how do u spend the time

9 Nov

london 9.37pm 11.2C rain friday 2018

i wonder how people are spending their time now wherever they live.

perhaps in india they are celebrating the diwali. it lasts 5 days and i have been reading blogs about it. also the news that delhi woke up today to a huge smog over the city, due to the fireworks and also field burning. they have a ban on fireworks but of course it is difficult to enforce it. and there is a lot of burning of oil lamps too. but i hope the pollution wont dampen people’s enjoyment of this festival.

i think this festival is more celebrated in the north , rather than south of india. most of the migrants to malaysia come from the south, and i think thaipusam is a bigger thing in south india and hence in malaysia.  from what i see of the blogs talking about diwali, (malaysians call it deepavali which i think is a south indian term), the highlight is the huge variety of sweets that come out specially  at this time.

i met someone at the library today who told me she will be going to malaysia for a month in february. she said it had been a long time since we saw each other. i thought she was a homeless person, but i must be wrong , if she can afford the flight to malaysia. and it seems she goes to penang often. she will spend all that month in penang. when i ask her what is it about penang she likes, she said it is the people. i forgot to ask her to elaborate.

here in london there is the upcoming weekend, when they celebrate remembrance sunday… it is the 100th anniversary of the first world war. but this affair is not accompanied by feasting, so there is no mass adverts of food. most of the adverts now are christmas related, in anticipation of that day and softening us up for that. i think there are very few who are alive to remember that first world war. even for the 2nd world war, there must be  dwindling numbers who have lived through it. 

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