chicken curry

25 Oct

london 9.17pm 14C sunday 2021. this was yesterday but i did not write anything else .

london 3.12pm 16C monday 2021

this morning i felt like curry chicken, but i dont have anything except one clove of garlic, and 4pieces of frozen chicken thighs. but what i got is curry powder, a pack of malaysian curry powder that i got i dont know how long, it just turned up when they cleared the kitchen in preparation for demolishing the cupboards and fittings. but it just goes to show that u dont need a lot of ingredients to make a nice curry. it was quickly cooked, the chicken did not need to be thawed out first, it can be cooked straight from frozen. and simon and i had it for lunch with boiled rice. and very nice it was too.

i went to sainsburys to buy more chicken thighs, to replenish my supply in the freezer. it is always wise to keep a hoard of chicken pieces for a quick meal in the freezer. and i find chicken thighs are just perfect, they got a lot more meat in them than drumsticks. i saw simon just now having another bowl of the chicken curry with rice. hmm, i did not know it was that good. either he is very hungry or that curry hits the right spot. 


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