trying to lower my electricity usage

3 Sep

london 1pm 21.5C cloudy thursday 2020

i have my hopes raised last night, thinking i will be able to break the record of using the least amount of electricity per day. i have been monitoring my usage ever since i defrosted the freezer and reduced the thermostat to level 1 . previously i have put it at level 3. i dont have a thermometer inside the fridge to let me know what the temperature is inside that was why in the past i have been rather scared to adjust the thermostat. i still dont have a thermometer to tell me what the exact temperature is inside the fridge, but since i dont have a lot of raw meat in the fridge i figured i am all right to take that risk.

anyway the immediate effect of my adjustments was my usage dropping to 2.7kwh a day. before it was like 3.7kwh. but unfortunately i wont be breaking any records because this morning when i read the meter, i found over night it has used up 1kwh of electricity. i was hoping that last night’s reading of 1.8kwh used might give me a low reading of 2.3kwh used this morning, assuming the fridge used up 0.5kwh. that would be a record because i have never used that low before ever. 

dont know where that usage of 1kwh overnight has come from, whether it is simon using it or the fridge coming on last night. i thought 1kwh was rather a lot to use overnight, even though it was 12 hours.

ah well, it makes for a bit of fun during these times and something to keep me occupied and something to aim at.

and trying to find out what is the most effective way to reduce energy use. from what i can gather , it is the thermostat. u can save a lot just by lowering it to the lowest it is safe to do.

i am very pleased at my lowered usage. before i took steps to reduce the thermostat,  i can see it rising steadily every day. it rose to as much as 4.5kwh a day some days. and one  day when it went up to 6.1kwh, i decided to do something about it, and defrosted my fridge and brought down the level to 1.

 i could not figure out why it went up so much. at first i thought the heat wave we had in august might account for it, and perhaps it is a factor, because now we are getting cooler temperatures like 20C and it must have an effect. also in august simon has been watching long hours of snooker on tv, and that must eat up electricity. now that is over, he dont watch as much.

 in other news, we have been having a helicopter noises above us because they are using it to monitor the extinction rebels demonstrating in parliament square and around the area. i dont think their disruption was as bad as before the virus, because then there was no lockdown . but now with few going back to their offices, there is not much traffic for them to disrupt. they just block the entrance to parliament house, but the MPs are not using it  much now that it is being renovated, so i doubt even that is disrupting much business there. i heard from my friend about the swimming pools and gym are allowed to open now. but with restrictions. which makes it such a hassle that i bet a lot of people just wont bother to go. i would think the gyms would have a lot of people cancelling their subscription. i think this virus must make people realise how important the consumption economy is. much as everyone want to complain about it, and criticise it, it is the only way society can make money and spend it to pay the wages and pensions of everyone. 


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