Aside 9 Jan


I went to ikea for their free breakfast again. This time I arrived at the tube nearest my flat at about 9am.

The tube train took me to queens park and terminated there. And to continue the journey I took the overground train which was the next train arriving there.

In the past, it was not an integrated service where the oyster card for the tube is accepted for the trains as well. But since they made the whole system run on the oyster card, we can take any train or tube.

So I arrived at the bus station to ikea at 9.40 am, just in time to catch the bus.

It was a shorter queue this time for the breakfast. I enjoyed the meal, much more than the last time. Maybe because I put some mayonnaise on it. There was vinegar sachet as well, which I thought was ketchup and poured vinegar. I must have improved the taste.

Since I had already seen the products last time I went, I did not stay long and left at about 11.30am .

I thought of visiting crouch end, to see what their charity shops have to offer, and I found out from the train map inside the carriage that I could change at Willesden junction and go to gospel oak and change there for the train to barking, which stops at crouch hill.

It was only when I neared crouch hill that I realised it is not crouch end. I asked a woman who was also leaving the train there whether it is near crouch end, she said yes.

I thought I could walk there , but a bus came along so I took it and glad I did. Because it was a up and down hill route.

Crouch end itself was a disappointment. The charity shops were limited in stock and pricey. And I fail to see what the attraction was to living there. There are no supermarkets, and so things were pricey and it was miles to the tube station, Finsbury park.
It is a posher area than Finsbury park I suppose.

Whilst I was browsing in the charity shops I realised that I have everything I need. I wanted trainers, and I found two pairs.

I was looking at the shoes they have on sale in the charity shops and branded ones are priced about £12 a pair. So I am rather lucky to have found those reebok trainers.

So really there is no need to go haunting the charity shops. Also I realised I have still held on to the habit of visiting charity shops but I am really realising now that my charity shopping days are over. I prefer to find things in recycling bins for free now.

It was a pleasant way to spend time. I seldom go to north London so this was a way to see it and realise there is nothing I miss by not going there. Haha.

The overground train is really very nice, the carriages are joined by flexible joins and so there are no doors. You can walk from one end to the other. And this I did to try to get away from those people talking on their mobile phone. Though I was unsuccessful because I was moving from one chatterer to find they were scattered throughout the length of the train.

I am following a blog by carly-dee in who is a fantastic talent with poetry and I was thinking when I was fleeing the chatterers and finding them everywhere and being made to listen in to their gossiping; that she would certainly be able to come up with something wonderfully expressive of my feelings. Wish I can write poetry like her. A poetry expressing my futile attempts to get away from all these people talking inanely in their mobiles and gossiping and forcing all of us to hear them dishing their friends haha.

I was comparing it to the peace and quiet of the tube when it is underground and no one can make calls. Such bliss.

And I was thinking they are introducing it in planes and imagining it must be hell for those who have to listen to someone talking continuously throughout the flight with no way of getting away. They might have to hand out ear plugs with the ear phones.


stream of thoughts

5 Jan


I got an email from ikea. I joined their family ikea card long ago , even though I am not a family, there is only me haha and I live quite a long way from the ikea branch in Wembley, and what is even more funny, I don’t buy stuff from ikea. Double haha.

and it says I can have a free breakfast before 11am from 7-13jan. Oh, so that is why I joined. I shall go as I have not been there for some time, and it would be a pleasant way of spending the time, and get a free breakfast to boot. They also give card holders free coffee too. Rather nice I think. If I live nearer I shall go more often.

It is at their Wembley branch. I like the poang chair that I found a few winters ago, and now I see it is on sale for £49. Well I don’t need another one, but it is rather nice to know that the one I found cost £79 new.

They have big fat candles for 50p too. Pity it is not scented candles. I wonder if I were to drop lavendar oils on it will it scent the room? I don’t like lighting candles in the flat as they are a potential fire hazard, but if they can be used to scent the room, that would be a good reason to have them.

With winter here, we keep our windows closed esp at night, and it does tend to get a bit musty inside.I open the windows even in the winter in the day as I am a fresh air fiend.

My flat is an old one, and the carpets have not been cleaned for years. Luckily I don’t have pets otherwise it would stink even worse. As it is , it just smells old. It does not help that my boyfriend , simon , is a smoker. He opens the windows when he smokes and try to breathe out through the window or blow the smoke at it, in the fond belief that it will disperse the smell of the cigarette smoke but of course it does not. I can still smell it. But fortunately it does get dispersed if I leave the windows open but I guess some of it lingers on to add to the general mustiness.

I may have to remind him to smoke in the kitchen where the cigarette smells wont be noticed amongst all the cooking smells. Haha

I know people burn incense, or buy those commercial air fresheners but I don’t like to spend money on them. The incense burn down to a lot of ashes that can be rather a bother to clear up. I prefer to just open the window and let in the fresh air. Haha.

This winter is so mild, last night it was 9C.

This morning I went to visit a shag buddy. We have known each other for years. It is nice to have a few shag buddies though he is the only one I have kept for so long. Haha.

I got a phone call just now from someone with an Indian accent saying they got a notice from Microsoft to check on me as they have found that my computer is slow. How do they know that, I wonder. If I were a bit paranoid I suppose I shall be worried that there is someone can get into my computer. But I am not paranoid and I don’t care who gets into my computer as long as they don’t disturb me.

Hmm, I certainly am not going to follow his instructions and let him access my computer that is for sure. Even if he is really from Microsoft. so I told him it is working fine (even though it can get quite slow sometimes) and not to bother and thanks anyway.

I doubt Microsoft is so kind hearted to pay for this service, and anyway I have a feeling that microsoft can gain access by remote to my computer from the internet via my windows program and fix it from there.

The funny thing is I have stopped using internet explorer as my preferred browser, I am using google chrome now. Sometimes I get a warning before I log off saying an upgrade is needed to fix the internet explorer. But I don’t bother to download it. And it has not appeared after a few warnings.

Do any of u find google chrome rather better than internet explorer? To me the best thing about it is that I don’t have to bother with the constant upgrades that windows keep giving me. You don’t know if that is a spam, or to allow it.

I am rambling in this post of course, but that is the nice thing about your own blog, u can just do it, and talk all kinds of cock. It is like a kind of meander within your thoughts and is like a kind of easy reverse meditation… thinking all kinds of things instead of emptying the mind. Haha. It can be just as restful.

During the post Christmas days I bought a lot (5packs) of pork and fig stuffing at 20p (reduced from £3 each, such a ridiculous price). I thought they were pork burgers and only when I opened one that simon told me it was stuffing.

There was a Chinese woman there too taking all the pork stuffings and there were a lot of them. I wonder whether she had realised her mistake, or did she really wanted all those pork stuffings.

I fried the first pack, and it was quite ok, it was edible but not really like hamburger.

Anyway, I was at asda, and saw they were selling sausage rolls packs reduced price to 40p each pack. And I thought hey I could do that using the pork stuffing. So I bought their ready made short crust pastry(now I think of it maybe I should have bought their puff pastry instead as it is very difficult to make your own puff pastry) but anyway I have the pork pastry baking in the oven now.

If it comes out nice I shall take a picture for u to see.

These pasty are very useful for picnics and packed lunches. I tend to go out and bring my own lunch and these will come in useful then.

 it is baked now, but i made a mistake and put them on wire racks, and the bottom got stuck to the rack. no wonder they always use a baking tray for these things. 

its quite tasty because the figs give it that sweetness, and gritty texture, and it is very filling as there is a lot of fat in these things which is absorbed by the pastry, which itself is fatty too. 

so not a healthy snack and i wont advise anyone to eat this a lot. now and then is fine. 

here is the picture of it, even though it did not turn out good. 

i turned one over so u can see what havoc that rack caused.



what if

30 Nov



I saw a tv program last night called the secret lives of rubbish. It was on bbc4.Image

Birmingham in the 50s used to have old furnaces that burn rubbish that they could not recycle (they call it salvage in those days ) and generate electricity to drive their electric dustbin lorries.

But aerosols explode inside them and one day the head honcho of the council came visiting and saw one of these explosions and immediately said he wont have the worker’s lives in danger . So he shut all of them down.

And they built new furnaces that just burn rubbish, no electricity generated. It was all automatic so the workers said it was real cushy working there.

But in making their lives cushy the rubbish was just burnt without any benefits to everyone else.

It makes me think that sometimes helping a small group of workers can fuck up things for everyone else. It wont be obvious until years later when u can see where the turning point came about.

Like they said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

But hang on, is it true? It may be that the furnaces are inefficient or expensive to operate, or whatever so maybe they would have to be shut down anyway and new furnaces built. And it would be too expensive to regenerate electricity at the same time.Or maybe, the way the society is going, and consumerism being the engine of growth, it is inevitable that rubbish will accummulate anyway.


The economy depands on consumption, so that planned obsolescence was at the beginning actually praised as desirable; now of course it has a derogatory meaning.

I am sure, planned obsolescence might not be mentioned but companies still practise it .


But maybe all our buried rubbish will provide future archaelogists with evidence of how we live in this period. So that is a good thing. Right?

If u feel despair at our spendthrift ways , don’t be. Someone always benefit.

I read a posting by someone saying a lorry shed its load of grain and the bonanza of food caused the rats to thrive and created a huge population explosion amongst them and then the food ran out and huge amounts of them died. And the author lamented at the loss.

But he or she did not realise that the story continues … the rats provide food for all the other predators in the area and so it caused a feast for them too. And they in turn provide a feast for others and so it goes.

It makes me think is that what we humans are…we are another link in the food chain. We provide a meal for others. We don’t know who they are, for that is the whole crux of these food chains. No one in the chain below knows who are those in the chain above them.

Just like the chickens in our coop do not know who is making grain fall from the heavens for them to eat. If we have a religious chicken they will form a cult. Haha.
Or if a acorn falls on chicken little‘s head, he will run around saying the sky is falling and the end is nigh.

No one knows who eats them, otherwise they will avoid it and so the chain will be broken.

Something is eating us, or harvesting us humans. We think we are the top of the food chain, but then, maybe every creature thinks like that. Haha.

Is that a paranoid thought, do u think? Haha.

Actually I am not too minded if we are part of a food chain. It is how nature works. Really, everything gets recycled. I bet the ones eating us are the microbes. And it is nothing sinister. No master mind or alien harvesting us in the farm called Earth. Haha.

Our dead bodies simply get to be broken down by these microbes, it is their food, to be recycled.


back from a short visit to poole

19 Nov


Just came back from poole where I have gone for the last 4days to visit a friend there.
I went by rail, via and it was so nice that I am now spoilt. I use to go to him via national express bus but now the train fare is only  £1 and £5 singles and it only takes 2hrs I much prefer going by rail now.

No cheap offers for the Christmas , new year period, of course , but I hope they will resume these cheap offers in the rest of the year and I shall certainly visit poole more often in the summer if they do so .

I went charity shopping while I was there, and found the winton 99p shop sells hot water bottles for 99p and a big 900mg jar of pickled chillies for the same price. How come the London 99p shops don’t have this I wonder? the actual charity shops were rather disappointing though they have a good selection of fleece jackets at about £5 each. 

Now I know where to go if I want to get any more hot water bottles. i bought one, a yellow one to add to the one i bought in london which costs £3. the pickled chillies are a good buy. in chinatown in london they cost more for a much smaller bottle. but then, i better wait till i taste it before i say too much. haha.

(Added.20.11.12 7.30pm i tried them for dinner just now and they are delicious. they still retain their chilli hotness even after being pickled. i would highly recommend them. ) 

I was lucky with the weather. The forecast of rain on Saturday did not materialise and Sunday was just sunny and blue sky which makes our walk along the beach from boscombe to the Bournemouth pier so much more fun. The bus fare was £2.80. Though a friend who joined us later said he got a fare of £2 when he asked the bus driver for the cheapest fare. It was an all day fare that is only valid for the m1 and m2 buses. Rather good value I thought. Trust a local to know of this.

The sand which they have imported from the middle of the channel just a year ago,(they do it every 3yrs and it costs £2-3million, is already getting pebbly shingles and looking grey from the oil which has landed on the sand in the middle of the harbour where it was first dredged. My friend said they did not filter the sand before spreading it. I guess it would have increased the cost even more. Further along nearer the Bournemouth pier the sand is better looking and more abundant. The sand filled up the whole beach right up to the road. Before my friend said they have to jump down from the road to the sand, and the stairs that go down are now buried in sand.
It makes it easier to access the beach from the road, but the downside is that the wind blows the sand onto the road.

We walked inland up the gardens to the Bournemouth square where there was a Christmas market.

One of us found a £2 coin so he gave us a treat of roast walnuts or chestnuts. I thought it rather expensive those chestnuts or whatever they are called.I ate one but was not really very impressed. It was dry. I prefer the Chinese roasted nuts that u can buy in Malaysia. I think they are walnuts. If so they taste better.

My friend said the nuts are from the horse chestnut trees, and u can collect them free now. I asked are these the same trees that gives conkers? He did not know.

But after tasting the roasted nuts I don’t think I want to go collecting any to cook in my oven.

As usual the Chinese do these things better .

There was a whole roast pig being done at one of the stalls, and would have been tempting but we have already ate our packed lunch of tuna pasta which john had made for us. So we were too full . Haha. Which was just as well as it saves us a load of money. Haha.


My friend took us on a different route to the beach after we finished with the Christmas market. He took us up to the triangle, and then along the top of the cliffs where we got fabulous views up and down the coast.

Simply marvellous the view , we could see as far as the isle of wight on one side, and the whole sweep of the bay to the other side.

And then we went down to the beach again and walked to middle chime where we climbed back to the poole road and went to visit a friend who lives near there for tea.

Rather a nice day that.

It is a nice change for me, this trip to the seaside. And it was a shagging trip too, as another friend joined us and we have a threesome. I like skimming without coming throughout my stay.

It was a pity that the ferry to studland was not running. My friend says the ferry is taken away for maintainance so we cannot take it to get across to the studland shell beach. Which is the naturist beach.

Ah well, perhaps just as well, as it must be rather cold.

One of the downside to a seaside town in uk, it gets rather bleak in winter.

I guess that is why I like livingImage in London instead.

Nothing like going away from home to realise how nice home is. Haha.

I am sure it must be obvious to evryone that the main reason why i go to poole is to shag. it is what makes life interesting for me. everything else i soon get fed up of, or get bored with; sex is the only thing that provides the newness, the variety, the unexpected  and the surprise , as well as the joy and ecstacy that fulfills every one of my senses.  

life itself is rather the best thing to happen to me or to anyone. just being alive. but between now and death , it would be more interesting if there is more. and sex answers that very well. It is not necessary of course, but it makes life a million times more interesting with it than without.