free honest burger

31 Jul

london 10.22pm 19C night now. dry. tuesday 2018

i was so full after that free burger meal that i went to at 5pm today. it was a free offer by honest burger at their branch near kings cross. they also gave us chips and a mint julep.

i emailed the offer to steve, to let him know, and i am glad i did, because he was waiting in line when i turned up and so i was able to join him and his friend. jumped the queue a bit. haha. but it was early, and they had not started giving out numbered cards. it was the first 100 can get the free meal.

at first i thought it was in kings cross station, and went there at about 4.30pm. lucky i went early, because i had time to walk to the place and still be in good time before the offer starts at 5pm.

it was a huge meal, i cannot remember being so full. maybe it is me, because the other two finished off theirs without any indication they were too full. they went on to another free event, but i had enough and came home. but i think i wont need to eat a hamburger for a long time. this one satisfied any desire for eating it for a whole year. that is how full i feel about it. haha. 

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