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3 Feb

london 1.18pm 11C cloudy wednesday 2021

 i first noticed water dripping from the ceiling of our 2nd bedroom. and it was only when i noticed the plastic containing the large package of toilet paper that simon ordered from amazon was wet, that i became aware of it. then i  saw  the ceiling above it and noticed a long line of peeling plaster and then i noticed the two wall posters that i have hanging there were damp and sagging, and then i noticed the drips of water. it means this dripping has been going on for some time and i have not noticed it. it just goes to show how oblivious we are… no one sleeps in that 2nd bedroom, that is why i think we have not noticed this leak.when i knocked on the upstairs neighbours door, no answer, so i posted a note . 

then, on saturday simon told me  there is a a small stream of running water down the wall of the kitchen. this was another leak, at another area.  so i again went upstairs to knock on the door, but no answer and i left another note. it was only on tuesday that i called the local estate office to tell them of the leakage and ask them if they have the phone number of the owners. at first , they said they will send in people to see the damage, but they called again and tell me because it is not an emergency , the corvid has made it so that they cannot send anyone, unless it is an emergency so no one is coming.

i was also thinking unless they break down the door to upstairs, there is no way of stopping the leak. and such a drastic action can only be justified if the leak is a huge one, and water is gushing down the walls.

fortunately, later that day, the office called me again and said they managed to find the phone number of the owners, and have contacted them to tell them of the leak and so the owners are aware of it. i said give them my number so that they can call me. because the office cannot give me their phone number it seems. so at least the owners are aware of the leak.

on hindsight, i should have known it was a central heating leakage when the first problem occurred with the bathroom ceiling. i thought it was leakage from the shower, but now i realise it is their central heating piping. and i should have gotten the phone number of the owner, when she came to look at the ceiling.

central heating plumbing always cause problems. when they age, things go wrong. that is why i dont have central heating. it is similar with gas heating, gas appliances always go wrong, need constant maintainance, and that is why i dont have gas supply. i like a simple life.

i am glad i am a person who dont panic easily, nor get anxious about things like this. even so, i did get a bit worried one night, but i make a quick meal, using my rice cooker and steamed a pork dish whilst it cooked rice, and i felt much better after i ate it. eating and enjoying a nice meal seems to be good therapy for settling the mind and calming it , it seems. well, it is now just waiting for the owners to act. 

otherwise, the rest of my life is just ordinary and someone did refer to it as rather like ground hog day…referring to that film of the same name, showing someone living that day over and over again;  especially when it is the time of year when the ground hog day comes round again. these days of lockdown does seem like we are all living in a groundhog movie. except things do change with the national politics, though our own lives remain static. so in that sense it is not exactly like the groundhog movie but close enough to make people feel restless. 

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