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gearing up to christmas

10 Nov

london 3.37pm 11.8C friday 2017 cloudy

autumn leaves in hydepark speakers corner, and the big screen adverts in piccadilly circus. 

this morning i was on the bus to the library and picked up the metro free newspaper and saw tesco advert showing their chicken for £2.25… and it ranges from 1.5-1.9kg. i was there last night to get bargains, but did not notice this sale.

anyway, i went this morning and got two , picking up the biggest chickens i could find. haha. they were 1.87kg, which makes the chickens even better value. and i used the £3 voucher i got from tesco because of the points i have gathered.  the chickens are now in the oven, one as a roast, the other in a curry in a casserole in the oven. i remembered that u could cook a casserole in the oven so killing two birds with one stone as it were… cooking two items in the same oven at the same time.

its quite fun doing the shopping and catching bargains. cheap fun u might say in more ways than one. haha.

the other news today is the showing of the john lewis shopping advert this year. they sent me the email about it, to let me see it… the theme this year was a monster under the bed and how the monster decided to go away when the boy was losing out on his sleep playing with him all night. it seems people were in tears when he left and gave the boy a night light that throws stars all over the room. i must be rather dense in noticing the signs, because i completely miss out of seeing that night light , and did not notice the monster is leaving… i had to read the article spelling it out haha. so i suppose it will trigger all those parents rushing off to buy the monster toy(£20) and monster bedroom slippers… and monster pyjamas haha. ah well, if it makes some child not so afraid of monsters under the bed, it might be a good thing. hoho.

all these christmas adverts is setting the mood for the coming festivities. and there are all those christmas villages that they put up around this time selling more stuff. the oxford st lights are also on, as will all the other streets as they get switched on over the coming months. rather fun, if u dont have to worry about making dinner or giving presents, like me.


the latest news today

28 Sep

london 11.50am 17.4C sunny victoria library thursday 2017

i was in the tesco last night, for food bargains, and got 3packs of sausages(8) for 30 p each. usually £2. that was a good buy. i freeze 2 packs and i will have sausages for lunch today , with eggs and fresh tomatoes, they can be like breakfast. they are ordinary sausages, with only 47% pork, but i do like them, even better than the designer sausages with higher meat content and herbs. there is something about them that is unique in taste and it really spells british sausages to me… they are unique to britain, i have never seen these sausages sold in europe… maybe to the europeans they are gross… haha. but i do like them.

but what surprised me was their veg shelves. celery and iceberg lettuce for 29p each. i bought 2 packs of celery, but pass on the iceberg lettuce. i nearly missed this bargain, as i dont usually browse past the veg shelves looking for bargains.   i wonder why they are selling veg cheap. summer is over, so i would have thought the glut of summer veg must be over too. 

and today in the paper, i see an advert from aldi selling brocolli, celery, beetroot etc for 35p each. but no advert from tesco publising their cheap veg.

aldi only has one branch in london, on the old kent road, quite a distance from me. that is why i have not gone to them for quite a long time now, especially when lidl, or even tesco is selling its veg cheap too. competition is a fine thing, isn’t it?

hugh hefner had died, aged 91. so a symbol of the olden days have gone. those of my generation would have known of his playboy magazine.

and did u know that dogs cannot eat chocolates? or rather they can but they get really sick if they do. as this greedy dog who tore open a sample package of chocolates posted through the letter box found out to his cost. and the owners are blaming sainsburys for sending them the free sample chocolates. dogs are so greedy really, you would have thought nature would safeguard the dog by making it not eat it, but i guess the domestic dogs are so inbred and tamed, their wild instincts have completely been bred out…

the daily mail website also was breaking news about a world wide computer crash at the checkout system in airports … even changi in singapore is affected. it seems it is a software checkin that crashed. 

bargain london

23 Jul

london 2.45pm 18.1C

it’s very pleasant to spent time in this virgin lounge. there is a film show on now , da vinci code, (2006). they have been showing films every sunday for july. though it is difficult to hear what is said, as the volume is set low. or it maybe i am a bit deaf and so dont hear it. but the films are not what i am here for anyway. so it does not matter than i cannot hear much of it. 

nowadays i have to rely on the subtitles to know what is being said on tv. thank goodness for it really. my enjoyment of the tv is made more so because i can read what is said and so i dont miss much of the dialogue. 

added. am writing this on the bus 88 now. there is no wifi here, but it does not matter as my chrome book allows me to write things offline. i checked earlier with the tfl website to see if this bus is coming, and it did not say it was. that is why i was real surprised to see it when i left the virgin lounge. i had intended to take another bus, but this one came along just in time. i wanted to take it to the tesco just to see what is on bargain offer there. it is early closing on sunday.

i think the timetable of the bus has been disturbed and made unreliable because the whole of regent st is closed to traffic because of this time of year, when every year in july, the whole of regent st is pedestrianised. 

its quite sunny now looking out of the bus. earlier it was drizzling. which made up my mind for me not to bother going to tower bridge to see the indonesian festival there. but it seems it is quite sunny now but it is allready 3.16pm so the festival would be near its closing time.

i was reading this morning about how venice residents are real fed up of the huge amount of tourists in their city and wanting to limit the numbers going there. well, here in london we get roads closed for events so that is the effect the tourists and catering to them have on the locals living in london. but london is big enough so the effect is quite small.

i was in venice many years ago, in the 90s, and i noticed if u just go a little bit off the main tourist routes , the city can be remarkably desserted… even in peak season. but maybe now even those out of the way spots are full of tourists, who knows right? i think every tourist attraction is now full of people. which makes me glad i saw them before they got so crowded.

then there is that japanese article about the birth rate falling in japan and that is because the men are unable to get permanent full time jobs. and so are not good prospects for marriage, or want to have babies. and there is another phenomenon…  it seems there are lots of single men who dont want to have sex at all and hide out in their parents home completely cutting themselves  off from society. its a strange society that one in japan.

 i got to the tesco at 3.30pm and just in time to get all the reductions. a whole free range chicken from £6 to £1.50. and 2packs of chicken drumsticks reduced by 3/4 to 37p a pack. that seems to be the prevailing rate of final reductions. 25% of the original price. it is another of the fun things about living in london. i got an email offering me a monthly subscription to the empire cinema chain . unlimited film shows for £20 a month if i want to go to the central london cinemas of that chain. that is a nice bargain price i think. so now if u like to watch films on the big screen, it is quite affordable now.

seems to me it is not that expensive to get your entertainment and stuff in london after all. and there is all kinds of free vouchers for free food or reduced dining in london as well. i got the voucher for free hamburger from primeburgers. it is the last of their free monday offers, it seems. so i am looking forward to this monday (tomorrow) when i shall be able to get it. they have certainly made mondays a lot more attractive these past month or two. 

added. wed 26.7.17. it seems paris is the most touristy city, (7 visitor to 1 parisien)according to this report. surprising to me, kuala lumpur is 2nd. london is 13th. (1.5visitors to 1 londoner). i am surprised  venice is not in there,it has been ruled out because most of the visitors are day trippers and from cruise ships, rather than those who stay at least a night there.

tesco and unilever

13 Oct

london 10.49am 10.9C cloudy/sunny thursday 2016

tesco is resisting unilever raising its prices by 10% citing brexit and the £ losing its value. hmm, i thought tesco was profiteering by raising its prices, but it seems i am wrong, their suppliers may be forcing them to raise the prices instead. and now they are resisting unilever. 

Unilever products

Just some of the Unilever brands affected:

Food and beverages

Ben & Jerry’s, Bovril, Chicken Tonight, Colman’s, Elmlea, Flora, Hellmann’s, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Jif, Knorr, Lipton, Marmite, PG Tips, Pot Noodle, Robertsons, Stork

Home and personal care

Brylcreem, Cif, Comfort, Domestos, Dove, Lynx, Matey, Origins, Organics, Persil, Radox, Simple, Sure deodorant, Surf, Timotei, Toni & Guy, TRESemmé, Vaseline, VO5

perhaps if people know what stuff is produced by unilever they might make alternative choices. when i look at the list of stuff they make, i  dont buy any of them. so now that tesco has publicised how unilever is the one to ask for the price rises, we might all make our choices and go buy stuff from companies that dont raise their prices. so maybe we wont blame the supermarkets as the villains…

the markup by unilever is very high. take for eg mayonnaise, the basic brand is 40p for 500mg, hellmans mayonnaise is £1.89 for 400mg. about 5 x . and its ingredients is the same. they tweak the consistency and that is about all. i wonder when will people realise they have been had, fooled by the brand name and the advertising that had pulled the wool over their eyes. no wonder unilever made £2billion of profit. added. it seems they are making even more money. i thought that £2billion is for a year, but no, it is their half yearly profit for 2016. that company is coining it. 

as for marmite i noticed unilever had bought bovril too. so it has that market sewn up. there is no cheaper alternative to those two as far as i can tell. but it is easy to wean yourself off it. i grew up with them, my mother makes a drink out of them and that is how we malaysians get introduced to it when we are growingup;  rather than spread it on bread. here in the uk, i understand people spread it on bread. but i have not drunk it for ages, in fact ever since i came to the uk. it is really too salty to spread on bread. 

in other news, i was surprised to read that ed’s diner, has been sold to mr boparan, The multi-millionaire will add 33 Ed’s Diner restaurants, employing around 700 staff, to a casual dining vehicle that also include Harry Ramsdens, Fishworks, and the Giraffe brand, recently acquired from Tesco. he also owns the cinnamon club. there are another 26 ed’s diner sites to be closed at a loss of 400jobs. it is strange they are not doing well. they sell burgers too, and cheaper at £5 to £7 instead of £10 than what the gourmet burger places charge. yet those places are profiting, why? price dont seem to influence customers. in fact, charge them more and they will prefer you . no wonder business men keep raising the prices. its almost as if customers want bragging rights to show they are a superior class by eating in these high price places.

it seems image is all, like where u eat is saying something about you, or you telling others what image u want to say about yourself. all highly pretentious if u ask me. 

added. found this link showing how only about 10 companies control all the wellknown branded products in the world. a strong arguement to buy just basic own brand rather than any named brand. and to buy local , and in season. 

added. 11.55am 21.10.16 friday 12.4C cloudybright. today i read here that nestle is threatening to raise it prices. saying the low £ is hitting their profits, even though most of the stuff is made in uk. just goes to show we should just stop buying goods made by these international companies. their profits goes overseas anyway. 

added. 11.19am 14.10.16 15.6C sunny friday. it seems that 33 of 40 popular brands owned by unilever are made and sourced in uk. they should be making huge profits from overseas, and they still want to shaft us here. it makes me even more angry at them.now they are exposed for what they are, i hope we all dont buy any of their stuff. i mentioned that there is no equivalent to marmite, but vegemite is similar. added. here is a link telling of other brands similar to marmite. all the supermarkets have their own brand. they are all yeast extracts and some have less salt than marmite. in fact, it just shows how ingrained the advertising for marmite and bovril, which makes me think there are no other alternatives. they all have lots of vitamins. sounds like quite a good nighttime drink or soup drink. 

added. 21.10.16 i dont think i shall move to these yeast drinks, even if they are by own supermarket brands. i think i shall stick to tea, if i want a hot drink at night. at least there is no suger or salt in the tea i make. 


even i am getting hooked by suger

23 Sep

london 9.24pm 15.4C dry friday 2016

quite an interesting film i am seeing now. called R.I.P.D. it stands for rest in peace dept, starring a handsome ryan reynolds. who has died and been recruited to come back to earth to catch the undead, looking like a old chinese man. its a bit like the man in black films. instead of aliens they are the undead, but the cgi effect is the same. i am writing this in between the film when the adverts come on. 

i was in the tesco, and saw their basic yogurt has gone up to 40p from 33p. tesco is a bad thingy. raising its basic goods prices by so much. at first i thought it is just the small store selling it for higher, they tend to mark up the prices; but on googling it i find it does show the 40p tag. each pot of 125mg contains 15.5g of suger. that is 3.1 teaspoonfuls of suger. yet, interestingly the basic plain yogurt which u can buy 500mg pack , contains half the amount of suger per 100mg. it is still 1.5 teaspoonfuls though. and how many people just eat 100mg of it, hardly any i think, most would dish out  half the pot. 

its 4 flavors basic yogurt is nice, because it has the peach flavour, which i like a lot, as well as the black cherry flavour that has almonds in it. the other two flavours, raspberry and strawberry are nothing much to talk about. unfortunately the other supermarkets sell only  two flavours, 2xstrawberry and raspberry. they charge 33p  and if they dont increase their prices i suppose i shall buy them instead. but this price rise has made me pause and think. maybe i shall not buy them, as i had wanted to restrict my eating of them. and this might be the kick i need not to eat them so much.

they are rather addictive, must be the suger in it.

i find the only way to eat yogurt without all that suger is to make your own. but it can be rather sharp , sour i mean, so it still needs to be sugered. and u dont get all those flavours… ah well, i think maybe just as well tesco has increased the price, i was getting to like the flavour too much. i think if they sell it with only the peach flavour i will be sorely tempted to buy those. for some reason none of the supermarkets sell large packs of only one flavour anymore. i remember they used to, long ago when i used to buy 500mg pots at one go. then i stopped buying because i realise it is really suger , a lot of it; and now i find no one sells those any more. how strange that they stop it.

hmm, it makes me realise why so many cannot resist all this suger stuff , even though they know it is bad for them. even i am getting caught up in it. just as well tesco is increasing the price of it. without realising it until now, i have become addicted to it; when the price rise like this, it has made me pause and  make me question it.

i think i got to starting this yogurt thing when i wanted to cool down my mouth after eating chili. it is fresh chili and it can pack a hot punch. and i found yogurt can do that , that is why i bought this basic yogurt. but i find drinking milk can do the same thing, and i can make milk using my milk powder… then i got addicted to this yogurt and eating it even without eating chili first. 

in all this, we must not forget that their non sugered foodstuff, like cabbage, oats which i also bought today are still the same low price and very good value. and healthy too. in fact, the healthy foods by which i mean the unprocessed ones are still cheap and by rights if u stick to buying them u should not feel any worse off in terms of pricing and affordability. 

tesco raising its basic coffee price by 40%

22 Aug

london 1.29pm  22.7C cloudy but bright. monday 2016

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i just filled up the tesco jar with the morrisons coffee. in fact, if tesco would get rid of the glass jar and keep the price at 50p in a sealed bag, i would prefer that than hiking their price by 20p. as it is i have to throw away many of these glass jars in the recycling bins.

i saw i had run out of the tesco basic coffee , but i was really surprised when i went to the tesco this morning and saw that they have increased the price from 50p to 69p. that is a 40% increase. what rotters! just because the £ has dropped. but last time when the £ rose in value they never brought down their prices did they?

so i decided to go to morrisons instead and bought their basic coffee  in a  unadorned package 47p for the same amount.  i  since made a cup and it tastes just as good (or as bad, haha depanding on whether u like strong coffee or not. i like it weak, so that it does not really matter how good the coffee grains are, as i will never get to taste them. i think to get the taste of coffee u have to drink it strong. and since i dont like the taste of strong coffee, that is me out of the running for the which- is- the- best- coffee competition. haha.)

whilst at the morrisons (it is the camberwell branch) i saw a whole pile of basmati rice 10kg, selling for 2 for £13. what!! 10kg of basmati rice for £6.50???!! so how come they can reduce their prices even though the £ has dropped?!!! huh? explain that tesco!

i have lots of basmati rice, but i think this offer is too good to refuse. i have never seen such a low price before. it was too heavy to carry right there and then or i would have bought them.  so i shall go back later today and  bring along my trusty wheeled shopping bag and buy them. 20kg is hell of a heavy weight to carry without a wheeled trolley.

but u can see how some businesses are taking advantage of our brexit vote to pushup their prices. we should name and shame them. starting with tesco. haha.

added. 3.33pm 24.8C sunny . it is really getting hotter, so maybe the forecast of 31C on wednesday and thursday might come true. !

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

so i got the two big bags of rice. i could not see the expiry date, in front, have to ask one of the shop helpers, and he found it. expires apr 2018, so it is not even near its sell by date. it is all basmati rice, and not a mixture. a single bag costs £7, still very cheap. 




cheap veg

15 Dec

london 12.54pm 13.3C cloudy tuesday 2015

i wonder if anyone else have noticed, but so far this december has been very mild, in london that is. so much so that when i read in the papers and saw the snow covered pictures in the daily mail saying there is snow up north, it makes me wonder. glad i dont live in the north where it seems to snow or flood or god knows what all. in london it is fantastic. very mild weather and very pleasant. not much sun mind you but then can’t have everything hey? 

last night i happen to go into the tesco.com and saw they were selling 39p veg… quite a nice selection esp the cauliflower. usually that veg is very difficult to get cheap. so i hot foot it last night to my local tesco and got all the 39p offers,even bought two of the cauliflowers;  except the brussels sprouts, and that was because i did not see it. i am pleased with the other veg i got. and i got sweet peppers 3 in the pack for 25p, reduced section. and got two white bread for 14p each. the potatoes at 2.5kg for 39p is heavy so i took the bus back, even though it is only 3 stops away.

not for the first time i marvel at the bus system. i had the bus practically all to myself, it is like a personalised chauffeur service all laid out for my benefit. i do feel like a millionaire whenever i get such occasions occur. all the pleasure of the feelings of being a millionaire without the angst and the bother of making the money. haha. 

i got bananas reduced to 24p per kg, i bought two bunches, they are real good value as the bananas were not overripe and all those i have so far eaten are unspoilt. sometimes i get a craving for bananas.

i guess we are getting all these reduced veg because they are expiring in 19dec. so they want to get rid of them. after 19dec, they will have a fresh new batch of  veg delivered and they will increase in price to catch the christmas shoppers.

what is rather mystifying is that tesco dont advertise these cheap veg. i only knew of it because i happen to visit their website. not sure why i did, because i dont normally go into the tesco website. oh, hang on, of course they advertise it , but in their website, which is the best place to advertise it. i wonder what made me think the only way to advertise it is via the newspapers with the paid ads. nowadays with social media, that is not the only route anymore. i wonder if tesco has a facebook or twitter page. haha. if not they should. maybe pay one of the facebook or twitter user to do it.

i googled it and found that there was a scam about free tescovouchers in facebook a few years ago. so maybe that is the reason why tesco dont do facebook. 

 perhaps since it costs money to advertise it in the newspapers and since they are selling these veg for such low prices, it would wipe out the profit if they have to pay for the advertising too. so maybe they are hoping people like me will advertise it for them via word of mouth. haha.

there are no websites that aggregate all the bargains and broadcast it to all. the reason is because there is no money to be made for having such a website that tells people of transient bargains. and u have to be quick off the mark, as these offers soon get sold out. and the info will be out of date very quickly and no website can keep up. that is why i think we dont get any such websites at all.