life is going on as usual here

16 Jul

london 9.44am 18C sunny friday 2021

i often see a long line of people waiting outside the abbey centre , as i pass by on the bus. it is a community place just a few blocks from westminster cathedral, and it is only now that i connected the evidence. first the sign outside the cathedral about a vaccination centre nearby, then i got this notification from the estate newsletter, about a website where anyone can find out where and how to get vaccinated, and it said abbey centre is one of those where u can walk in , just bring id for name, address, and nhs number if u have it. that suggests that it is not necessary to have a nhs number. so that would mean anyone over 18yrs old. so it looks like the govt is going all out to try to vaccinate everyone over 18yrs old before we open business on 19 july.

elsewhere in the world, flooding in europe, suggests that even in developed countries, you can still get flooding that is so bad that it kills people as well as destroys houses. i thought that kind of thing happens only to third world countries. makes u realise if we cannot even control the weather and lessen its devastating effects, it is a kind of conceit to think that we can affect climate changes. all that flooding in germany and what not, why dont we have the knowledge to put in measures that will stop these floodings??? i guess it is because our knowledge is not all that complete. we dont really know much about these things really. or what is more likely the people who knows to take nature respectfully, have died or retired and newcomers are the greedy developers who just build willy nilly with only an eye to profit. though it seems this one was caused by a river breaking its banks and then the subsequent flood water caused landslides.

i mean the underlying reason is that we as a human race,  forgot how to maintain the strength of river banks, or forgot how to monitor the integrity of river banks and shore them up when they needed it;

or perhaps it boils down to this… we cannot be expected to monitor everything to stop these things happening. and we just have to expect bad things will happen and deal with them when they come. 

or it could be nature is just very powerful and we are deluded if we think we can influence it in any way.  


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