25 Jun

london 11pm 18C dry tuesday 2019

its a very nice day, but i think not everyone will agree with me. to me, it is nice if i dont get hay fever, and that means cloudy, rainy, haha. i just love those days like today because it means no hay fever for me. but i daresay plenty of people who dont suffer from hay fever will find this rather grey and wish it would be as hot as in europe.

it is forecast to be over 40C in europe next few days. to me it is too much. i bet a lot of europeans will agree with me, even those die hard sun lovers. there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. lucky for us in uk, those hot weather did not seem to penetrate further north than france and uk is saved from that plume of hot air. we got temperatures that are hot enough but not too much, enough to be comfortable. 

this is the picture forecast for europe at 4pm thursday 27.6.19. a sea of red over southern europe. i am glad i am not there.




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