basking in the sun

19 Apr

london 5.12pm 21.9C sunny tuesday 2016

first time this year that i sat out in the sun and basked in the warmth of it. it was about 3pm i think when i did it. the sun was shining strong enough to make me take the collapsible garden chair that i found a long time ago, and set it up in the courtyard facing the sun and sit there to enjoy the full blast of heat . and took along a book, two books in fact, because it was two sessions of heat  interrupted in between by a period when the sun got hid behind a big cloud that make me go in.

sometimes i think that is all life is about, to be able to sit in the sun and just enjoy its heat. just like those lizards we see in nature programs; and this we do in these northern climates, when winter is over and the sun sheds its welcome heat on to us.

very different from the fierce heat of sun in the tropical countries, when everyone flees from the sun if they can help it and hide away in the deep dark shades.

the temperature i see in the weather website now for london is 21.9C. i wonder if there is some mistake. looking at the various locations in london in westminster,as shown in the website  it ranges from 12.8C to 23C.

times like this when i would like to have my own thermometer to record the actual temperature outside my flat.

here is to all of us people all over the world who are enjoying just sitting in the sun, wherever they may be, and in all types of surroundings , whether sitting by the sea, on a sandy beach and hearing the sound of the waves, or in the countryside, with lush vegetation and birds singing. whether sitting in the sun, or in the shade of whatever trees there are, with fruits or without. all of us having this one thing in common, enjoying the sun.


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera


tulips coming up to take its turn now to bloom. the daffodils are on the way out. that is a war memorial to commemorate the animals that are used in war.


One Response to “basking in the sun”

  1. MELewis Tuesday April 19, 2016 at 5:50 pm #

    I like the sun at the this time of year as it quickly gets too hot for my nordic thermostat. It is cooler and windy by Lake Geneva today but the sun is also shining!

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