no one policing the lockdown in london

26 Mar

london 5.02pm 13C sunny thursday 2020

simon is working at home, but he have to call his office now and then to clarify somethings. so he had been using my mobile phone, because i have asda sim card and the tariff is much less than my landline. i have a pay -as- i- go card, and it was running low. i put in £10, 8 months ago, and that is used up in this short space of time ever since he started working from home. 

before all this lockdown, when i run out of money in the sim card  i would go to asda store and buy a top up voucher, which i will enter on the phone. but now i am in lockdown, i cannot go out , or rather i would rather not. so i thought i should use their debit card payment which u can do over the same mobile phone on their free line. 

simon says he will pay it so gave me his debit card to use. just as well, because i have a debit card but never got it verified when i first got it and now i dont know how to do it anymore. i can foresee problems in the future as so many places dont want cash anymore, but want you to pay by card, preferably one of those contactless cards. 

but first i have to register simon’s card onto the asda network, and luckily i was handed over to a real person who talked me through it, and that was good. it has been ages since i do this kind of thing and i was rather nervous of it.  so now i have added another £10.

simon is supposed to be given a phone by his office where he can make free calls to them, and they said they would send it to him by courier but we have still not received it.

so far, i am glad that simon can use our home broadband to work from home. i have heard that the extra demand that everyone will load onto the broadband network might mean we get interrupted service or slow service but that has not come true. and i can continue to use the internet as normal. that is good.  though we dont use it to see films on the paid channels, so we have not really put it to the test as such. 

6.24pm 11C.

i was looking up the buses on the bus website and see how often they run, to find that none of them are running, or at least they are not notifying people of it. before i  thought it just applies to my area, and other areas they are running as usual, but i have seen elsewhere in london, and none of it is running. all of them saying live updates are not available. they are showing pictures of the tube in the morning rush hour showing everyone jammed next to each other. so right there you can see the keeping people apart is not working.

simon said when he went out to the doctor’s to get his prescription medicine, he said he saw the buses were running. but that was earlier in the afternoon.

its been another lovely day today, i wonder how many have been tempted to flout the lockdown and go to the parks to enjoy this. people are allowed to go out once for exercise, so the lockdown is not as rigidly applied as in france where i hear you have to download a form and fill it in for the reason you are going out, and have to produce that form when challenged by the police. here i dont see any police around.

its got to be voluntary really, no point jailing people for not complying. and many must have thought if they keep their distance from others and in the open air, it should be allright. but i think that view may not be the right one. they have imposed a fine for non compliance, and even jail, but i really wonder if they can implement it. they dont even have enough police to go on the beat as it is. it is a rare sight to see a policeman on the street walking his beat. maybe near tourist spots. that reminds me in all this lockdown, where are the tourists? and if hotels and boarding houses are closed where do they stay? dont tell me there are no tourists in london. that is impossible, even though their numbers must be terribly lowered. i read somewhere that bnb owners are moving away from short lets because there is so much less demand, and putting up their flats for long rentals now. 

in fact, i think the supermarkets might be more dangerous places to go, if there are lots of people there and you end up queueing next to an infected person who have to go there to buy their produce. 


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