such a lot of bargain chicken thighs and low fat pork sausages reduced today

2 Jan

london 2.45pm 12C cloudy very mild today sunday 2022

such a lot of reductions. these are the ones i bought . 5packs1kg of chickenthighs usually £1.65 to 60p each. 5packsof low fat 8sausages 70%pork, 50p each , usually £1.60,though recently selling for £1.20 each. there was a pack marked 70p, so i left it in the basket, the assistant asked me about it, i said i did not want that, and will return it , but she said she will do it for me. it seems they dont reduce them all to the same price.
the lowest shelf where they were stacked

i have kept off buying chicken because i hoped to get them reduced after the new year celebrations. but all the time i had not been able to get them. until today. i was just thinking about it today, as simon told me the builders will be coming to us on 4jan, to do the kitchen at last. and i was thinking i should cook up a batch of chicken , a curry chicken and a black soya sauce chicken, to stock up and freeze , as once they start on the kitchen, it will mean it will be out of bounds to us, they will remove all the stuff in there, oven, etc… (though i am hoping they will let us  keep the fridge, or let us relocate it to the living room maybe so that we can still have food and can stay here. otherwise we will have to vacate the place and they did not mention that. )

anyway, it was real lucky that just when i arrive at the sainsburys in nine elms,it was about 2.30pm; there was this huge amount of chicken and sausages for me. they are just the things i was hoping to get. yesterday i got a reduced 2.2kg leg of pork from tesco , £8.80 to £4.40. so i am all done for meat haha ,

these few days i have been looking at the news and at how others celebrate their new year, and i found myself being unsettled  thinking it is a sad time… somehow the bad news, (and it is always bad isn’t it?) had made me feel sad, until i realise that it is not really that bad really. 

and i think back to a blogger i like who we have all worried for, as she entered the new year having an operation to remove a cancer growth, and the result came yesterday and she wrote that it is removed completely , with the lymph nodes and the histology report that it is a cancer lesion, but it is removed … reading that i was immediately relieved and very happy for her, even though i think she did not realise , or did not place much emphasis on how good that news is. i think she is relieved and very happy about the result , just did not specifically mention it. most of us tend to do that really, we have great relief  and happy but we dont say it. we just feel it. haha. sometimes it takes a bit of time to realise how good the news is. she dont even have to have radiotherapy or chemotherapy for it. 

but to me it is a huge cause to rejoice.  the thing about hearing bad things happening to friends, is that i feel so bad about it, but there is nothing i can do… and so it can be real saddening, and that is why i learn to put it aside and not think of it… and i was thinking maybe that is it, we tend to concentrate and pay attention to the bad things, and not place prominence to the everyday nice things that happen to us or to our loved ones. a philosophy of thought we should practise is to forget about things that we cannot do anything about, and especially not to worry about it. the other thing is to worry about things that might not happen. that is another cause for sadness if u let it. 

high tide today in the thames. see that lion emblem on the opposite shore, with a ring in its mouth. the water is touching the ring , which suggests how high the tide is. that ring is about 6ft above the river bed. its shows there is a lot of water now in the river
shows how high the tide is, lifting all boats in the thames.

added. 8am 4 jan 2022 tuesday .

read this morning in my wordpress reader about rising pork prices in thailand , used to be  115(£2.55)(baht/kg now  double to 210 (£4.66)-250(£5.50)baht/kg. 45baht =£1. here shoulder pork cost £3.10/kg. – loin pork £5.50/kg. the thai baht is still very strong,i wonder how it can stay this strong even after corvid has devastated its economy.  i can remember it was 70baht=£1 when i used to go there for holidays.  2005 , my memory of places is that long ago. one feels so rich then whenever we were in thailand.


that spike was in 1998,23 jan when it was 91.46baht=£1

in aug 2019 it was 37bahts. so it has weakened a lot if it is 45bahts now.

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