its september

2 Sep

london 8.46pm 18C monday 2019

its surprisingly traffic free when i went to chinatown via parliament square, by bus today. it was about 1.30pm, so lunch time, and usually it would be jammed pack with traffic and lots of people on the pavements and on parliament square itself, but today it was  relatively empty, of both traffic and people. it was really nice to see the roads so clear of traffic and the bus making its way so swiftly. i suppose this week is the lull before the hordes next week go back to school and/or come back from their holidays abroad.

schools are still on holiday until next week, so that might account for it. those parents making the school run really do make a difference it seems.

but i wonder if it is also  the tail end of the tourist peak period, when the numbers of tourists taper off as autumn approaches, not to mention they too need to go back to school, or in the case of france, back to work.

i read that paris empties out over august , so much so that businesses shut down in august. i cannot imagine that happening in london, thank goodness. haha. to me it is already irritating  that they shut down for a few hours right at the peak hours of lunchtime, in spain, but i bet they do it in france too. haha. i would find it intolerable if they shut down for a month. you would think they do business for their own convenience and not for the customers.

but here in london, the tesco in trafalgar square was jammed pack with office workers buying their lunch. i went in to see if they sell the 25p celery, and they do, so that was what i bought. haha. i was a bit dubious about buying just one item, and joining the crowd going to pay, and having to queue up a long time to pay, but  the queue for the self service tills was very fast, so hardly any waiting, even though so many were buying.

i went to the chinese grocery stores and they were quiet. not sure if it is a monday, which might explain them having no long queues. the housewife maekrua oyster sauce 600mg was selling for £1.70, when last time i bought it(about 4mths ago) was £2.29. (in fact, only this supermarket, seewoo, was selling it so cheap, everyone else was selling it at the usual price of £2.65)it was not near its sell by date, which makes it even more puzzling. in fact, according to the label, it was bottled in feb 2019, and sell by date in 2021. quite a bargain price really. 

this time the trees are really heralding autumn, they are shedding their leaves already,and turning brown a lot more now. 

Digital StillCamera

its not really cold yet, even though at about 20C highest temp today you might think it is cold. out of the wind, you would not notice it even. it is a comfortable temperature in my flat, and i have no heating on. in fact, i was surprised when i read a blog just now  of a woman who lives in south london saying she had to put her heating on today. i think her flat is seriously badly insulated or have rising damp, for her to feel cold now. 

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