what will it take to tempt me?

21 Jan

london 5.56pm 7.9C thursday 2016

looking at a property tv program, a couple wanting to buy in orlando, and near a golf course. such large houses and quite cheap too relatively speaking , compared to what we can get in london.

people are so varied. i would find it boring to have a golf course next to my house. but it seems golfers are mad and will pay lots of money to join a golf club and pay again for every time they play. so that annual membership of thousands of dollars only gives u entry into that club. what is it about golf that can make someone so addicted to it? what is it about life sometimes, that seem to attract huge amounts of money and have a long waiting list of people wanting to join. and then there are other things which are quite worthy but no waiting list and no one wanting to pay a lot . 

it is the same when i see a restaurant full to the gills with diners, and even a long waiting line outside , and another next door with no one.

i see a advert from malaysian berhad, the former Malaysian airlines, with £499 rtn to kuala lumpur from london this morning . all in price. valid for travel from now till dec 2016. quite a good price. last time they offered £450 rtn but only for travel between oct and 9th dec last year. this one extends for the whole of 2016. and the ringgit -£ exchange rate is still very favourable for the £. =RM6.17, drop from Rm6.50. i keep seeing these bargain fares to malaysia and they dont tempt me. and yet my friend who wants to go there he tells me he cannot find such bargains. he wanted to go for the chinese new year , which is 8feb this year. but he has allready bought his ticket.

if he had waited, he could have got this offer, but he cannot be certain they will give this offer so in the end he had to buy the ticket at higher price.  its a fact of life that when it is something u really want to do, u dont get any cheap offers , but when u are not interested u see people offering u incentives to go by dropping their prices. that is life, isn’t it? it pays to not mind if u go or not, so that when the price drops enough u can take it up.

chinese new year is early this year. it would be cold if you are in hongkong or north china. though malaysia and singapore wont notice any temperature difference. and i guess no one follows it for planting crops nowadays. i wonder how your  wheat seedlings will survive if u are in northern country say if u are a farmer near beijing; it will be frost bitten and all your crops will die, if u have followed tradition and planted when this new year day comes. 



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