4 Aug

london 10.10am 22C cloudy sunday 2019

its a quiet time nowadays at least in london anyway. august seem to be a month when nothing much happens in london. i suppose u could include the prudential bike ride this weekend, so today buses will be disrupted. but then road works can also disrupt buses so all this is rather par for the course, and is normal and not newsworthy.

the heathrow strike threatening to cancel 174flights is the biggest news so far. the dam which threatens to burst in whalley bridge is another, though that one dont look like it will happen soon, but who knows really.

overseas news the biggest one is the mass shooting of 20people in el paso, texas, and 9 in daytona ohio. this kind of news must make americans feel the chance is high that they will die from a mass shooting. i think what makes it really frightening is the random nature of the killings. 

then  i read that prince harry’s wife is 38yrs old . and i thought is she that old? so how old is harry then, so i googled it and he is 34yrs old. and prince william and his wife are 37yrs old. and i thought my goodness, how time flies when these people who i remember were young people horseing around,  are now like middle aged. where have the time gone.

i guess people with children must be reminded of the advancing years whenever they look at their children. now they are middle aged, it must make any parent feel they are old. it even makes us readers feel old to read about their age in the news. time marches relentlessly on ageing all of us. 

added, maybe it is better to have nothing happening than to have all that killing happened. but now we get instant news as it happens, and so we get to hear or read of it and cannot be blissfully ignorant of these bad things that happen on the other side of the world. 

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