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no worries

15 May

london 1.32pm 20.2C sunny monday 2018

tuesday 20C sunny blue sky 11.38am victoria library

i am glad to say i have nothing to worry about. life is great when there are no worries at all in my life.

and the decisions i have to deal with is wondering whether to buy that £1.80/kg fresh whole chicken that tesco is promoting, or buy the frozen chicken pieces in sainsburys that are £1.60/kg. the fresh chicken would be great to roast, and there is a lot of meat in the breasts. and its nice to eat a roast chicken for a change. if i buy that chicken pieces, it means i can only stew them.

i have been eating vegetables a lot lately and dont seem to miss eating meat. i thought i shall lay off eating pork so much. i think this chicken offer came at the right time, seeing i can eat more chicken instead of pork. chicken is more healthy or so they say. and with roast chicken, i can use the leftovers in stir fried veg dishes. 

its very nice weather we are getting these few days, in the 20Cs and blue sky and all that. the irises are out. and the roses too. there is a lot of tree pollen about, but i dont seem to be allergic to them. i seem to be allergic to grass pollen, and that comes into its own in august. though in london by that time, all the grass in the parks will get cut, so they dont have the chance to throw out pollen. it is a different story in the country, where all the grasses are growing unchecked but since i dont go out to the country anymore having given up those long walks , i dont need to worry about hay fever .

i still get to go for those free offers of food that they are giving out ;  the most recent was the free icecream given out  by a devon company in the southbank london. this company i think sells sweet pies usually, and are using icecream on top to make it appear like an icecream treat. the reason i thought so was because i was given a sweet pie with an icecream scoop on top, when i went there for the free icecream. i googled them and it seems they sell clotted cream as an icecream. i think they are wise to try to get themselves more well known in london. there must be a bigger market here in london than in the west country. the trouble for them is that yogurt is healthier, as i have found out, and though i am not attracted to icecream, so am not a natural customer of theirs, i am sure there must be a lot of other icecream lovers who might shift to frozen yoghurt for their ice treat. or even give up icecream entirely and go for live yoghurt. even i have got addicted to yoghurt now. 





5 May

london 7.44pm 18.7C sunny high 23C saturday 2018

we are having a sunny warm bank holiday weekend. from what i see, a lot are travelling. i was meeting up with my friend who lives in … oh dear the name just slips my mind justnow. our meeting place was victoria train station. anyway we were going to meet up with my friend who had come down from bournemouth to attend the quaker annual meeting at their headquarters near euston station. it is a huge building on  prime land.

my friend had been very keen on the quakers and had joined in their activities very actively. we are just going to see him, and attended one talk , about hinduism, before we had lunch. the canteen in the building was closed by the time the talk ended at 1.30pm so we had to go out to eat.

my friend wanted to give us a treat and he suggested going to an indian… it was one of many indian restaurants along this street just beside the euston station. i have heard of it, like a little india hidden in this small corner… we entered a all -you- can- eat for £7 restaurant. the waiters were very efficient, greeting us as soon as we entered and even though we thought there was a queue, they immediately ushered us to a table, so that we were not put off to eat there. we could see the dishes from outside through the big glass window, and that was quite a good advertising, as we can see what we get. there was another restaurant also all you can eat for the same price, but the dishes all have covers in them, with their backs to the window so we could not see what they are offering… and that seems to deter us. it is funny sometimes, when i think of it, to wonder what makes people go to one restaurant over another. it was certainly very busy that restaurant we were in, but it was a large place, even though it does not look it from outside. it has an upstairs section too. but it coped very well with that huge influx of eaters at that hour. and that was very good organising from them, because when we finished the crowd had gone… tables were empty and the waiters were less busy now… they were very efficient in removing the old plates too. and from what i see when my friend paid , they dont include the service charge, leaving it up to customers to pay it… whcih is rather a good strategy, as they are so efficient, and helpful… even agreeing to take a group photo of us with our camera…we were acting like tourists , my friends i mean. perhaps they are tourists that time haha. after all they both came into london from other parts of england. oh, i remember where my friend came, from stroud slough. i had to bring up a railway map to find out where he lives.  i thought he would be familiar with london, seeing it is not far from london, and he comes often. he can get a bus which is included in his freedom pass, so it is free. takes 2hrs the bus journey to london. it seems. i have never been to stroud  slough, even though he asks me to visit him. it is near southall, (or rather, they are both around  west of london. and i have never been there even though i hear so much about it being like india. 

my friend seems to like the food, but i find it quite ordinary… it was very filling of course, though we only have one helping. or rather it was so filling we only had one helping. and then went again just for the dessert, which was fresh fruits and some indian sweets. coconut candy and jelly. it might be agar jelly. it was his treat, which is rather nice of him to give us a treat. it made me so full that when my other friend and i took the bus down to chinatown, where he wanted to go, i did not get off with him . i had wanted  to get the free taco that world foods market was giving away free at 3pm, but i felt too full to want to eat anything. so it kind of spoilt that freebie for me, as i just did not feel like going there to get it. sigh, it is typical of life, no one giving me a treat for ages, than one comes just when i can get a free food offer from a eating place. but that is life.

it got me out and about, so i was able to see how others spend their holiday weekend. from the crowds in oxford st and regent st, i guess many are spending it shopping. or window shopping. there dont seem to be many with shopping bags, though it was about 3pm, so maybe they are only just starting. 

being optimistic may make you live longer

6 Apr

london 9.25pm 14.7C dry night friday 2018

it’s the weekend coming up now so working people will be looking forwrd to it, the start of the weekend. that is the thing about working… you have something to look forward to when the weekend comes round. we who dont work anymore, would have lost that anticipation. just like holidays mean nothing to us now, since everyday is a holiday.

ah well, perhaps we trade that in for the joy of not needing to wake up early and do the 9 to 5 routine.

today i went again to get the free steak sandwich. i was not that attracted to the raw meat in the first sandwich i got yesterday…  but i had nothing else to do, and what is more important,  i could not read the daily mail in the library, as the chap who always hogs it was reading it and i know he will take forever to finish the paper.

so i took the bus to the restaurant, and arrived at about 11.30am, and there was a short queue, as i expected. even though it was later than the opening time. so not long to wait before i got my steak sandwich. 

this time i noticed they have cut up the meat and put it in a hot heated receptacle. so the meat was cooked a bit more than before, which makes it nicer. though i notice they dont give as much meat in the baguette as yesterday. yesterday i got a lot of meat , more in numbers and huge chunks of it too.

i decided to bring the food back to my flat rather than try to eat it in one of the benches in leicester square. so at least when i got back i could cut up the baguette into bite size pieces. and make a cup of hot coffee to go with it.

actually it has given me an idea for making my own lunch using steak in a sandwich. it is a good idea for a sandwich and different from the usual pork or  chicken sandwich. it is not common to have a steak sandwich. 

though i remember in australia they do it all the time and is quite a favorite. in australia they cook the slab of beef well done, and it is still very tender. i wonder how they do it. i think if they can do an australian style beef sandwich between two slices of bread in london it would take off and be very popular, rather than this way which is slices of beef in salad  and with a pate spread on baguette. i am not very keen on baguette because it is quite hard. the french baguette is even harder, so i should be grateful that the english dont bake their baguettes that hard. generally i prefer sliced bread. haha. (sigh, you know i am realising it is my age talking. all that about the baguette being too hard is just a result of me getting old. and needing a crown and that has become loose and now i am extra careful when i eat hard things. )

there is a tv program by michael mosley asking what makes people live longer, and it seems it is your attitude that will determine how long you live. those who are optimistic lives longer.

so to the question do you expect your future to be better, the same or get worse, those who chose the first two options live longer. i admit i have been getting more pessimistic because i keep hearing my friends having so many health problems, or financial problems, that it makes me really think it can only get worse… with old age. but i think i am going to twist that about and think that it will be better or remain the same…

when one of those old men in the survey was asked if he worries about the future, he said no. he does not worry about the future.  at his time of life he said, he lives day by day and takes each day as it comes.  he is 90yrs old at that time of filming. i suppose that is a good attitude to take. 

free steak sandwich and film preview

5 Apr

london 3.38pm 13.6C sunny all day thursday 2018



i wonder if this is forsythia, a bright splash of colour to relieve the browns in the communal garden.

it’s a lovely sunny day today. i went to the freebie , steak sandwich given away free for 3days to advertise a new restaurant opening in soho. usually costs £8, and consist of slices of medium rare steak in a baguette. if u like your steak medium rare it will be for you. i like it. but i am not sure it works well in a sandwich. it can be a bit off putting to see raw meat in a sandwich. on a plate with salad and side dishes it is fine. 

not many queued up, so even though i lost my way, (i could not find the place even though great windmill st is very short),  it was still only a short queue when i did finally found it.

i was expecting to see a long queue, but when i got there  earlier there was no queue that is why  i passed by the place without realising it was there.   foolishly i did not note down the address before going there . i thought i would find it easily enough because there would bound to be a queue…little did i know what actually happened. i wondered around soho, asking two places where people were queueing up asking them whether it was the free steak sandwich queue. haha. 

it was only when i was about to give up and returned to the street that i saw the queue. i was surprised at how short it was, the queue. chatting to the staff, i found out that it was to advertise their new restaurant next door, and it was a huge place, with lots of seating. the food is mainly centred around steak. sophie’s steakhouse and bar its called. but the free steak sandwich was given away from their little pop up side shop next door. it is really surprising how easy it is to overlook a place. the free offer continues tomorrow from 11am so another chance to eat it before it officially opens on saturday. 

whilst i was in the area i went to the virgin lounge to while the time away before another meetup at a pub nearby by the ex lyc group, that east -west group.

it was a lovely bright sunny day… so i did not stay too long, as it was too nice a day to be indoors really. 

added 4.07pm. 15.2C sunny.

hmm, i just posted this and then i saw an email telling me i got a ticket to see supervized, a film about old superheros which they are showing to a targetted audience to get their feedback. i was on the waiting list and this email was to tell me i have now got a ticket to see it tonight at 7pm. it would be interesting to see a film about oldies being given roles as heroes. hope it will kick off more films showing older people in hero roles. though the trouble with being old is that you dont look so good as when u are young. i mean i am an oldie myself but i must say given the choice i would prefer to see young actors and good lookers in it. 

i think any film would be better for having  young good looking  actors. i suppose u can chose old actors who look good… but lets face it, they cant be too old. and films being so visual, to look nice and have nice bodies is a big plus. will they be able to make the old actors look attractive and to have a story line that would glorify old age? quite a fantasy to pull off i think. 

added. 9.19pm 8.3C dry night. i have seen the film. and as i wrote in the questionnaire, it is just very saddening to see it. it is not personal that i did not like the film. the subject matter just makes me realise it is very saddening growing old. and that is the reason why i did not like the film.. others found it funny and i can hear them  laugh out loud at some scenes, i could not make out what was said. i could only laugh once.

it was set in an old folks home, so that alone is gloomy. i remember an old tv series about an old couple (it is not one foot in the grave which is  is played by richard wilson portraying a grumbling old man famous for shouting i dont believe it!. i googled it and found it is called waiting for god.) i wonder if i were to see it again whether i will find it as funny now that i am older and nearer the ages of those two. 

 i think we need another george burns, someone who can make us laugh at old people jokes. it would be nice to be able to find things to laugh about in jokes about old age; without feeling the joke is too close to home and reminds us of our getting older. 

presentation , how do u rate it?

11 Feb

london 2.10pm 6.7C sunny sunday 2018

i got back from the library and from the virgin lounge, to find simon going off to the sainsburys looking for reduced prices. he goes to buy meat. he too have found their reductions are great for stocking up on meat. he came back with half priced joint of rump beef, and pork chops, though he is not so fierce as i am, who look for £2/kg . he is happy to go for the cuts that sell normally for £10/kg. it is very nice meat, i grant you, and the chops have v good fat layer with the lean meat. but to me not enough to justify even the reduced price. still to each his own. maybe because i tend to cut mine up into small pieces as i stir fry them, so keeping the meat in chop form is not that important for me. that is the problem if you want it to look nice. you pay more for it.

some people are very influenced by how a thing looks. like when they go out to eat, they want the food presented in a fancy way and would rate the restaurant highly just for that. whereas with me, the taste of the food and a large amount of it, is what will impress me and make me think it is good. 


newspapers and meat and vegie

16 Jan

london 10.52am sunny 6.9C tuesday 2017

a lovely morning today, blue sky and sunshine. 

8.22pm 4.6C dry night

i went out earlier just to enjoy the nice day. went to the paddington library just to vary my routine instead of going to the victoria library. also, that library in victoria is getting busier, (i think because it is so near the coach station and attracts passengers from there whiling away the time before their buses leave) and also there is one person who likes to hog the daily mail. he just takes a long time to read it.

but i find when i did get to the paddington library i lost interest in reading the papers. just read today’s daily mail and the times. actually i should read the guardian too, because they have very recently changed their format, and become a tabloid in a desperate measure to cut cost. but i forgot. i saw a copy of the guardian at the supermarket before i went to the library,  and apart from the fact that their front heading is so insignificant, that it took me more than a moment to recognise it is the guardian, even though i got it in my hands, i noticed that the words have gotten really small. it is a real difficulty to read it, at least for me… and i got my glasses on. i am sure it must be a bother for older guys to read it… 

i find i have got out of the habit of reading the papers now. i get my news online and that seems to satisfy me nowadays. i should imagine it bodes very ill for the printed newspapers of every persuasion, if people get out of the habit of reading the physical printed papers. 

i got an email today telling me about this new restaurant, called mao chow, and its menu put their meat dishes in quotes… for eg, ‘pork’ and chives dumpling. until i realise it is a fake meat vegetarian restaurant…

there are so many vegetarian restaurants, yet according to this tv program i see on tv now, called the truth about meat, 98% of us eat meat. so how do vegetarian eating places make money??? i have a feeling that the profit margins is better with these vegie restaurants. these vegie meat- like products are cheaper than real meat, easier to store, and keep, they have a longer shelf life, and no danger of bacteria contamination…and they can still charge as much as for meat. so what is there to lose right?

when he ask the people to find what dishes they have to eat to make up to what a piece of steak has, they found that to get the same nutrition, they have to eat hell of a lot of a variety of stuff, and lots more of it.

that meat is nutritionally very dense, and what is more, easily digested by the body… for eg to get the iron from spinach you have to eat vit C with it to enable the body to digest it… whilst it gets digested and absorbed from beef by the body very easily.. 

what they finally found out is that processed meat is the bad boy. so i guess i was right to stick to meat and very little processed foods, of any kind. whether meat or whatever.

and they found out that there is no nutritional difference between expensive chicken and the cheapest chickens. so i give u full permission to eat the cheapest bargain chicken… haha. of course they did not assess how nice they taste. some might say taste is not only subjective, but also depands on how you cook them… depands on your skill as a cook. by rights a good cook should be able to make anything taste delicious… dont blame the chicken if u cannot make it delicious. and we all know that, a bad cook will ruin even the most expensive organic, corn fed, free ranged fully pampered chicken.

added. 11.14am wednesday 17.1.18 i saw this article the problems of uk big vegan industry, and it talked about the supermarkets getting into it, but doing it in a clumsy manner. selling roasted cauliflower steak, put it in plastic and selling it for £1.80(its now £2) when they sell  raw beef steak 175g for £2. and a whole raw cauliflower can be had for 80p. it makes people think all this vegetarian stuff is just making money out of gullible people. i think the moment they sell cooked foods, the prices go up… all the more reason for people to buy raw and cook it themselves. though having said that, m&S was about to sell raw cauliflower steaks, until people ridiculed it and they call it off. seems to me if they want flavour they may have to copy those companies that make fake meat. fry’s and linda mccarthy. no link in that article to fry’s. i have not heard of them before. so i wonder whether they dont want to offend vegetarians by publicising fake meat companies. there are big businesses doing fake meat, because of the buddhist tradition of non meat eating, lots of thai companies have gone to making fake meat so real , that i am surprised that those companies have not come to the west and sell big here. maybe the veggy advocates look down on it, as not being true blue veggie. but i think if u want to persuade meat eaters to go veggie, fake meat is the big persuader. 


23 Dec

london 10.19am 10C cloudy saturday 2017

i have noticed veg is very cheap this year… 20p each for brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnips,potatoes, cauliflower, brocolli, such a large variety of veg being reduced. we have been pigging it with veg as a result. in fact all the christmas favourites in a roast dinner seem to be included in this cheap deal. even the meat is cheap… or cheapish… with tesco sellling £5/kg beef joints, and leg of lamb for £5.50/kg. salmon even half priced £5/kg. (though the salmon is sold whole, and a whole fish can be very heavy). that is remarkable really when u consider it is christmas period now.

i wonder if there will be any reductions come christmas eve, when it is early closing at 4pm for most supermarkets, it being sunday. we had a feast yesterday, with simon roasting duck. but i am hoping to get bargains tomorrow, when it is the last day of trading before the shops close completely for christmas day. i am looking for reductions in meat. but if i cannot get, then i shall get a chicken, and roast it and that will be our christmas dinner. in fact, i think even if there are other meat bargains, i shall still get a chicken as i fancy roast chicken.