life is really going on as usual for me

13 Jun

london 10.32am 23C sunny sunday 2021

SUNRISESETActual Time4:44 AM9:19 PMCivil Twilight3:57 AM10:06 PMNautical Twilight2:44 AM11:19 PMAstronomical TwilightLength of Visible Light18 h 9 mLength of Day16 h 34 mTomorrow will be 0 minutes 45 seconds longer

longest day is 21 june sunrise 4.43am sunset 9.21pm 16hrs38mins

even though the longest day is still about a week away, we are allready getting close to the longest day now. it is only 45secs 4 min from the longest day. i know from past experiences, that the day wont change much from now till a week after the longest day, as the sun reachest the zenith each day. so we can enjoy long days a week either side of that longest day on 21june. the converse also applies, in that during winter, near the shortest day, we will experience two weeks or so either side of the shortest day, of very short days. long nights in other words, so that is bad. haha. but we are all having snug houses to live in, so we are cocooned from the weather, and wont notice these things that much. if we had lived in primitive times, we will be greatly affected, but not nowadays.

so now we just get concerned with our small troubles in our lives, like now…getting het up about kneeling before a football match, or removing statues  because of slaves trading. or calling someone a he, or a she, or a they. i say we are, but maybe what i should say is the press, the news, are. i am not bothered about it, and i would dare say plenty of people most probably are not bothered about it but when it is on the news, everyone thinks it must mean a lot of people are. not so . 

i think for a lot of people life goes on much the same really. it does with me. i cant be that unusual surely. i read blogs to find out what occasional quirky things happen to people. little incidents that show up the funny things that people worry about, or funny behaviours that people get into.though people dont mention the little things that bring joy… even just sitting in the sun, and enjoying the warmth, with a hot cup of coffee to sip on occasionally, or a nice cake to nibble on with a peaceful mind, and not a care in the world.

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