nectar points and uefa cup final

26 May

london 7.51pm 23.1C (high 26c). sunny saturday 2018

the finals of the uefa cup is tonight, and it is showing live via utube it seems. simon is seeing it on our big tv now. he is able to throw it onto the big tv screen rather than watch it on his laptop screen. i find it rather big of liverpool fc to be in the finals. they seem to be rather good at it, and have won a few times too. yet they dont seem to be that big in the FA cup. it is a big achievement to beat all those big clubs in europe to get to the finals. and they may win tonight too. added. pity , they lost 3-1. 

its really very nice weather here in london, and in most of the uk it seems. just big thunderstorms in cornwall and south west and northern ireland. but none in london so far. might be we in london will get the thunderstorms  tomorrow. i for one would like it, clears the air of pollen. added. sun 27.5.18. last night at about 11pm i heard a continuous noise like someone was setting off fireworks outside. it was thunder, with the sky lit by bright lightning, almost continuously. and pouring down with rain. quite exciting, first time i seen such a lot of lightning, and continuous thunder in london

from today, sainsburys is giving 10x nectar points on any purchase in the supermarket over the long weekend. so i am going there to buy some stuff… things like milk powder, sultanas, that can be bought in bulk, as they can keep. just to get the 10x points. haha. it is very tempting to buy from them when they give the points like that. just goes to show their incentives are  working. added. today sunday 27.5.18 i see in the website that they have given me 108points bonus. i dont know why because they dont tell you, but it is rather nice even so. 

added 28.5.18, monday bank holiday . 23.6C sunny. i realise it is the 10x points that they say they will give for any purchase this weekend. so for buying £12 worth , they give me 12points, plus 108points to make it total 120 pt. it is quick for them to give me the points. usually they wait till the month has passed before giving it. psychologically effective i think, as u can see the reward straight away.  

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