enjoying buying reduced price food

7 Jun

london virgin lounge haymarket 2.51pm 20.7C cloudy/bright thursday 2018

i went to shoreditch box park, because i got a email saying they are giving away bottles of iced tea, today and tomorrow. well i wanted to go out and thought it is a nice incentive and a destination.

i got a mango flavoured tea, and of course with the flavour you dont really get to taste the tea. they got other flavours too. lemon and something else which i did not catch. they were giving away slices of fresh melon too. which i much like, more than the tea haha.

we in london, do get promotions like this where they give away samples of their products . i am all for it. haha. and they dont mind people taking more than one too. not that i wanted it. they are sweet, they have to be, i think, otherwise people just wont like them.

not a lot of people like to have sugerless tea like me. personally i think if u are a true tea lover, you will want to taste the tea, and that means no suger. i am not a true tea expert, as i cannot appreciate the different types of tea. i dont seem to be able to tell the difference. i just like drinking it and dont mind what tea it is.

i guess you can guess that i dont like flavoured tea. putting fruit flavours in them, or lavendar, or what have you does not attract me. 

i got lucky today when i went to chinatown afterwards. i always pop into one of the groceries stores there to see if they have reduced chinese chives, and i have not been lucky before but today i was surprised and pleased to see 5 packs of chives reduced to 33p. usually they cost £1.65 each for 150mg, so this is a bargain, (in fact, it is the first time i see them reduced to 33p each. )and i took all 5. they can be freezed and very useful for stir fried noodles. they impart a certain flavour to the dish that is distinctive and makes cha kueh teoh tastes authentic. they are quite a strong smelling vegetable. and can put people off, maybe that is why they are being sold so cheap today. as they age they give off a stronger smell. 

Digital StillCamera

and as i made my way to the virgin lounge, i stopped by the tesco nearby and saw they were selling large pineapples for 49p each, and lettuce gems for that price too. so i bought both. i like that now and then when they get reduced i can buy them to eat. i think if i were to eat them all the time i would get bored with them, but now and then makes them more delicious. added. 5.46pm i ate the pineapple, and it is very sweet. even though on the outside it is very green. and i realised this… that if u buy them when they are reduced , they have lots of time to ripen, and actually become just the perfect time to be eaten. 

 i have been wondering what i would be doing if i were living in malaysia instead of living in london, and wondering if i would have a nice life in petaling jaya, where my family home is, or even in penang, if i were to go there to live. and i was thinking i doubt it, because i shall be doing exactly what i am doing now, and that is surfing the internet and reading the papers and reading novels, except in malaysia i have to buy those things, rather than get them free here. and i wont have the pleasure of buying reduced priced veg, goods, or get freebies like they are giving out here. also, transport for me is free, and that makes it so much more mobile here than in malaysia where it is not free, but also the bus services from my family home to kl, or other parts of PJ is not frequent and crowded. 

i thought maybe i shall be enjoying eating out more, if i were in malaysia, seeing eating out in the hawker stalls is so much cheaper, but i have a sneaking suspicion that i wont . this is because i know that when i was there long ago, for 6months looking after my father, i never did go out and eat a lot of the hawker foods. in fact i found i crave salads, not something i crave when i am here in london; which is easy to get here in uk, but quite expensive in malaysia. the usual salad vegetables with dressing that u can get so easily here in uk, is quite a rarity in malaysia. i think because salad vegetables like cox lettuces, iceberg lettuces, are expensive in malaysia. and also i find i want to eat steaks when i was there. it is strange isn’t it? i dont crave steak that much when i am here in london. maybe it is just the perversity of human beings, to want something when it is not easily available. 

i mean how else to explain why malaysians like to buy and eat apples , oranges, grapes etc there when they have all the lovely local fruits. and apples and oranges are imports, and cost so much more, and not fresh either. it is the same as people here liking pineapple , bananas, lime, melons, when they are scarce in winter and even if available in summer are not local either. 


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