the basic range is just as good as own brand

25 Nov

london 5am 4C dark outside. saturday 2017

i buy the basic range as much as possible, instead of the supermarkets own brand products. i have long suspected they are similar quality. today i read this article saying it is so. it is not surprising to me, but now they have proof of it and this article has revealed it,  i think the supermarkets will now remove their basic products.

the branding of the basic products and putting them in packages  that dont look nice is to deter the status conscious shopper make them think it is inferior;  and so make them too ashamed to be seen with those products when they check out at the till. but now that everyone knows they are just as good as the own brand names , it might make those status seekers overcome their prejudices and take the basic products. that is why i say the outcome of this is the supermarket stop the competition with their own name brands by taking the basic products off the shelves. 

even now a lot of basic products have gone. the most effect of this policy on me is the removal of tesco’s basic milk powder. it is no more, and so i have lost a real cheap product. 500mg for £1.15. now the cheapest i can get is sainsburys 300mg for £1.65. sainsburys have long ago stopped having basic brand milkpowder. it might be it has become very expensive to make. i think it is made in europe and so with the £ exchange rate dropping they cannot get it cheaper anymore.  what i might hope is that they can source this outside europe when we leave the EU, and tariff on those will be removed.

but even though increased in price, it is still cheaper than buying fresh milk, which goes off real quick, unless you freeze them, which brings in its own bother, like having to anticipate how much u need and  remove them from the freezer so that they thaw.  

added. 10.19am 10.8C sunny. woke up just now and it is sunny out. looking at the lowest temp today i see it was 3.4C at about 5am…. i was awake then, but did not feel it was that cold in the flat. they were predicting it to be 1C, but i know it seldom get to that in central london.

as i am typing this, i am looking at my kitchen curtain hanging to dry, draped over my door to the living room. i find it a great place to dry them. i use them to dry my bedsheets, and duvet too… and was reminded that a few days ago simon told me, the wind was so strong, it sucked the curtain out of the window and ripped the rail right out so one side of the window has no curtain now.

i thought that was amazing, but there was no reason to doubt simon. he knows i am not too bothered even if he accidentally pulled it too strongly and broke it. i think the curtain rail cannot take too much sideways force, downward forces it can resist. it must be quite a strong wind. as usual, i slept through it all, or rather, the bedroom window was closed so no wind there. so i would not notice.

i doubt i will replace the rail. i notice the lack of the curtain makes the kitchen lighter. and we still have one side with its curtain, so it is still possible to cut out sunshine from one side. though i am not that kind of person who likes to keep the room in the dark. i like sunshine shining it. even though it can make viewing the screen in the laptop quite difficult. sometimes when i see rows of windows with their curtains drawn, preventing the sun from shining in, it makes me wonder why people have windows and then block out the light. they cant all be typing on their computers right? or sleeping. i bet it is the same people who complain of SAD… seasonal affective disorder… it is similar to people who complain of the cold whilst wearing very little clothing… added. 10.37am, oh look, just when i finished writing the last bit, i had a look at the  outside temp in this weather website and see it is 12.7C, risen so much just like that. 

Digital StillCamera

the tagliatelle with chicken mushroom sauce. another of simon’s creations. he uses a can if mushroom soup to make the base sauce. and add pieces of chicken. its a quick way of making something to eat.

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