grocery shopping

26 Oct

london 4.36pm 12C sun is setting clear day. monday 2020


went shopping for groceries today, thought it would be quiet in the supermarket seeing it is a monday, but i was wrong. lots of children, and old people shopping. i had thought they would have gone over the weekend but no such luck. but anyway i got lots of vegetables, and a whole chicken from lidl 1.5kg for £2.49. it is a fixed price for any weight of whole fresh chicken from 1kg to 1.5kg. so whenever i find a full weight chicken, i buy it. haha. i keep the breast to freeze, the rest i am making a curry out of it. and since celery was 35p for a bunch, i bought two bunches, and using it in my curry. it is not usual to put celery in curry, but there is no rule that says u cannot do it. haha. then i thought i would like hard boiled eggs, so i washed the eggs and put two , in their shells, into the pot of curry. so they will cook in their shell, and later i shall unshell them and i can get hard boiled eggs to eat with the curry. curried eggs are delicious.

when it comes to cooking, we can all make our own recipes and rules.

just use anything that u have lying around, or is in season. in fact if i got granny smith apples i would add them to the curry too… it can be a new taste sensation with the tartness of the apples and spices and chilli. i was thinking of granny smith apples because next week, lidl has told us they are going to reduce the price of  5apples for 79p in their 5 a day veggie and fruit offer. #

from my own experience i dont think any family should starve their kids during this two week holiday from school. it is bad parents if they cannot afford to feed their kids for this short period break in the school term. that is why this big to do over giving free school meals to all kids when schools are closed is quite an unnecessary measure.

apart from the fact that schools are not in the business of feeding their schools kids, imagine having to bring your kids to school during the school break just for them to have a meal. it must be a chore for parents to arrange their time to bring the kids , or find people to bring their kids to school. it would be cheaper to just make a meal for the kids at home. 

added 27.10.20 tuesday .

read this comment about free school meals,in the daily express, (i thought it was dailymail) against the idea, and i agree with it

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