ignorant techie

16 Jul

london 12.29pm 19C cloudy thursday 2020

this is a post that is lamenting my technology ignorance.

it is my camera. i just found out that when i returned the camera that was not working, i took out the battery, thinking it was the memory card, which i bought separately and which has 32G of memory. so i had foolishly   left it in that camera when i returned it.

now i was using the new camera that they replaced it with, and found i have very small memory, enough for only 3 or 4 pictures before the sign came up saying the memory is full.

i had forgotten what that memory card looked like, and thought the battery was the memory card. so stupid really.

now i just hope that the old camera is still in the shop and that they have not thrown it away, otherwise i would have to buy another memory card … such a bore. really. it is very unlikely that they would have that old camera, i only hope that someone found that memory card and kept it in storage for me, in case i return for it… ah well, fortunately the memory card is about £11. so not a big fortune to lose. 

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