liverpool st and area

23 Oct

london 1.10pm 13C cloudy? spitalfields library wednesday 2019

i came here in the  liverpool st railway station area for the free icecream that a company is giving out, in a pop up shop nearby. i have got it allready, and eaten it. haha. 2 scoops of it in a tub.

we thought they will give out the tub, but it is 650mg or so , quite a large tub of icecream, so no wonder they are taking scoops out of it. there was a lollipop stick that you can chose to have instead of the scoops. but i only like it if it is a cone, because i like the taste and texture of eating a cone icecream.

well as far as the taste of the icecream is concerned, to me it is all sweet.haha. i dont know anyone who can taste the difference, other than that one is chocolate, and the other is not.

icecreams are sweet, and that taste swamps everything, in my opinion. they are giving it out tomorrow too, but i am not sure i want to bother really. now i have popped into the library to use their charges, to charge my chromebook. before i go to the circuit training session in chelsea at 3pm. 



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