9 Oct

london 11.29am 18.8C sunny tuesday 2018 victoria library

today’s times have a report about food allergies in children, saying the rate of allergy in uk is 8%, whilst sweden is 3.2%. the difference it says is because of the time they are weaned to solid foods. in uk it is after 6months, in sweden, they can let the child taste solids from 4months. and the times report says that would cut down the rate of allergies. 64,000 new cases of allergy in children every year in uk.

i wonder at what age do people in malaysia, singapore wean their children. and what is the rate of allergy in those countries. this report suggests that food allergy in singapore is mainly due to shellfish particularly in older children. peanut allergy is low, but rising.  but overall, rate of allergy is lower than in the west. seems most wean their kids with rice porridge and put in egg, fish in it. i know my own family puts in minced pork too. i can remember eating mincedpork porridge,minced liver and fish porridge when i was growing up.


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