people and somehow that habit has stuck, so that now i prefer to email people than to call them or text them. but even so, i seldom do it. to me no news is good news.

 he told me he works for a ngo ( a non government organisation). they are a bit like charities. i asked him why he did not want to work for govt. he is malay, and the malaysian govt has a deliberate policy of hiring malays instead of the other races. but maybe things have changed, because he said it is difficult to get jobs, but also he did not agree with the way they work. so maybe things have not changed and that if he were to just change his attitude , he could still work for govt. govt jobs are very good, as they are well paid and also the govt pension is excellent.  but obviously u have to toe the govt line, if u want to be happy working for them.

anyway, chatting to him did bring me back a bit to thinking of malaysia. and wondering what if i were living there. life is full of those changes of direction that might not even be planned. and here i am so many years later, living here instead of there. 

i read from another blog that durians are now coming in season, and i wonder if that would make me happy to live there, if i were to live there. i love durians. but i do know that once the intial gluttony of eating durians have passed, it is not possible to continue with it … even though i love durians. and durians are very calorific and u can put on weight very easily.

and then i read from another blog that it is very hot there now. and that makes me wonder if i would like that and can cope with the heat. here today, it is quite cold, outside. it is surprising, but i was waiting for the bus on the way back from the library and it was chilly. but it is more bearable than the intense heat of over 30C that is now happening in s.e.asia now. now i see so many documentaries and films and good stuff on tv in the uk, and i know that i wont be able to see anything like this in malaysia.

yesterday there was a thought -provoking one about zoos. and what they are for. i myself dont agree with zoos, and have not visited any for a long time. i am very sad for the animals who are confined to  such a artificial space, when they are born to roam and run wild.

but such documentaries  and the varied viewing on tv are what make living in uk so nice, and of course the books , newspapers and vast reading material  too and no censoring of those things too. hmm, right now in the tv news there is a report about a film about hiv, where 5 people hiv positive did not take any medication and lived. the film was  threatened with being banned by the hiv charities, but fortunately it did not stop it from being seen. which is the right thing to do. those guys have something to say and wants to give other people what they are living through and being still alive without the hiv medication. it is all encouraging to me that regardless of the right or wrongs of it,  that here in uk we dont censor opposing viewpoints even if it can be uncomfortable for the established view. people should be allowed to hear alternative views and decide for themselves.